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For the sake of some added visibility (than just posting it in the DynRPG thread), I felt like making a topic for this for once.
I've created a DynRPG plugin, which allows you to generate text at wish, and place it anywhere you like on the screen. You can move it, control it's transparency and change it to whatever once created as well. The text will share the same font as the rpg maker game uses itself.

This plugin can be useful in terms of creating HUD's on the screen, for an ABS, or could relieve you of creating a million pictures if you're making a CMS or CBS.


Instructions on how to use the plugin is all described within the readme.txt which follows with the demonstration project.

Kazesui, this is amaziiing :D

Well done for this. I don't really use 2003 all that much any more, but these are the types of things that want me to stay on it. No more 90 gazillion pictures for freakin' CBSes! Text that displays name areas and, you can even add name tags about NPCS.

This is a life saver, Kazesui. Many, many thanks.
Remember when I actually used to make games? Me neither.
Yay, no more fucking around with modulus whenever I want to show a number!
I wish I had this two years ago when I was making my CMS. Damn! Nice work though, I may yet have a use for this still.
Text that displays name areas...I like the sound of that. I might have to try and give this a test run in a test game to see how it is (and see if I can't try to get something like name areas displaying going...that would be so nice to have). Unless you showed that in the video and I'm just a derp and looking over it somehow...it'd be nice to have the text display the name once (when entering the area) and not again until leaving the area completely and reentering. @_@

EDIT - Ok, so I DID miss it somehow during the video. Nice to see~
Ha! Just this morning I was wishing for something like this to exist... Kasezui, you're genius! In both senses of the word! =)
(This probably only makes sense in Spanish since we use 'Genio' for both 'Genius' and 'Genie', but you get my point. >_>;)

Anyway, thanks a lot for this! o/
Developer, Starless Umbra / Heroes of Umbra
Cool dude. I admire your work with rm2k3.
This will make something I was trying to do a LOT easier! Thanks.
This is amazing... good job!

Question: Can the messages be "skinned" like a regular 2k3 text message?
For me to answer that you'll first have to help my understand what you mean by "skinning" the text messages.
The only thing that comes to mind is having the text "skinned" with a message box around it, in which case it's not implemented in this Plugin.
Yes, that's what I meant. Thanks.
A couple questions I thought of:

1) Do the messages stay where they are, or do they move around with NPCs and the like?

2) Can be this implemented inside of battles?
1) At the moment, they stay fixed on the screen rather on the map. I guess I should have added an extra option there. I might update the plugin in that respect.

2) I think cherry has a patch which allows for pictures to be called inside a battle. Theoretically, this should allow for the text plugin to work inside battles as well
Maybe using de x-y position of a npc in variables
for show the message if its moving
Good job, K.!
The option to have the text scroll at different speeds (as in a normal message command) would be a nice addition too.
Hello I found a bug in the plugin, when you create a second map to test the various functions, everything is fine, but if you save the game during the second map and exit.
When you load the saved game in the second map, no charge, but displays an error reading.
sorry for my bad english ^ ^
Did you make any special changes to the map itself after having saved the game and exited? Just creating a second map and making use of the plugin shouldn't create any error messages on reloading (at least I haven't been able to create any when trying).

Changing stuff on a map after having saved there and then reloading might though. Not sure what might have caused it, but if you made some changes before trying to reload, maybe you can help me figure that bit out.
I simply copied the events of the first map in the second, changing only the words spoken by the child, putting the initial position of the party in the second map
If an error box comes up or anything, best thing to do is to write down the exact error somewhere then post it here. Could be helpful too.
the error is "Access violation in module 'msvcrt.dll' in with address 76540492 and offset 00000000 of type Read occured"
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