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Hey, I am working on a game that is going to have a LOT of content, and I know I'm going to need a bunch of custom characters to populate the world. I think I posted a request on another forum for some custom sprites for a run down of all the seedy types of your cyberpunk-dystopia world of npc's, but since then I've come to call this site my base of operations for my game because of what is has to offer, and the strength of the forums. So, I thought I'd try my hand here to see if anybody could help me out with some character sheets in the rmxp style.

Here's a pic from my tumblr of some pictures I picked out of people I had in mind for the style of characters to populate some of the game.

And here is the sprite for my main character Peter Cadmon basically an Aliester Crowley sprite I found elsewhere, so you get an idea the scale I'm using for sprites.

I don't need sprites to use exclusively so you are welcome to use this as an invitation to create or gather some cyberpunk/sci-fi/dystopian sprites that anybody can use. We could keep that as a requirement that they are free to use so we could put a pack together at the end of this thread.

To read more on my game feel free to check out my tumblr @ http://exxceptiondraft.tumblr.com/ Thanks.
Thought I'd bump this in case anyone is interested. There's not enough punk rock character sheets out there that I can tell. Any help is appreciated.
Use the search system to search for futuristic games. Ask the developers if you can use their resources (or see if the game has a read-me file that says you can use them).
I'll definitely look into that... but it's still open if anyone wants to make some character sheets in this vein for free use.
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