"It's more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly...timey wimey...stuff."
Lies! It's all lies!

...oh who am I kidding.

MrChearlie jumps up and down, pointing at himself. "Guys! Guys! It's me! I'm Doopliss! I look like an audience member but I'm really a big fat villain! Eject me! Eject meeeeeee"!

All the MrChearlies are ejected. All of them.

What do you know, MrChearlie was Doopliss, the last remaining villain! This completely out-of-left-field revelation leaves the rest of you shocked and amazed!

Heroes win!


Mario - Yellow Magic
Goombella - rabitZ
Koops - pyrodoom
Admiral Bobbery - Shinan
Vivian - MirrorMasq

Hooktail - Despite
Rawk Hawk - Lily
Doopliss - MrChearlie
Shadow Queen - Little Wing Guy

Audience - everyone else


The changes I made were to Koops (didn't auto-eject when protecting a villain, I felt that was too unfair) and Doopliss (would have shown stolen role on all investigations instead of just the first).

What did I learn from this experience? I suck at creating Mafia rulesets. XD This seemed like a good idea at the time but ultimately there were too many mechanics and roles that didn't get a chance to do anything. The fandom thing is stupid so I'll take that out if I ever run this again.
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It was creative, at least. It basically amounted to (except for rabitz) vanilla mafia. only vanilla townies and vanilla mafia. Which is cool because it's all psychological.
I would say it was mafia sided, really. With all of the mafia's different ways of winning, which probably should have been in the OP, along with the lack of role-reveals, would have made it difficult for town to win if not for the lucky n1 vig kill and Lily just throwing in the towel.
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The fandom thing is stupid so I'll take that out if I ever run this again.

I think it was an interesting idea if it had been more powerful, particularly if it could have prevented mafia killing rather than the ejections, but then I'm no expert in mafia mechanics, it could have interfered with the rest.