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Okay, this may be a dumb question, but I would like to know if there is a simple way or script out there to 'rotate' an event, such as a character, on a map, during run-time. I ask of this because I would like to create death scenes without having to redraw and remake all the characters that can 'die' in my game.

I've made things spin before (like weather vanes) but using directions only. I would like to use the same graphic or position but just rotate it, so things appear on their side, literally by getting the same event's current graphic and flipping it 90 degrees.

If this is impossible to do in VX then I will have no option but to re-create all of the character sprites death positions. -_-

Also my VX game is unique since it doesn't use normal VX character sizes, it uses XP character sizes for more realism, so the difficulty I have is properly re sizing the graphics to stop them cutting off or looking squished.
Update: I've fixed this while working on my game, and I'll up the script once it's less buggy, so this topic can be CLOSED.
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