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What'm I doing wrong now? A who and a what? @_@
I'd really like to get rid of LockeZ. His play style is way too unpredictable. He's always like this too. If he ran a country, he'd just kill and imprison people at random until crime stopped.
Oh, you must be new. Yeah. Craze would like to let you know that 2K3 is inferior, and if you want features that it doesn't have then you're dumb for using it.

He is kind of our resident VX evangelist.
Ah, I see. I wouldn't know that since I don't really talk THAT much here and only been here for like...3 months if that now? ^^;;
Here are two similar statuses I'm using:

Dream - No actions permitted. 10% of Max HP & Max MP recovery per turn. Abates after 3 turns. 80% chance recovery if hit.
Nightmare - No actions permitted. 10% of Max HP & Max MP loss per turn. Abates after 3 turns. 80% chance recovery if hit.

They're pretty much a combo of Sleep/Regen and Sleep/Poison, but in one combined status.
i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
A 30% heal sounds really weak for locking the character out of the fight. =P
I'd really like to get rid of LockeZ. His play style is way too unpredictable. He's always like this too. If he ran a country, he'd just kill and imprison people at random until crime stopped.
Depends how easy healing is to come by in general. Only know three healing spells, and the other two are on cooldown for another 2 rounds? Yeah, I'd probably use that one, at least in some situations.

Also, useful and interesting for enemies to cast on each-other. Since you can cancel the healing, but also the paralysis, by attacking the enemy.
RPG Maker 2k/2k3 for life, baby!!
What'm I doing wrong now? A who and a what? @_@

"you're doing it wrong" = "use RPG Maker VX"

...still, I use rmk2...
With Ace's newer features I've managed to come up with a few spiffy ones.

Fury: Attack twice with chance for a third. An increased Counter Rate and attack speed.

Virus: Reduces attack speed, cannot be buffed with regen states, lowers magical defence and attack, TP regen is lowered. Targeting rate, recovery and magical damage is all lowered too. It's also a bitch to get rid of.

Greed: You steal all the heals. It uses the substitute command. If you have skills set to magical it will cause that person to take the damage, or in this case, hog the healing.

Not Looking: Hit % at half, no MDef or Def, Attack and Magic Attack lowered and damage output multiplied by 5. Also, targeted more often.

Yeah, you should ask me about my healing spells some time. I'm a bitch when it comes to making things that benefit the party. ^.^;
I've mostly been using the standard statuses, but these are two that come from "pure" abilities (powered by absurd amounts of TP, basically desperation moves):

Haste: Character acts four times in next two turns. (Still needs to be bugtested.)

Perfect Shield: Next hit against character does 1 damage. (The skill targets all allies, and also applies health regen.)

Everything else is pretty standard, though I did make statuses for increasing and decreasing critical hit rate and dodge rate.

RPG Maker 2k/2k3 for life, baby!!
@Liberty You can also make a way for Virus to spread within you active party! In battle it can be measured in turn and outside in steps or minutes.
I know, but I didn't want it to. ;P That would be too cruel!
There's only two ways to get rid of it - sleep/find a restoration point or use a certain item. Catch? It lasts throughout battles and the item that can heal it only gives you a 50% chance to do so. (It's also used to heal Poison, though that's at 100%)
I've been trying to create interesting ones to keep it interesting, although my magic system will affect this massively. All names and numbers are still uncertain.

Hungry: Decreased chance to hit and effect from healing until food is eaten, turns into starving after 80 turns/tiles. Can be caused by not eating for too long.
Starving: Can't target specific enemies, decreased damage and decrease health every turn, only removable by eating food, kills after 150 turns/tiles.
Famine: Can not use any items that heal you including food. Causes starving after 5 turns.
Impending Death: Lose (2*x)% of max health every turn where x is how many turns you've had this status for. Removed at end of battle, can't be removed in any other way.

The other related thing is using different elements magic or having it used on you alters your stats and weaknesses slightly temporarily so effectively statuses they're just not called that.

Ooh, I love all these ideas! I have thought one for the Sacrificial Lamb contest, though I didn't enter. I don't have a name for it yet, so if someone can give this a better name, I'll appreciate it.

Damage Drain Revive
Can be cast only to the dead party members. A party member can be inflicted by this status only once per battle.
If the dead party member receive damage, revive that member with hp equal to the damage received.

Obviously this is only usable in the game that dead party member can receive damage, such as Romancing Saga. I was thinking about a boss that will deal a sure-hit 9999 damage after a certain number of turn. You have to kill all your friends and cast this status effect to your dead friends.

It's sacrificial lamb because the caster would have to be the one who take that 9999 damage and died, while the rest of the party will revived, fully healed.

Not too inventive, but 'alert', which prevents the user from being stunned or put to sleep.
This is a nice one, actually. I have a feeling that positive statuses are something that many people overlooked in RPG games. Or maybe there's a reason they move these to equipment effect instead.
I can defiantly see where you’re coming from
Oh I have tone of these. Not counting the obvious ones like Poison and Paralysis:

Bleed: 10% Hp loss per turn, halves agility

Sick: 5% Hp/Mp loss per turn, halves attack

Pain: 5% Hp loss per turn, halves defence

Dazed: Can’t attack for one turn, halves Intelligence

Dizzy: Can’t attack for one turn, halves attack

Tripped: Can’t attack for one turn, halves defence

Shocked: Can’t attack for one turn, halves agility

Hungary: Prevents use of magic (the lack of food blocks concentration) and halves attack

Anger: Basically berserk, but also halves defence

Love: Charm person that also halves intelligence

Bliss: I like this one, overwhelming sense of euphoria overrides the victims desire to do anything but sit in tranquillity. Can’t do anything for several turns, halves defence and intelligence and revises 10% Mp loss per turn.

Fear: Character just attacks things at random, also losses 5% mp loss per turn and halves intelligence and Agility.

Despair: Character is completely destroyed emotionally. All stats are halved and the character can’t do anything until someone snaps them out of it (and that might take a while).
Adjusted a few statuses ideas I recently posted.

"Third Eye" - Slightly enhances accuracy and allows you to anticipate and evade the next attack. As long as it is not a spell or magical-attribute influenced attack.

  • If your class is say, Assassin, Ninja, Bushin or something, you also have a chance to counter attack.

"Channeled Mana" - Allows you to cast magic with HP instead of MP.

  • You will still take damage with HP.

"Mana Wall" - Allows you to take damage with MP. Magic Defence is slightly enhanced.

"Dazzle" - Switches the roles on HP and MP.

  • HP is used as MP, and MP is used as HP

"Alacrity" - Decreases casting speed (Or lowers MP cost) at the cost of spell strength.

"Ebullience" - Increases casting speed (Or heightens MP cost) but allows the caster to produce more force with magic.

"Amnesia" - Player forgets all their skills, spells, and abilities, but remembers traits.

  • All abilities would be shaded in black and targets could only defend.

"Mind Leak" - Player loses MP upon being damaged.

  • Could be calculated by a mathematical formula, or set as a specific value depending on potency.

"Bust" - Prevents the player from being able to receive any positive status effects. If they do receive beneficial effects, it turns into the opposite.

  • Example Regeneration becomes Intoxication.
  • Protect becomes Defence Down.

"Encumbered" - Player loses any beneficial stats from equipment they're wearing.

  • While under this effect, all hits also have a chance to strip the target of their equipment.

"Rapid Feet" - Player moves around faster on the map, as well as an increased flee rate.

  • Example; A Rogue using "Rapid Escape" from battle, gain a momentary speed increase and heightened
    flee chance if the status is still carried on over into another battle.

"Weighted" - Player suffers a decreased movement speed on the map, as well as a decreased flee rate.

  • Example; Getting hit by sludge decreases the movement speed of your sprite on the map, and lowers your chance to flee.

"Painless Pain" - Damage dealt to a target will be subtracted from their maximum HP, and then their maximum HP will remain the answer.

  • Example; A player has 500/500 HP. Getting hit for 130 woul reduce their HP to 370/500 generally, but in Painless Pain's case, it will become 370/370 and so on.
  • Once the player dies, upon revival they have 1/1 HP until treated.
  • If healed before death, their maximum HP will return to its former state.
Please don't necropost a dead thread with "moar".
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