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Hello everyone, as my name implies, I am completely new at this and I have all the free time in the world, so I want to do something I've always dreamt of doing as a child: Making a video game. The problem is though: I have no experience in making, designing, coding, etc. As stated before, I have too much free time, and while I can understand that creating a game from scratch takes a while, especially by one person, I still want to try my hand at it. So, this leads me to my first question: What do I need? I understand that this is an RPG making site and I want to know what should I download, what does it do, and all that fun jazz. I understand different programs may be needed for different genres of games and RPG's, so the type of game I wish to make is similiar to that of the Mother series, namely Mother 2, or Earthbound for the SNES as it's called in the U.S. So, what do I need and what should I do? :) Thank you for all your help!
Well, since this is your first shot at making anything, you should probably try out all the various engines through trail and demo processes (like RPG Maker VX Ace, VX, XP, 2k3, etc.) and play around with them for awhile until you get the hang of things while planning out further in detail about what type of game you want to make, story, characters, plot, etc. -- whatever. Once you're ready to go, then go for it and have a lot of fun! :D

One thing I will stress to you is this: Don't shoot for something too high! Start out by making something easy, like a 3 - 6 hour RPG, or a smaller game like a puzzle game, etc., before going for the big time. I stress this because a lot of newbies try to make something realllllllllly big before hitting the wall flat. Take your time! It takes a long time (and a lot of failed attempts) before successfully completing a game, but it can be done! :D

Good luck, mate. ^^
If you have no experience in coding and designing at all, I'd recommend you to start from something simple like Scratch : http://scratch.mit.edu/

While it isn't like RPGMaker, it help you focus on building logical thinking skill that is required in working with any future game development applications. RPGMaker can be overwhelming with so many things in database. How events are represented isn't that very good either. Scratch interface is similar to RPG Maker's event system, except that it is shown in a much more user-friendly manner.

After you've played with Scratch until you understand important concepts in programming like program flows, condition, loop, etc., you'll learn any game development tool much faster.

Good luck!
Why beat around the bush with trying to start here and graduate there?

I started out on RM2k (though 2k3 would be a viable substitute) and learned all the soft skills I need while being proficient with a still-competent maker. Just pick up a maker and Go! The whole point of Enterbrain's makers is ease-of-use.
Thanks everyone! If there's anything I need, feel free to post more! XD Any advice is good advice! :)
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