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Who's voting for Obama's second term as President this November? Why or why not?

I did not vote for him in 2008, and neither will I this year.

(1) was instrumental in engineering the housing debacle using the CRA
(2) has run the deficit up higher than all of the human presidents ever did (combined)
(3) has set us on a course of internal disharmony that will cost trillions to correct
(4) has undermined western civilization
(5) has damaged the United States' reputation
(6) bowed to Israel
(7) brought an ugly into the White House that will never wash off
(8) lied his way into office
(9) is the first gay President
(10) has crushed the economy single handedly

I could go on but we would be further bored.

I...won't be voting, I think .-.

(Which is really quite sad coming from an 18 year old)
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Topic would be a fine subject for debate, but the OP reads like some biased and immaterial rant.
I won't vote for Obama.

But if I could I probably would. He doesn't seem too bad. He might seem more invisible than previous guys though which is a good thing because the less we see of the US the better. So he'd definitely get my vote now that I think about it!
the less we see of the US the better.

What did you mean by that? I hope you didn't mean that in the negative way it sounded.
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