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I would absolutely support this. It's kind of a pain having to keep logging in, especially if you only want to check one thing.
can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
You could just not log out.
I worded it badly - I mean to keep actually going into the site itself to check and see if whatever I'm interested in has changed at all. I'd much rather just get an email so I can know immediately with as little effort as possible instead of having to keep going into the forum in a possibly futile effort.
I'd say it's more effort to keep checking your email than RMN, but it is the first stop of my day and I do have it set as my homepage, so I may be a little biased.
Besides, RMN is actually a lot more active than most of the other RM forums, so waiting on something to change/get an answer doesn't take that long, though I could see the appeal in subscribing to a thread or something.
Or even having an automated email of your current subscriptions sent out - say every 4-6 hours have one sent out of all the notifications you've recieved.

Though personally I always uncheck the email linkage box.
I guess it would just be a perk for us profoundly lazy people, then. :P Or I suppose people who enjoy RMN but aren't very frequent, prolific users like some others are. Also, I can't speak for everyone here obviously, but I know a lot of people tend to set their email as their homepage, myself being one of them.

I personally would rather get emailed of only stuff I want to be updated on rather than to keep going on the site to look at everything myself, but again, that's purely my own preference and I know not everybody is of the same opinion.
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