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I've been using the trial version of Ace, which is fantastic in nearly every way, shape, and form so far. But I'm running into a little problem.

Are you able to make a character-specific weapon any more? Or even just a class specific weapon? I havent been able to figure it out yet, and was wondering if anyone else had.
iirc there's item types now. You can crate a weapon or armor type in the database in one of the far right tabs. It's with the vocabulary and elements. Then you can set your new weapon/armor as one of those types. Then in the actor or class you can give them a trait (upper right box) that they can equip that type of weapon/armor. It is more complicated but far more flexible.

Sorry I can't be more specific, no Ace at work.
That's a marvelous idea. Now I'm embarassed there was such an easy solution.

Thanks a lot!
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