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Thank Liberty in small part for this. .-.

I'm sure most all of you remember me at least somewhat. But I'm back at least in some small part. I don't even remember when I was here last, but I'm now a senior working towards my BS in Film & Media Studies, with the intention of going to graduate school for my PhD in Film & Cinema Studies. So basically I'm someone who writes bushels and bushels of drivel about movies.

But otherwise I basically just sit around playing JRPGs constantly. When I'm not doing that, I'm surfing the internet - whether it's the LP Archive, random gaming streams, or Twitter - or hanging out with my significant other.

Not sure what else to put other than... hi? :x

Also, I can assume we had a massive spat of spambotting if there's two CAPCHAS now.
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Hey. I can still remember the day the Release Something demo of Sagawind came out.. Damn I feel old. Welcome back I guess!
yes, we did have a huge spambot issue. It was getting ridiculous.

Welcome back!
@Tau: I remember that day too. It was a sad day in history. Then again, it was better than some of the drivel I remember coming out of the "newbie" area of the community... Makes me feel super old remembering that I started this darn thing when I was a freshman in high school. Which makes it... almost eight years now, geez. Thanks for the welcome.

@kentona: I saw some of their remnants in a few articles. Good to hear it was gotten under control. Thanks!

Also, a few people have already said it, so obligatory "SNAKE PLISKEN?! I thought you were dead!!"

Yes, I was dead for a while. But seeing the terror that was the first ten minutes of what's uploaded here of Sagawind? Yeah, I ain't having that. I'll admit to it making me physically ill because it was so... *shivers* So there's that out of the way to clear things up. :P
Hiya, Trance! Welcome back to RMN.
It's times like these I wish I had found RMN earlier. You seem pretty cool.
And geez, with the captchas I can't even imagine a time of spambots, it must've sucked.
Er, anyway, hi.
If by "earlier" you mean five years ago, then sure, thanks! In response to your question you so promptly edited (probably due to not finding any answer), I'm 90% woman if that works for a frame of reference. Working towards that final 10% when I head for grad school. :P

CAPTCHAS suck in general, but they're a necessary evil to protect against stupidity. At least automated stupidity. What comes out of this piehole has no guarantees. .-.
I remember seeing you around before I even signed up... you had a disgaea avatar right? xD

Welcome back, also thank you Liberty :D
I did! I had a Plenair avvy since I signe- no wait, I lied. I had a Bridget avatar for a long time. Now I have this one because Fluttershy is the bomb-diggity. .-.

Thanks for the welcome back!
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Welcome back! Not that I was around when you were first here, but one should be neighborly.
I have done good in this world! My work here is done~

Hey trance, how you doing? It's been a while since I last saw you around, but I'm glad something I may or may not have done( ( >.>) (<.< ) ) made you return!

Welcome back~ :D

Oh, and actually, Sagawind was added as a Classic Spotlight one month, so it's not that bad, really. <3
@Marrend: Thanks muchly.

@Liberty: A while being a couple of years, yes. Also, if you were the one playing through it, it's more what I didn't do than what you may or may not have done. Because sheesh... But thanks for the welcome.

And I do remember that. It's what drew me back when it happened, I thought of staying, didn't, then saw how... yeah, how much things need to be fixed. Like a lot. The best part is that what I have sitting right here open in RM2k3 is already lightyears beyond what is on the site. Like I even had SUBTITLES for that intro. And actually I took the whole intro out. So... yeah. .-.

"Not that bad" is definitely a matter of perspective. Creator's hatred, I guess. ^^;
@Marrend: Thanks muchly.

@Liberty: A while being a couple of years, yes. Also, if you were the one playing through it, it's more what I didn't do than what you may or may not have done. Because sheesh... But thanks for the welcome.

I'm just yanking your chain, dear. ^.^ It's good to see you back.

Yeah, I've saddled myself with a project to play and record the first ten minutes of every game on the site... each and every one. I must secretly hate myself. XP

When I do catch up to the newest games, if, by then, it has been remade, I'll probably redo the entry of it. :D

...gotta catch up first.
Have fun with that! I remember I was thinking of LPing a couple of RM* games, like Phantasia, Legion Saga, possibly some of the classics like A Blurred Line (which actually has a wonderful screenshot LP on SA)... But I never got around do it. I did do one video for Phantasia...

But yeah, take your time. It'll take me a while to do this anyways, I think, mostly because for some reason my brain's not dumping into my plot/information docu.

It's just too bad NEITHER rendition - the old or the new - will have battle gameplay in the first 10 minutes... xD;;
... I have seen usernames that actually don't remember or never saw but yours... it's so familiar but don't know if I really remember you or just thinks that :/ (you crappy brain, don't play with me)

Either way, welcome back, (they always come back) ;)
You might've seen me before? *shrug*

Usually come back, I'm sure. Sometimes. Thanks for the welcome.
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i like dis
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O hai trance. Welcome back!
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Hey, good to have you back man.
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Welcome back. Prepare for the Battledome in Creative Corner!
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We meet again, trance2.
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