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Using 2k3, I'm switching to battle animations for character poses in battle for the added flexibility. I set up the animations at dead center of the 96x96 and center of the target zone, assuming the poses worked like they do with a battle animation on a target.

For some reason, they didn't. When I switched the pose type to battle animation and tested it in battle, I noticed that the target zone location of the animations was slightly above. About 16 above what I assumed would be the spot.

It's not a terrible inconvenience for me in that I have to make separate animation sets for the poses anyway, but I was wondering why that was the case.

Is there any reason the animation isn't centered on your character? Also if it's supposed to be off, how off is it exactly so I know for future reference?
I can't honestly think of a reason rm2k3 does this, perhaps just to annoy you cause it likes to do that. Anywho i've had this same issue and the way i've always done it was trial and error, such as setting the idle animation to 1 frame, setting up the location of your character, then testing it in battle. If it was off, I changed the animation a little more until I got it right, then made the whole animation based on that position. Once you've got that location, you should be good for the rest of your animations.
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