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I am tired of Earth. These people. I am tired of being caught in the tangle of their lives.
Here is the latest update to RMN! In our loosely defined versioning system we are on version 4.3.

While we did not get to all of the upgrades and extensions that we discussed in the thread, I felt that there was enough to push forward now. The unimplemented items are not forgotten! Just pushed back to a later version release.

For this version, the biggest change is probably the frontpage rejiggering, and the increased focus on the "pillars" that makes up the core of RMN: games, game development (and engines), events and community. This is reflected in the new navigation bar. Each pillar now has its own "portal" showcasing that aspect of the site. (However, for GAMES all I did was add a new optional splash bar at the top, and for Development I kind of was at a loss to what to showcase, so I pillaged our New to RMN? guide!) I am (very) open to discussion on what should be on the portal pages, what you would like to see, and how they should be laid out.

There were a few new minor changes, a few bug fixes and more administrative tools for me to exert my will upon the masses. I added User Statuses - a fun feature "inspired" by a similar one at RMWeb. I also expanded the user profile - you can now select 3 "showcase" games, and they will be shown on your profile. You could say that the v4.3 update was "The User Update". I tried to enhance the user experience.

I didn't get to many of the Game updates, like episodic support and more user roles (like Music or Art, etc..). This update in the end was more portal-centric.

Please do a hard refresh of your browser to fix layout issues! Also, it is highly recommended to clear your cache, especially if you are experiencing issues even after a hard refresh.

Enjoy! And as always, if you find bugs, let us know.
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Cool stuff, cool stuff.

Now I need to make two other games for those secondary slots!
if i had an allowance, i would give it to rmn
Holy cow, this is so freaking awesome I am going to die!
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Nice work! Also, I'm noticing an "Add Status" option. I've a funny feeling this has something to do with user titles, but I could be wrong.

Nevermind. I see the place where user title can be edited.
whoa You guys are hi-chaining without me? That's just not right. :<
Yay stalker list. <3
if i had an allowance, i would give it to rmn
This kinda takes forever to load... and I have got a few 'server is not responding' errors.
This kinda takes forever to load... and I have got a few 'server is not responding' errors.

This is probably because I am still working on fixing some bugs. So I have to restart the webserver.
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The top banner is high tech, and I love rmn TV (though there aren't too many shows on tonight!), looks really good overall.
Wow, neat stuff in this site upgrade~ :D
Yay stalker list. <3

You can turn off showing up in the list in your settings.

Maybe I will post a summary of some of the updates after I eat and such.
if i had an allowance, i would give it to rmn
This is amazing, as I have said before, and please never ever disable the stalking list.
I must say:
I like.
While I wasn't for putting the number of pages at the top of a page as well as the bottom, I'm ultimately not minding it.
And I'm pretty excited for the showcase feature as well.

Edit: I have a question about the stalker list:
When does it put people on the list? When you sign in, post, or...?
My mind is full of fuck.
I can see some users, time to stalk talk to them.
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Where is the latest posts feed?
Well, as a Graphic Design 'advocate' I'm dying a little inside at the new disposition of things, specially the front page which looks very cramped and all jumbled together. Is really not an step forward to the previous one, but, what can I do? =/

All the new features seem really cool though, so it's ok... Well, except for one. The status feature. As if it weren't enough having the site clogged with forum game posts, now I have to deal with people spamming with their statuses twitter style...

Edit: What's that supposed to mean, Gourd?
You could just never look at the page, AE.
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This is all really great!
Lets see if I can summarize some of the additions / changes:

Frontpage Layout
Kentona rearranged the frontpage layout to add some new sections and move other sections around. We added a jQuery slider for the featured spot. Kentona can probably explain these changes better than I can.

Kentona added "portal" sections for Engines, Development, Community, and Events. You can visit the portals by clicking on the corresponding link in the main nav bar. Each one is different, so explore!

Main Menu redesign
Kentona redesigned the main menu in a drop-down menu style. If you hover over the main nav items, you will see links to more specific sections. If you are looking for Latest Posts, it has moved under "Community".

Currently Active members list
Lists the currently active members on RMN. This only displays at the bottom of the main forum list and in the topic list. There is a 15 minute buffer. Whenever you are logged in and perform any action on RMN it checks to see if your last action was in that 15 minute buffer, if it was, nothing happens. If it wasn't, then the time you were last online is updated to the current time. You can prevent your username from appearing in the list by going to the "Settings" section of your Profile.

Forum Polls
There is a new topic type for polls on the forums. Nothing fancy. Simply click "New Poll" instead of New Topic and go. The poll appears at the very top of the topic and is separate from the posts, so it appears on every page in the topic.

Showcase Game(s) for profiles
You can set 3 games in your Profile that you would like to "showcase". These games appear in your profile next to your description.

Event Subscriptions
We changed the way you receive notices for events. You are no longer subscribed if you simply post on the event page. You are now subscribed when you join an event. You can delete event subscriptions but still be in the event and you can edit what types of notices you want to receive. This is limited to User Comments and Updates. You will always receive a notice when a judge posts on an Event. Unless you delete your subscription of course. This means that for the current Nagademo Review Drive event, you will have to go to the Event page and click on the "Subscribe" button if you want to receive notices from that event.

User Statuses
Kentona added users status updates. Kinda like Facebookish I guess? He says rpgmakerweb has something similar.

We added a thumbnail view to your locker so you can view thumbnail images of your locker files.

Small updates/Bug fixes
You can now edit your own user title if you are a donor
Deleting unread messages from your mailbox will mark the messages as read

There are probably lots of little things I am missing.
did someone say angels
EDIT: disregard
@AE It means you don't have to look at the statuses if you don't like them.
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