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Recently, I noticed that while play testing my project, that I couldn't load my save files. At first I figured that it was because I was editing content in the editor and then trying to load outdated save files, but I eventually noticed that the problem persisted even if I save and load without changing anything.

So I actually read the error message I've been getting and it turns out to be this.

I'm pretty much stumped. I did a bit of research, and some solutions suggested that my MSVCRT.dll is outdated, but I'm not sure if I should update it, if that would even work, without knowing what exactly this problem is originating from.

I've never seen this particular error message before, so I'm inclined to say that it's coming from DynRPG, but I can't be too sure.

Can anyone offer any insight on the matter? If I can't load my files, then I'm pretty much screwed.
It's probably from DynRPG yes. What plugins are you using?

Thanks! I mean, you didn't actually do anything but that actually helped. I removed the DynText plugin from the folder and then suddenly I can load again.

Maybe it was an outdated version I was using? Or maybe it conflicted with DHM Faster ATB plugin...either way, removing DynText solved the problem apparently.
Yeah, I thought it looked familiar. Using one of the older versions of the plugin may cause this bug. This bug should be gone with the latest version, but the latest version is also not compatible with save files of much older versions.

However, should the game be saved without any text written by the text plugin at the time of saving, migrating from one version to the next should not cause any errors.
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I'd recommend deleting your SaveXX.dyn files when updating or adding new plugins.

I've had issues where saves wouldn't load if I updated my DynPlugins directory. Deleting those files helped.

(If you're curious, these are used as savestate-dependent data for your plugins. Saving a game with a project that has been patched with DynRPG will automatically create this file in addition to the *.lsd save file.)
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