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Dear everyone, I apologize in advance if this is not the right section to ask this; it is RPGMaker-related but it does not seem to fit into other categories.

I cannot recall which RPG Maker it was, either 2000 or 2003, though I am 80% sure it was 2000, but I am looking to play a very old game made by a Japanese group (or, I think it was one guy?) which was for either of these versions. Like I said though I'm almost fairly certain it was for 2000.

Details I remember:
  • The game was set in an earlier era, say, the 20s I believe? The main character was a maid I think
  • All graphics (chipsets, face, etc) were made by this person/group
  • I am very, very, sure that this face set is from the game:

  • I think i remember seeing a train chipset from this game

If anyone has ANY info regarding this game... please let me know, I really would like to play it. I have been searching like crazy to try to find out what the name of this game was, at one point long ago I knew but now that it's the age of RMVX nobody remembers the older games and it's getting harder and harder to find info. Thank you.
Sounds like that game by Theodore, I think that's who did it.
Oh my god, yeah! I remember now, That was his name!!!!! You are amazing, thank you so much.
There's a thread where you can ask for help finding old RM games:

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