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hey everyone,
I need some art recommendations for one of my several dozen side projects :-)

In Short:

Im looking for animated battle sprites for both characters and enemies from a commercial, but yet lesser known franchise (i know this is illegal but i dont care, as my game will be completely free - if ever completed). Best would be a game on spriters-resource or somewhere else, as i dont want extract all the graphics by hand.

Do you have any idea wich lesser known franchise sprite graphics i could use?

In Depth:

One of my side projects is a battle focused minigame thats all about party combat, equipment and levelling up. Im using DynRPG and dragonheartman's Animated Monsters plugin (as well as some others) - so this is highly experimental.

So, im looking for good sprite graphics for the game. I need animated sprites (at least standing, idle and attacking) for both the player characters and enemies. I have not even decided for a theme yet, so it could be anything at least there are enough sprites and animations to represent a nice variety of chars/monsters.

As this is a combat only minigame, i would appreciate franchises that feature nicely animated battle chars. This game takes place only in the combat system, so instead of a tileset - i need as many battlchars as i can get.

I was searching on spriters-resource and a few others, but 2+ brains have more ideas than just one. so i thought i ask you here. one of my ideas was for example the battlers from "shining force 1-2/CD", as they are really well drawn and there are so many of them - sadly they are too big to fit 4 PCs and 8 monsters into a single screen.

finally I am using 2k3 and would like to get sprites in the SNES era style. And with "lesser known" i just mean: please no final fantasy! its just all over the place already.

Hope you understood my question.

Its a really simple question actually: Just throw any cool, lesser known franchise you can think off in my direction!

whoa You guys are hi-chaining without me? That's just not right. :<
Make your own. :>
Make your own. :>

This! It's fun, good practice and you can't really go anywhere but up. ...At least, that's how it feels like so far as a no-experience pixelartist trying to do assets from scratch D:
Or if you don't have the guts to make your own from scratch, learn to sprite-edit. It's easy and can add some serious game distinction.

And the ability to summon the "Office Whores" to deal damage to the enemies.
Phantasy Star style.
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