@Shaboba: Thanks man, and sure, I'll give it a looksie. ^ ^
@Nevermore: Hey I appreciate it! As for the demo, which of your games are you referring to?
I wonder how long you would last in Tower of Heaven... I beat it awhile ago. It was... something else, for sure.

Or Cave Story. That would be a fun one to see LP'ed. Of course, these aren't my games. If you don't want to for whatever reason, it's fine with me (I see your list is getting longer and longer by the week, eh?). These are both games I enjoyed, and it might be fun to watch you die a thou-I mean, succeed in beating Tower of Heaven. ;)
@mrjohnson: Maybe, let me just make a dent in this current list before moving on to those. ^ ^;;

Sexy new computer is coming on Friday guys. Once I've gotten it, expect more frequent video releases. ;)
@Nevermore: Hey I appreciate it! As for the demo, which of your games are you referring to?

Picturesque. I recently released a new demo for it too, although I'm unsure of how many bugs people will find (wouldn't want you to waste your time on a broken game)
@Nevermore: Oh yeah, it looks nice. I'll definitely give it a go. ^ ^
Hey Nico, I was wondering if you'd stopped the Let's try of Pokemon Trinity? Just curious. I've updated the demo and fixed it, but I'll understand if you have.
Even newspapers have those nowadays.
Do you take requests for non-rpg maker games?
@TheRexion: Nah, I haven't given up (yet). I didn't really get far enough to tell whether I would like it or not. I'll try again sometime soon. I hope the new version has a faster walking speed!
@Rave2010: Yep, yep! ^ ^
I will warn you: Everyone hates my games walking speed. BE PREPARED.
@Nevermore: What's the reason behind having a slow walking speed? Also, if it frustrates the player, as you said, I think that would be enough reason to change it.
Even newspapers have those nowadays.
Then maybe you could try out my old game made with Stencyl? Depending on your review I may actually get to finish it:

//edit: PM me with link if/when it'll be done and uploaded. I rarely have time to check forums, just had some free days, so this is exception.
The main reason for not changing the walking speed has been issues with balancing the antagonist's speed with the players. In the small confines of the maps I've used, when the antagonist burst onto the scene then you only have so much time to react to it, and if he is moving at a run speed then it may just be too fast to react to. I'm still working with it basically. What I WANT to do is add a run button that will be usable during chase scenes, but that will require redoing several of them to give the player more time to initially react. For now I don't think it is a game breaker and is more of a small annoyance, so I have been working on more important things.
@Rave2010: Hmm, I tried it for a couple of minutes just to see what it's like. I don't know man, the hit box seemed way out of whack. I couldn't get past the early obstacles. So for right now, I'm gonna have to decline.

Sorry for the lack of releases lately guys. I've been spending my time backing up my files for the big move to the new computer. I was supposed to get it on Friday, but it got delayed, so I didn't get it all til today. After many hours of frustration and troubleshooting (mostly due to poor directions and my poor hardware knowledge), I managed to get the computer started and going, but I still can't connect wirelessly to the internet. I was hoping the process would be pretty smooth and painless, but I forgot how difficult new computers can be. >_<;; I appreciate everyone's patience.

Once everything is finished though, I will be posting videos regularly again, since this computer is up in my room and away from the hustle and bustle of downstairs.
Good luck with the new computer Nico, I'm sure everything will turn out just fine. Looking forward to new vids. :3
What is the video queue looking like? Mostly just curious about when Picturesque is up, I'm excited to actually get some feedback on it.
Finally got my PC up and running, with internet! It's awesome, so much faster. My video quality will be so much better. No more horrible lag or choppy music! Also means I can play Super RMN Bros. 3 with the normal music/sounds!

@Nevermore: Not sure, I think I'll start with a game called Slender that Jaide requested a few weeks back. I couldn't play it before because my laptop couldn't handle it (despite the graphics being pretty shitty). Don't worry, I'll get to yours soon. ^ ^

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from NicoB
I can play Super RMN Bros. 3 with the normal music/sounds!

My first video on my new computer! This game was requested by Jaide on rpgmakerweb. It's a free horror game made using Unity 3d.

Let's just say this game manages to trump my Ghoul Forest scare. >_<;;

Am I right to assume you still won't accept my request for my game still?