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the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
So, just about everybody collects something, right?
Old records, autographed books or even trucker hats, everyone likes to gather up the things they like and display them in their home for others to see to love or hate.

The title says it all! What do you collect, RMN?
To get things started, I collect Star Wars action figures. Started way back when I was a kid and in love with the movies, having figures of my own and making up my own adventures and what have you.
Now as an adult I collect SW figures, but keep them in package so that maybe one day I can pass them on to my children or sell them for some big $$$
This is my Star Wars Revenge of the Sith collection, very much complete of the basic figure line:

That's 85+ figures, including exclusives and variants. There is so many I couldn't even fit them all in the picture! So about 10 or so are off to the side and can't be seen too well.
I love these things, it's the very essence of a movie I love and a showcase to some really well made toys. I have others but these are my pride and joy and the only ones I display.

I'm hoping others will share with me and the community of what they love and collect!

(I know, Star Wars toys? I'm a loser ._. I even have 1 of 50,000 Darth Vader figures! so cool...)
i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
Magazine cut-outs, of anything pretty/interesting/gross. I do some serious craft work, and they stick to anything with the right kind of glue (you can also make fun envelopes out of NatGeo pages* - they're the perfect size. They just need an extra stamp). They're also great for a party game my friends and I came up with; it's like Apples to Apples, but with captions cut out of funny magazine ads as the nouns and images as the adjectives.

I'll ask people if I can have their bathroom magazines sometimes, to the point where my friends just give me some every once in a while.

Beyond that, I don't really like collecting. I hate the idea of having something useless, or having boxes shoved full of shit. If I don't use something, I give it away or chuck it.


*One of my similarly-minded friends collects pictures of dead animals specifically, and makes all of his envelopes out of them. It's amazing.

I also collect the fortunes from fortune cookies. I never eat the actual cookie though because they taste awful.
the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
These are definitely some interesting collections, that's great!

@Craze- That's pretty artistic on you and your friends part(although his is morbid, yet awesome)
I don't really have a whole lot of shit extra beyond what I need, because I'm the same way about having all this crap laying about or boxed away. Sell it or donate.
(I might have to scan through that expression collection and find a new avatar o_o)

@PentagonBuddy- I'll check out that topic, never saw that, would be entertaining to read yours and all these other peoples weird dreams!
(I also don't eat fortune cookies because yes, they are tasteless and gross)
I collect the comma that should be in the title.
I'm just kidding.

In reality, I collect marbles. Lots and lots of them. I also got a Muppet 50-year figurine that will be worth something some day! I hope.
As always, I collect blades and bladed weaponary. My private collection is actually really small, but hey! Let me see...
I have about 9 different combat knifes, one being a North Korean bayonet from the Korean war era and a small japanese tanto from 1896.

About 4 western swords and three eastern blades, mostly antiques though. My favorite one has to be the blade my grandfather gave me, engraved with the family crest! The family blade is just a typical longsword, as three of my western blades are. The fourth western blade is something that the blacksmith made for me, a claymore out of carbon steel. It is a shame how heavy it is though!

The Eastern blades are pretty simple, one is a unnamed katana(Not really sure of the history of, but it is made more for function then beauty), the other one is a Tachi that is supposed to be a antique, but I have my doubts on that. It is more for looks then not. And the final one is a Chinese Jian, with Taoist symbols engraved on it. It is a rusted relic though, and I believe that it is supposed to be about 80 years in age for some taoist temple.

The final blade I have is a Katara, made in Los Angeles in 2003 by the blacksmith Jyoun R. Long. It has two identical blades hidden in the hilt, both of which look like dragon heads from the outside. I just have it in my apartment for display, although I have cut myself with it when messing around in the past, so I can say that it is sharp and durable from experience.

I see your collection and raise my own.
I guess you could say I also uh... collect this.

OTL It's a serious problem. Kikiyama forgive me, I don't even like Masada that much.
I never eat the actual cookie though because they taste awful.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. What are you saying?! Fortune cookies taste great! D:

As for me, I try not to collect things because I dislike having a lot of stuff. I like collecting small things like out of date train tickets. I have this fat stack of useless train tickets dating back to 7-ish years ago of rides to pointless places. I don't know why, but they were expensive, so.. I couldn't bring myself to throw them away.. OH AND DEAD BATTERIES.

I also sometimes collect shiny coins. Shiny £1 coins are the nicest, especially if they have a brand new pretty design on them! And they're small. And I can spend them if I get tired of collecting them.
if squallbutts was a misao category i'd win every damn year
I have a fairly expensive stack of various figurines. Mostly FF, but I have a few anime ones and one of Peter Petrelli (Heroes).

I also take a lot of joy in actually owning personal items of characters, and not just for cosplay reasons. Like, I'm uber proud of having Squall's jacket and necklace, but my favourite of the bunch is his ring- the item that actually played a part in FF8's story. Likewise, I love having Edward Elric's coat, but my favourite item is the State Alchemist Pocket Watch I also have.
Although, with Yukio he doesn't have a lot of personal artefacts, so having the Exorcist coat+ VERY SIMILAR GLASSES is enough for me. (I'm short sighted myself and wear them 80% of the time for most tasks (I can sit at the computer with them off or on, though I prefer off).

Lately I've been getting other memorabilia like posters and stuff, but that's mainly because my friends are nuts and buy me stuff @.@

In terms of oddities, I wouldn't exactly call it collecting but I tend to horde cutlery. I don't even notice most of the time, but a quick glance at my desk reveals a teaspoon and a fork- I'm not even sure what I used the fork for.
In high school I would take silver spoons to school and not bring them home. At one stage I was told to raid my locker and found about seven. Heh ^^;

In general I have the tendency to horde, so anyone who searches my room would find a treasure trove of oddities- ranging from various ceramic figurines, porcelain dolls, A MULTITUDE OF ARTIST SUPPLIES, odd bits of torn and cut up cloth, knick knacks like torches, jewellery, small plush toys, tooth picks (unused), empty photo albums, sheets, toy guns, various hand creams, rubber bands, a 8-inch screen TV...I don't think I need to go on ^^;
is virtual stuff consider as a collection?
Remember when I actually used to make games? Me neither.
I will probably start collecting NES games and accessories.

I have some really weird knives, so i thought about collecting more of them if I ever get bags of dosh.
i have some collection of pokemon series product...
and some book collection
and some Nintendo console and accessory collection...
...Chessboards of many kinds.
the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
is virtual stuff consider as a collection?

Yes, of course.
Anything you enjoy having more than one of and keeping in some kind of organization is considered a collection to me.
Even if it is RPGmaker games or even GIFs.

Awesome stuff guys, besides a few people most of you have personal and different collections!
Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
I collect bills. As in currency, money. Most of the ones I have are from 1950-2000 and are out of circulation. I have about 50 in total I think. It's not a big collection, but it's pretty fun to look at.
Devil's in the details
At the moment I collect study material. Music theory and references for projects. I never have time to read them.

Other than that, I used to collect JRPGs, and mostly so Play Station 1 JRPGs. I also collect Berserk manga series and some book series. (Dark Tower and Dragon Lance.)

Oh, and I collect pretty much favorites in Deviant Art, if that counts. :o
I'm not a collector as much as I am a hoarder. I have collections of a number of things, but not really anything proper. I do have some hockey cards from... 1994-1997. I also have a fairly sizable Donald Duck pocket book collection. I have most of the pocket books up to about 200 or so. In more recent years not so much.

Basically while not so much an active collector I rarely throw anything away so anything I even for a little while do as a hobby I end up with a fair amount of. (I have loads of unpainted Warhammer minis too, but that's not much of a collection. Except I now own minis that I guess aren't produced anymore.) I have nearly all Discworld books too, but it also is not so much a collection as... you know. Discworld is awesome and all.

I guess in the end I have a lot of different collections. But I wouldn't say I'm a collector. I get stuff to use them, for example my hockey card collection is from loads of different card manufacturers. Or my Discworld novels are a strange mix of hardcover, translations and pocket books. Or my Donald Duck pocket book collection includes books without covers and I know the one with the Gone With the Wind story is heavily waterdamaged (because it is double the thickness of the rest!)

I even have some stamps somewhere. I'm pretty sure. And Turtles stickers from the early nineties. (got them from gum packs, one summer we were obsessed by those bubblegum stickers. I think maybe in second grade, that would have made it 1991, one year after the 90 world cup, of which I also have a sticker album that is complete except for two stickers. Peter Shilton is my hero)
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