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Okay, so in 2k3, I do the thing where your battler disappears and the character is included in the battle animation of the weapon for all of my characters.

And the flexibility is great.

I have one problem. Battle animations aren't affected by the in game screen tint. So whenever it's nighttime or anything, I get this:



They're normal tinted despite the nighttime fire lighting. The same happens for any battle pose that I use an animation for, such as victory poses.

What can I do about it?
you can manually tint the battle animations (right click and cel properties) the problem is that you'll be making separate battle animations for whenever the screen is tinted.

p.s. it is very crucial that you rename magic to magick for 100+ cool points.
p.s. it is very crucial that you rename magic to magick for 100+ cool points.

I'm glad you pointed that out. I totally do not know why it isn't spelled that way already. Most of the dialogue in the game it's spelled magick, just not in the string for whatever reason.

As for the separate battle animations for tinted screen, you can imagine that's a nightmare when the animations are assigned by the weapon or skill the character is equipped with.

(Actually, the guy in the red armor goes in and out of his armor often, and I have a perpetual equipment/skill changer for him based on which outfit he's in. But that's one guy. Not every character, every color situation, every weapon, every skill animation.)

In the case of the burning village, the fire is a parallel pulsating color tint, a tinted animation for one weapon would stand out from the other end of the pulsating spectrum.

So yeah... I dunno, I'm stumped.
I think you're better off just making the battle background a fiery static tint and just letting the battle animations and monsters at least be consistent (and stand out better). It's just something you're going to have to live with.
I'd really like to get rid of LockeZ. His play style is way too unpredictable. He's always like this too. If he ran a country, he'd just kill and imprison people at random until crime stopped.
Yeah, remove the tint when the battle starts, and tint the battleback in photoshop instead of through event commands. Then when the battle ends go back to the regular tint. That's the only clean way to get it consistent, probably.

Note that this won't work with the built-in random encounter system. You'll need to start the battles with events to remove the tint before and after each one.

Actually, to make the re-tinting not be visible and obvious to the player, you might have to do the following when a battle happens:
- Cover the screen with a picture file that's just a giant black rectangle (possibly with a very short fade in, like 1/10 of a second)
- Change the tint to normal
- Start the battle
- After the battle ends, change the tint to fiery
- Then remove the black picture (possibly with a fade out)
My advice would be to open your animations tab and create two versions of every animation. One for day time and one for night time. For night time, open the cel properties in your animations tab of the database by clicking a frame and than a cell. Change the color cast to match the night time tint and than click ok. Go to Mass Modify on the same tab and apply that color tint to the rest of the frames. During night time, substitute the day time animations for the night time and vice versa during day time.

That's how I would handle it but it can be time consuming depending on how many animations you have.

Also if you are doing a CBS and not a DBS than you can substitute sprites by clicking on the event command: "Change sprite association" this way you do not need two versions of a battle animation but can do all your animations using character sets and luckily the tint won't be an issue using this can tint the screen whatever you want and it'll look perfect.
Never tried this myself, but maybe if you used Cherry's "pics in battle" patch, you'd be able to overlay the whole screen with a picture of just the colour of your desired tint and set it to semi-transparent, instead of using RM's screen tint.
@LockeZ - Yeah, that's an idea, but I feel like that's a lot of work to turn out something I'll probably not be satisfied with anyway.

@Lotus_Games - I'm using the DBS, unfortunately. The CBS encounters in my game don't have this problem, because the characters are not included in the attack animations like they are in the DBS fights.

As for your suggestion, I know that's the ultimate possibility. Retinting each animation wouldn't be too bad. Making sure those animations are correctly assigned for nighttime/dusk/fire/etc situation and making duplicate equipment and skills for each to be quietly replaced before the start of battle is the nightmare. It's possible, but I'd probably be better off making a total CBS.

@NewBlack - That's a pretty genius idea, NB, but I'm not sure if the mechanics work like that exactly.

As I recall, battle animations appear as a higher priority over pictures, which would mean the overlay wouldn't affect the animation. I know I've had a picture explode onscreen using animations, but I don't know if that patch works differently.
You can set the layer the pictures are on. I would give the patch a try at least.
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