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Out of any DS game I've played, this has so far been the most fun for me. If you haven't heard of this game, check it out at

To describe the game, I'd say it's an IQ test mixed with a classic point and click game like King's Quest. I'm enjoying a nice break from the epics with it, and it's one of the most unique games I've ever played. It does some pretty cool things with the stylus too!

If you want an RM comparison, think of "Sunset over Imdahl". It's kind of detectivy like that, and features fantastic art. Some of the art in Layton reminds me a little bit of Tim Burton films, it's pretty neat!

I highly recommend this gem to anyone who owns a Nintendo DS! For those who have played it, what did you think of it?
Yeah, i got this the other day and i find it to be quite enjoyable. The artwork was nice to look at but i get quite bored of it at times if i play it for long hours. I think you can get a professor layton limited edition DS as well which looked pretty cool.
Pretty damn fun to play with my friends, we usually fight over my one DS when more then one of us THINK we know the answer. Though they hate the parts where you have to explore and talk to people. Shitty for me since I like to follow the story. >:(
Also, it's pretty cool that they have weekly downloadable extra puzzles. I tried one, and it was ridiculously hard. Or maybe I was just thinking too hard, I don't know, but shit! I think it was called "Five to Four". Try it out.
Yeah, they are pretty hard. I have played two of them, passed one and gave up on one. I was having a look at a list of them and they are all nearly impossible to complete.
Yeah played it and completed all the puzzles but it took a good month to do it. Highly addictive but the weekly puzzles are a bit too easy. I haven't done them since last month so I guess I should download them sometime soon.

Devil's Box (the sequel) I'm looking forward too. More puzzles, yay!
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