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I'm looking for a way to create pools of blood beneath dead NPCs and such on the map. Any autotiles or effects that anyone knows of?
Oh whoops, meant to put this in Help and Requests? Might a generous mod move this?

Update: Thanks!
not so much of a designer, and neither of a game maker so I cannot help you now, but the ones that helps would like more to see what exactly is the other person requesting, Like, what engine do U use, don't know, but try to make more details in order to convince the other "I can do that, you got my help", and also, make a little more attractive your request, ;) (hope this helps you)
I'm pretty sure you'll have to sprite it.
You could look for some rips from other games, if you know of any games that are a bit gory. (spriters-resource is always a good bet for rips)
Or you could sprite your own. Blood is thankfully one of the easier things to sprite.

Well, here's some rips anyway.
Many thanks all! And sorry, I'm using XP. I need to remember to be more specific.
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