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So I noticed you can put your own games in one of your own playlists - out of curiosity I did it, just to see if the site would let me. When I delete anything out of my playlist on my profile, it does get removed however it stays listed on the Playlist part of the actual game page. It's not a big deal, but is that intentional to see all the people who have added it to their playlist in the past? Apologies if this has probably already been mentioned before, but I couldn't see it.

Also, one thing I never noticed until now is the Favourites tab that appears when you go to edit your profile. What is that actually for?
Can you give me an example of the playlist issue? The list on game pages isn't live. It's generated by a process (that i guess runs weekly? should probably move that to overnight...).

Yes of course, but please be aware that it is only a minor issue!

So here is a list of all the playlists my game is listed on, on the actual game page. You'll notice my own game is on my own playlist here. I added it, just to see if I could I suppose.

As soon as I added it, I removed it. It no longer shows on my playlist on my profile, but it still remains on the game page itself. You'll notice I have 8 games on there, and none of them are Villnoire.
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This isn't really a bug per se, but I just realised that all forum topics from the Announcements category were moved to What's Happening in Game Make & RMN. Which was probably a good idea, but now the Announcements category is still just sitting there with no threads listed in it, completely empty at the bottom of the forums, but still visible and clickable. Is it possible to just hide or delete it completely, instead of having what looks like an effectively broken category publicly visible?

Edit: Never mind, I confused stuff.
Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
not exactly a bug, but there's no spot to put my gmail in the list, which is my primary
We really should rename yahoo and hotmail to email and alt email instead.