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Show picture/move picture. Repeat.

It doesn't really look that difficult, just very time consuming. You can use a distance formula derivation for hit detection range, key input for well - key input, and you change the pictures to make the animation.

You can make a fighting game in Rm2k3, or a competent platformer with pixel based movement.

Engine issues aside, the limiting factor is how much work you want to put into your project, and how much time you have to spend on it!
Yeah but how would you get the A.I. to work and how do you think that person made it to where all this happened on the battle field without any enemies or battlers?
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You'd code conditions, mistakes, variables into every enemy AI code, and I'm sure you could look up Legend of Vanadia on THIS SITE for more information about it.

If you have the imagination/steadfastness, there's a helluva lot possible with event code.
As far as I can tell, it isn't the battlefield, it is a panorama background.

((X1-X2) + (Y1-Y2))^2 = Distance from one point to another (leave off the square root function this normally requires). Technically, except for flying enemies, you don't even need the Y variable her.e

NOTE:This is just how I would do it, not necessarily how it was done.

Set X1 = Hero X, X2 = Enemy 1X

Get distance. If distance > Striking Range, Move Enemy.
If Distance <= Striking Range, Strike Event.

The strike event probably has a countdown to space the attacks out, as well as the dice rolls for accuracy and damage.

Just repeat the check for each enemy. If one character is closer, that target gets priority. The enemy could even be set to ignore one character and go after the other if they are healing or whatever, or if one has lower health.

Again, not terribly difficult, just time consuming.
Yeah it does look like that. But how do you get the character A.I. to work? The same as the enemy? And where would you put all of this common events or just events on the map? Found the game but there was now download for me to hack I mean acquire the game data to learn exactly how this was made.
Eh I wouldn't hack the guy's game. He/she put alot of work into it and it just wouldn't be right. I'll figure it out myself. It's not like I have anything better to do this summer anyway.
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Downloading people's games to figure out how they work is totally legit. That's not hacking, it's just reading. It's how you're supposed to learn this stuff - by watching the pros.
Oh ok. Well if I ever make a game using that person's systemI'll give them a special thanks. I'm a big Tales fan you see and would like to have a Tales battlesystem in one of my games. They have a script for rmxp but I can't for the life of me get skills to work in it.
Actually I think he used to come to this site a lot. his nick was Guts or something...
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Shinno1337 1 year ago
There's a version of this somewhere on RMN, I think. Take a look.
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