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My mind is full of fuck.
It looks WOW'ish I mean not wow.

Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
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I cannot wait. I am a huge TES junkie and I love the lore to bits and pieces. I really hope that ZeniMax tries to incorporate the whole "go anywhere and do anything" feeling that the main games have. That aspect of the TES games is pretty much a staple so I'll be bummed out if it's not even at least partially in this game.
I am so excited for what you might be able to do in this game! At the same time, looking at the screenshots (yes, there are), it does look wow-ish, and I hope they don't turn it ointo a grind fest that tried to mimic WOW in a bad kind of way.

And it's probably going to be pay to play since the IP is too good to have for free. Which sucks since more and more of my favorite games are becoming this way. KOTOR to TOR, Skyrim to TES Online, Warcraft III to WOW, and the list will go on and on when more companies cash in on the MMO experience. It's quite sad.
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Well you wouldn't be able to mod it, so I'd be even less interested in playing it. I couldn't play vanilla Morrowind/Oblivion/Skyrim. Much less playing an online game where everyone would be making dumb "Arrow to the knee" jokes all the time.
Lone Wolf, or something cool.
Looks nice to me. Too bad I'll never be able to play it on this cybernetically enhanced potato that I call the computer.
*sigh* Oblivion, here I come again...
sweet. I never thought the arrow to the knee jokes were that funny to begin with.
looking forward to see what this game is going to be like.
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I'm surprised they managed to keep this a secret for 5 years!?

Remember when BioWare jumped into the MMO world? Everyone thought that was a natural fit. After all BioWare was great at creating stories, believable worlds and characters, and excelled with RPG elements. Now look at TOR. The end result isn't what we had hoped for. It's a standard, cut and dry, generic MMO with a Star Wars overlay that is already losing subscribers because BioWare, despite their excellence in the RPG genre, was completely and utterly unprepared for the realities of creating a long-lasting MMO.

The same thing can be said of Bethesda. Bethesda knows how to make a solid single player game with solid single player mechanics, great story, great characters, and hundreds of hours of playtime. But they've never had to worry about:

Gear grinds;
End game;
CLASS BALANCE (especially in regards to PVP);
Player-driven economies with player dependent crafting/gathering skills;
Multiplayer server experiences with concurrant users across the globe;
et cetera, et cetera.

So I'm not going to jump out of my chair at this news. I don't think Bethesda can pull it off and I think we're about to see another blunder on the same level as BioWare. I have a terrible feeling this game, especially given when development started, is going to be YET ANOTHER classic-to-Burning Crusade Warcraft clone with prettier graphics.
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"Bethesda knows how to make a solid single player game with solid single player mechanics" is arguable, but the rest of your post stands true.

Oblivion/Skyrim are toys, and that's about it. I like 'em, I've bought 'em, but... no.

Guild Wars 2 for me, all the fucking way.
Given Bethesda's track record I'd expect to play like a prettier Everquest at best, the end of Ultima Online at worst. They should stick with hilarious AI and physics wrapped in a pretty container, it's the only thing they're good at.
Isn't it being done by a different studio? The way the screenshots look it reminds me of a korean MMO with bright colors and more interesting character poses. Not that it really matters... I think it was the same with Bioware, they hired a bunch of MMO people and even outsourced some of it to some EA devs. Shit sux either way.
Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
It is being made by ZeniMax Online Studios, which is part of the same company that Bethesda is a part of/owned by. Bethesda's lore guys are working closely with ZeniMax to make sure everything regarding the lore and the world work out.
It needs to be very TES or it will suck like every MMO. But TES lets you just kill anyone. Maybe there will be bounties on other player's heads. Maybe thieves guild will have you stealing stuff from other players, mages guild will have you collecting mushrooms and fighters guild slaying thieves.

Or maybe its more just a co-op thing called a MMO. If you suck at bartering... just trade with other players. It will suck seeing a dozen other players at each shop or mission.

What I really dislike about MMOs will probably still be present like you kill an overlord boss... and his minions still remain to carry out his orders as if the boss still exists. When they could just send you to a different server that looks as if you've killed the boss and his minions.

For anyone that thinks it was kept secret for 5 years hasn't visited unofficial TES forums :-)
I am tired of Earth. These people. I am tired of being caught in the tangle of their lives.

The pattern above the Elder Scrolls title looks like a cartoon dog..
All MMORPGs are inherently, irredeemably bad games.
i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
All MMORPGs are inherently, irredeemably bad games.


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All MMORPGs are inherently, irredeemably bad games.

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I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't play this. But if it is True WoW, and say for instance that Skyrim is a level 60 zone, I'll be quiting after a month or two.

Phantasy Star Online 2, Guild Wars 2, and Secret World are far more appealing. If TES MMO copies the cut-paste WoW format, I will be greatly unimpressed.

5 hrs of well designed game trumps 90 hrs of randgen content artfice shit

offline mmo have fun saps you gave a scammer ur money
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