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Hello everyone, I'm excited to be here!
I just finished creating a game regarding the dark life of a young girl,
anywhoo, I was jst wondering how I can post the download link?
I've set up the profile and the three images, what's the next step to getting my
game live? thank you very much
I believe you wait for its approval to the site, then you can add the download link.
Regardless, welcome to RMN!
Guardian of the Description Thread
Post the download link? Like, have a link in a post? This is done with the url tag. Example:

My profile is [url=http://rpgmaker.net/users/Marrend/]here[/url].

Would come out as:

My profile is here.

*Edit: However, let your game-page speak for itself. It's generally looked down upon to "advertise" your game-page on the forums.

*Edit2: Well, yeah, the game page does have to be approved first!
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