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So, my girlfriend started playing Final Fantasy 9 (my most FAVOURITE GAME EVER and no this is not a thread to debate that fact; JUST DEAL WID IT), and I basically got super excited everywhere. She then had fun running around, killed one of her allies in the first battle, and named Zidane "Dorkus", Vivi "SkulKid", and, most... entertainingly (???) Steiner "ButtFuk".


(actually these are dirty lies; I pissed myself laughing when Queen Brahne shouted "Captain ButtFuk!")

IT GOT ME THINKING: what experiences do you guys have sharing games with your loved ones? Any hilarious stories, experiences, or just overall disasters that resulted from watching a friend/family member/partner play your favourite game?
why would i heal when i could equip a morningstar
YOU'RE WELCOME FOR THE IMAGE (emmych you can raid my tinypic whenever you want)

...and, uh, my college friends don't play video games. Like, Karsuman and LouisCyphre/ChaosProductions are avid gamers, but they are FAR AWAY FROM ME and even though we talk almost every day, Karsu hates everything I like and Lou gets into games a lot more than I do. I just mailed Lou FFXIII-2 yesterday, but, like, it's not one of my favorite games.

I also don't play games much, and especially not around my friends - if I'm spending time with my friends, I'm not playing games, I'm... spending time with them. The only incident I can think of that kind-of relates to the topic is that my father once watched me play DQVIII and then for a month would run around in the extremely awkward and fey way that monsterified King Trode does.

Yeah. I just wanted to say the first line of this post.

On sunny days, I go out walking
My friend Casey had never played Deus Ex (the original) so I set it up on his computer while he was making food. Installed shifter and all that good stuff. I watched him play it for a while and are two things I distinctly remember.

1. On the first level where you're supposed to take the terrorist leader alive, which is very easy since he puts up no resistance, basically just have to find him and not shoot him, he walks up the stairs right as Alex or whoever is radioing him telling him to take him alive, he pulls out the GEP gun (rocket launcher, basically), shouts "BA-BOOM!" and blows him into gibs.

2. When his boss, Manderley, was chewing him out for killing that guy, he didn't take it too well. He decided to get every potted plant, every chair, every trash can, every soda, every candy bar, and barricade Manderley behind his desk with them.
It's been a long time since I had anyone try my games.
One of my friends used to hear funny french sentences whenever we played a Fighting game where characters yell stuff in english or japanese. Also when I had him try Megaman X4 he was playing so casually that he put himself in dangerous situations every 10 seconds and barely managed to survive everytime. It made me super nervous watching him play.

A few years ago I had my older brother play Odin Sphere to show him how gorgeous and great the game is, and he is so unaccustomed with the Action genre nowadays that he played the first stage super defensively, running away as soon as enemies gathered in groups, and not daring to get close to Belial for forever. I kept saying "Don't mind his attacks, just get close and mash the button!" and he was like "I'm getting to old for this kind of game!"
He finds it very funny when he has me play one of his games for the first time and I try to speed run the game right away. I remember getting pwned by the first enemy in Valkyria Chronicles, but then aiming right and killing the other two with a single grenade. He was like "yeah, beginner's luck..."
I have a hard time looking at other people play games that I'm familiar with (especially if they are not). There's just this urge to comment on everything. So I introduce people to games by recommending them and saying "this is some sweet stuff".

However I did get Fallout New Vegas for my dad during the steam summer sale, knowing that he was a Fallout fan. So I got to talking about the game some time afterwards and it turned out that while I tend to be on the edge of overencumbrance all the time, unable to sprint my way through the wasteland my dad played so that he was on the brink of not being able to move at all most of the time!

So I told him "you probably don't need 20 pre-war books in your inventory". However who am I to say how people should enjoy their games.
My wife named Cyan "Beardy" when I tried to have her play Final Fantasy VI...
I like to share decent games with my father, because he used to be an avid D&D fan and he introduced me to the wonders of the boardgame 'Talisman', so.. I like to show him open-world RPG-adventuring games where he has a large impact on the environment. It started with Fable, and he played that game every day for about 2 years without completing it because he enjoyed harvesting the economy too much..

When it first came out, I weaned him off of Fable and onto Oblivion. Until Skyrim, he played it every day and never completed it. In all his time playing, he closed ONE Oblivion Gate. Why? He was too busy traversing the countryside PICKING FLOWERS. I'd sit there and just watch him play sometimes, and it got really hard not to tell him "no, go down there, go get that awesome sword!"
"What? That crappy sword? But then I won't have room for any more Dragons Tongue!"

Last year he bought himself Skyrim, and still tells me of his various flower-picking adventures. I cringe every time.. but still feel great respect for just how much game he gets for his money.
why would i heal when i could equip a morningstar
Caz, you have the perfect father.
I'd really like to get rid of LockeZ. His play style is way too unpredictable. He's always like this too. If he ran a country, he'd just kill and imprison people at random until crime stopped.
I try to get my dad to play video games. He sort of likes them, but there are issues:
- He is super ultra terrible at anything involving timing and coordination, and so he generally doesn't want to play games that involve those things
- He hates any system that's even remotely complex, he constantly complains that you need a master's degree to understand things like character stats, and so he forces me to do everything in RPGs that involves the menu
- He only plays for about an hour a week, and spends most of that time trying to figure out the controls and asking me which person on the team is Lightning and which one is Hope and whether HP means offense or defense and how to use an item, because he invariably forgot everything about the game, even though he's been playing FF13 for over a year now

I try to be... extremely patient
Remember when I actually used to make games? Me neither.
At least your dad even feels like holding a controller. My dad has only played Pong, Angry Birds and Solitaire. The latter two are the only ones he plays currently.

And my mom is just.. eh, she just thinks that videogames turn people into nutjobs that blow up entire schools and mutilate students.

As for my former classmates, well, most of them are just brainless CoD players. I don't even know what people see in that shovelware series. The campaign is nice, but beyond that, it's just W+M1 and shovelware crappiness.
Oh hellll no.

My dad's never been a gamer, he calls them "little people jumping up and down"... lol. :/

My mom is open about games. But she only really likes them if they are cute or simple, lol. Stuff like Oblivion or Dragon Age for example, she finds too dark and scary. Or 'unlovely', 'unpretty', or yes, 'uncute'. XD

As for my classmates/friends tho.... uhh, no one. I've never even shared that I like video games tbh... They're the kind of people who don't game.
At least i have my sister though. :s
Yes, my dad is great!

My mother used to play a lot of Star Trek PC games, and I remember introducing her to The Sims. Whereas I play the game by banging and impregnating as many people as possible and actually completing all of the skills and stuff to make the best possible Sim, she always liked to go online and get skins and furniture to make the place as Star Trek like as possible. She even downloaded a Voyager furniture set with portraits of the characters.. I found it difficult to understand how she could turn one of my games into such weird fandom. XD I was really glad she enjoyed the game though, I just found it weird to watch how she played.. or didn't play, as the case was.

Other than that I don't really tell my friends about games because they either already know about them all or wouldn't understand what the hell I was saying. It's like explaining anime to non-nerds.
@craze: I will no doubt comb through your tinypic and lap up its glories with the utmost ecstasy
"My father told me this would happen."
Most people I meet either don't like video games or enjoy the games that I like.

My dad never played games too much, but he at least put forth some effort into trying them since I loved them as a kid. I have particularly fond memories of us playing Starfox 64's multiplayer, and thoroughly getting trounced by him. Apparently he was a wiz at Asteroids though, and after that games started getting too complicated.

But funnily enough, my grandma was into games for a while. Mostly the stuff you'd expect like Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon, but also: Dark Cloud 2. She put about 100 hours into the game, and even went through the whole of the Zelmite Mines on her own. She was more dedicated to it then I was. I just liked the town-building.
Though my Dad used to school me and all of my siblings at Mortal Kombat, the best game-sharing experience I have had is with my friends with the old SNES abomination: Space Ace.

We've turned playing that game into a drinking game.
They diss it for having anime graphics :'(

inb4 they're wise
i love showing my friends/loved ones things i like in any medium: movies are a lot easier than games, books are somewhere in between. but yes sometimes i will definitely have more fun watching someone play a game i like for the first time than playing it myself for the second or third time.

i even show people rpgmakar gams sometimes in this context.

i think i am different from the op though. if i showed someone a game i really liked and they called a dude "buttfuck" i would be sad and disappointed. my liking of things and wanting to share those things is srs bznz i guess.

i just realized i actually do not have any interesting or amusing stories to relate at this time so i will stop posting now.
I have been pretty lucky about sharing games I love with people. After I beat Symphony of the Night the first time, I got my dad into playing it. He didn't like Alucard because there were so many buttons and combinations to remember, but when I unlocked Richter, he got into it.

I got a friend of mine hooked on Final Fantasy Tactics, as well as FFIX. He didn't go for FFX though, because he was there when I beat it and didn't see the need to play through a whole game when he already knew how it ended. In quid pro quo fashion, he ended up getting me to play Chrono Trigger and Pirates of Dark Water. CT is, obviously a classic, and PoDW was a good bit of nostalgic fun.

I really enjoyed Escape from Butcher Bay, and loaned it to a friend of mine who was a big Riddick fan. Note, he liked the character and Pitch Black, but sort of hated Chronicles. He had a blast with the game. I still remember when he called me after beating it. At the end, he kept trying to fight the heavy guards instead of running to the ship.

My Riddick friend was also the one I started playing Ninja Gaiden with. We'd come back from a concert or whatever, usually drunk, and I'd play video games until I either fell asleep or sobered up enough to drive home. We played it on the hardest difficulty and had a masochistic blast. One time, I beat Murai without taking a single hit.

After I finished Blood Will Tell, I loaned it to him, and he had an absolute blast with it as well. Some of the hilarious (mistranslation?) quotes in the game are STILL in our collected sub-language. We used to compare being hit on by certain unappealing girls to the scene where the Troll approaches Rikkimaru. "You want some?" However, where Rikkimaru responded "Sure, I'll take some if it's free." in the game, we changed it to "Hell no! Not even if it's free!"

Of course, the game I shared the most was probably Dead or Alive 2:Hardcore. I didn't buy it because of "She kicks high." I bought it because Jann Lee used Jeet Kune Do, and it was one of the rare fighting games you could approach with a real martial arts mindset, and manage to destroy button mashers. The countering. Oh, the countering. We used to have tournaments with Team and Tag battles. Four of us would divide into teams after pizza, Smirnoff's and Skyy Blues. During a 4 or 5 on 5 match, we'd switch out whenever one of us lost a character until someone was the last man standing. I remember having both my partner, and my opponent's partner, as well as both of his roomates' friends who were over, cheering for me as I beat four characters in a row with a Jann Lee that had been taken down to critical life in the first match against a very well played Ayane.

It's been years, but when my best friend came to visit the other week, he asked if I still had DOA2. We ended up playing for about two hours while his wife sat in the living room with us, probably thinking "You guys are retarded."

The only game I tried to get someone into that fell flat was the last Soul Reaver.

On the flipside, my then girlfriend tried to get me into FFX-2 when it came out, and even gave me a copy of the game, but I just couldn't stick with it.
I have a friend that likes old-school Final Fantasys.
He refuses to get a Playstation (serious Nintendo-fan), so he waited until I got Final Fantasy IX of off PSN instead. he wanted to play it because it was a great homage to old-school Final Fantasy I suppose. The experience was rather short-lived though. I guess he's too much of an old-school fan, because it seemed just the 3D knocked it the wrong way (might also have been the battle transitions).
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