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If you are making a game and you are using real places (like Athens, New York, etc), do you need to place them accurately just like the real maps? Or it doesn't matter since you don't know their exact locations or you're not familiar with the cities?

Just wondering if people care about the little details in games. Comments are much appreciated!
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As long as you are at least vaguely accurate with your location data, I'm pretty sure nobody will notice unless they are extremely nit-picky. But that's just my opinion.

Vaguely appropriate anecdote: The game was Civilization. Maybe it was Civilization II. Anyway, my brother was playing on an "Earth" map, and was pretty nit-picky about what his cities were called, even going so far as to refer to an atlas. Though it was very much a best-guess basis. Anyway, there was this one town, Saskatoon, and it had this amazing production output. Since then, whenever we built a city with really good production, we started calling the city Saskatoon. We might not have literally renamed the town to "Saskatoon", but this tradition lived on for quite some time.
Thanks. I was afraid people will get too nit-picky with real places' locations.
Streets and buildings, okay. But if you're going to feature real landmarks like the Statue of Liberty or the Arc de Triomphe, it'd be a good idea to have those surroundings relatively right.
Maybe you can put Google Maps streetview to good use :D
Bah, just bung it down where ever. Who's not to say your world is in a separate, yet close to real, reality where things are off just a touch? Most people wouldn't care. Unless it was set in a city or something and you were trying to be as precise as possible. Think LA Noire, for example.
I'd really like to get rid of LockeZ. His play style is way too unpredictable. He's always like this too. If he ran a country, he'd just kill and imprison people at random until crime stopped.
LA Noire has the entire city of 1950s Los Angeles recreated as accurately as possible, down to the decor on the buildings and the floor plans of their interiors. It's kind of nuts, and makes it a shame that the game is so boring to actually play and didn't sell very well.

I wanna say that if you set it in my city I'd notice that you got the placements of buildings and stuff wrong, but in fact I totally wouldn't unless you actually set your game in my own house, in the building I work at, or in one of my favorite stores or restaraunts. Even then, if you showed a street map of any of those areas, and you didn't include street names, I guarantee I wouldn't recognize it. If you leave out street names then even the most sticklery people who do recognize the street map can find it within the limits of their suspension of disbelief to believe that it's just another similar-looking city block.
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