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I want to use a skill to swap the weapons of another combat in the middle of battle.
So far, a common event I put in place is supposed to switch on when another character uses a skill, I made it a parallel process event that changes the equipment then turns its switch off (in case its used again). Its not working, at all, I'm wondering if it would work if I made it a battle event. Is it even possible to change equipment in battle?

(the purpose of this is to change the attack of a character that's on auto-pilot, to give the illusion another character is "commanding" them)
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This might sound like a silly question, but does the party even have the appropriate equipment that is being switched into? Because I'm pretty sure that having a physical copy of the equipment that is being called by "Change Equipment" is necessary.

I could be proven wrong, though.
Thank you, I thought I recall something in the help file about how the equipment will be created if it wasn't present. But I'll probably try experimenting with that.
This might also be a problem, the specific character is set with their equipment as locked, basically I want to be able to change the equipment but I don't want the player to. Is this not possible?
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Parallel processes don't run during battles. You need to make a battle event that happens on Turn: 1x, and then it will happen every turn. You can make the battle event call a common event, though.

There are some event commands that exist in normal events, but don't exist in battle events. If you try to put one of these in a common event and then call that common event with a battle event, the game will error and crash.
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I've never experimented with locked equipment and the "Change Equipment" command, to be honest. Though, if I were faced with such a scenario, I would just try it out with a temporary test event.
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In RM2K3 you can call a common event from within a battle event, thereby running said common event. However, not all commands are supported when calling common events via battle events and things like manipulating equipment might result in strange behavior.
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