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So, welcome to my new series, Write Off the Bat! This is a series of topics (12) dedicated to practising writing by assigning writing exercises over a month, each on different aspects or genres. This month I decided to go with romance, a genre most of us have no idea how to handle.

So what does this entail? I will post up a list of prompts and people will (hopefully) use them to write. They can write as many or as little words as they want, in any form they want (poem, story, list, ideas, sketch, thoughts, etc), about any characters (or objects) they want. You can be as silly or serious as you wish.

At the end of the month anyone who completed all 20 prompts will get a badge. Collect 3, 6, 9 and 12 badges to get the complete badge sets and a lot of MS!

Yes, this will run each month for a year!

You don't have to sign up, you can jump in at any time of the year. As long as you complete all challenges/prompts during that month, you are eligible for that months' badge.

There are a few rules, though!

RULE 01 - In the interest of making it easy on me to see who completed which prompts, you have one post in each thread where you post your completed prompts. That is:
Prompt 1
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Prompt 2
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Prompt 5
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RMN has no post size limit so don't worry about running out of space. Of course, feedback and general discussion is fine, but I'll be linking in the OP to each of your main posts to make it easier to find them, so please follow this for posting prompt updates/additions.

- This thread and the 11 others in the series can be brought back from the dead at any time. It's immune to age, so feel free to post the prompt updates your forgot to add at any time, even two years down the track. If it's past the first month, though, you won't be eligible for that month's badge, but you will still gain some pretty good experience.

RULE 3 - Feedback. Please be constructive when giving feedback. This means, try to point out the things you liked in a written piece as well as the parts that need improving. Don't be a dick. Try to be nice about it: "I liked your character, but I think you need to check out your spelling and grammar. Also, the theme is really good, but there needs to be a bit more reaction from the surprise twist. As it stands your character kinda just takes it as is and doesn't really react at all..."

Let's get this started then, shall we? Keep in mind that this is supposed to be ROMANCE-centric~ This is all about jumping out of your comfort zone, experimenting and just having fun with words. Keep that in mind~


01 - Holding hands in the rain
02 - The first kiss
03 - Indecent exposure
04 - Accidental love
05 - Compromising positions
06 - Lovers' tiff
07 - Dark romance
08 - Out of the closet
09 - Threesome
10 - Date
11 - Love to hate
12 - Rough loving
13 - Sex, sex, sex
14 - Steamy shower scene
15 - Fluffy and cute
16 - Realisation of a crush
17 - Blushes
18 - Homosexuality
19 - Unrequited love
20 - Vows and Forever




01 : 02 : 03 : 04 : 05 : 06
07 : 08 : 09 : 10 : 11 : 12

Nothing reveals Humanity so well as the games it plays. A game of betrayal, where the most suspicious person is brutally murdered? How savage.
I'll probably fail utterly at producing anything worth reading, but let's see:

Prompt 1 - Holding hands in the rain
He was staring off into the distance, not feeling the rain pouring down on him, not caring if he was soaked to the bone, not hearing the loud music of the party behind him. He'd come dangerously close to kissing her, but of course he'd chickened out... again. Every single party it went like this. He turned around when he heard footsteps. A million thoughts raced through his mind when he saw her stand there, but he dismissed them all as fabrications of his own imagination, tainted by the blindness of love. He sighed, and turned his back on her. Quietly, she walked up next to him and grabbed his hand. Her hand was warm, despite the cold rain. In a flash of hope he looked at her, and she smiled. "I feel the exact same way."

Prompt 2 - The first kiss
As she looked up at his eyes smiling, she still couldn't quite figure out what had just happened. One moment she had been chatting with the boy she´d liked for over half a year, the next she´d tilted her head and kissed him. It had taken him completely by surprise, and she didn't quite know why she did it either. Perhaps the cause was the alcohol, but that didn't matter now anymore. He looked at her, shaken up, but smiling too. She waited for him to say something. After a while he opened his mouth. "So... do you have any plans for tomorrow?"

Prompt 3 - Indecent exposure
He dropped the flowers he was holding. "I should probably have knocked... I guess I'll wait outside..."She didn't know what to say, so she just grabbed a pillow and threw it at his head. "Don't look! Get out!" Once he was out she quickly wrapped a bedsheet around herself and locked the door. How could he embarrass her so? She'd specifically said he should come at 7:30. What was he doing here so early? Dammit! She'd been planning their anniversary so carefully, and then something like this had to happen! He´d seemed as shocked as she was though... How could this have happened? This was supposed to be the most romantic, perfect night ever, too. He'd ruined everything. She looked at the flowers on the floor. They were beautiful, of course. It seems like he wanted the night to be a romantic one too. She thought for a while. Was there still some way to salvage something out of this? Perhaps... What if the night was a different kind of romantic? He'd already seen her naked now, and it would be a blatant lie to say she hadn't been looking forward to it either. She let the sheet slide off her and slowly unlocked the door...

Prompt 4 - Accidental love
I didn't want it to happen. I mean, we're just friends, nothing more. Okay, so we were drunk last night and okay, so I kissed her, and she kissed me back. Okay, so we ended up spending the night in a cheap hotel, but we're just friends, that's all. Okay, so I suddenly find the way she flips her hair very arousing, and I suddenly think her voice sounds great, and I suddenly saw her eyes are the green young leaves are, before they turn dark. Okay, so maybe I like her. We're just friends. I swear. We're just...

Prompt 5 - Compromising positions
"Honey, will you please calm down? Grounding Laura isn't going to stop her from being with guys she likes." "Our daughter... is seeing boys... in her room... when we're not here..." "Well, I figured she might. She's seventeen, George. It's not like it's completely unnatural. When we were that age, didn't you sneak into my place without my father's consent all the time?" "All the same, he had his hands all tangled up in her hair, and his tongue stuck in her mouth. I don't want my daughter to date boys like that... or at all..." "George, you're being completely unreasonable." "You didn't see it, Maria! All that boy cares about is getting into her pants! If I hadn't shown up, who knows what would've happened?" "Honey, she's not twelve anymore. No matter how hard you try to protect her, she's going to be with guys she likes, and there's nothing you can do about it... It's not a bad thing."

Prompt 6 - Lover's tiff
Meena jawned. Spending the night in a hotel was great and all, but she was looking forward to sleeping in her own bed tonight. "What a party that was last night!" Jack smiled. "I know. I have a feeling Larry won't be remembering any of it." "Well... you weren't completely sober either, were you?" She tried to think about the night, but everything was very vague. She could remember arriving, but nothing much else. She must've been drinking a lot too. Jack took her coat, and a little piece of paper slid from her pocket. "What's this?" Meena turned around. "Don't touch that! It's private!" Jack kissed her. "I thought we had no secrets for each other?" The paper was smooth, like a photograph. Jack turned it around and dropped it. "Is this... a picture of you posing naked?" Meena looked away. How had it come to this? She'd picked up that photograph to get rid of it once and for all, and make sure he'd never find it. "I can explain..." Jack looked at her angrily. "Well... explain away!" "Well... I have a twin sister... and..." "Are you telling me that in the 3 years we've been together you failed to tell me you have a twin sister? Meena, tell me what is going on." She was suddenly filled with anger. Why was he making such a big deal out of it? He always tried to control her life like that. So what if she needed a little extra money? "Your job doesn't bring in enough money. I couldn't get any spending money out of it. What else was I to do?" Jack's face turned slightly red. "I don't know, maybe find a real job?" Meena became even more angry. “Are you saying I'm not good enough for you? That you don't want to be with a mere cashier?” Jack tried to make himself calm down a little. “If that were the case would I have been dating you for three years? Please just tell me what that picture is all about...”

Prompt 7 - Dark romance
"I'm not one to discriminate, but I didn't know goths were such great sex objects." "Do I want to you what you did this time?" "Well, my friend and I had a bet of who could pick up a girl in a goth bar, and... well... I won." "I'll never understand you, you know." "She was all like: I've never seen you around here before. Are those tattoos real? And I was like: Society just rejected me, so I came here to protest." "And you picked up a girl with that? Also, you don't have any tattoos." "I used those tattoos you can paste on your body and then wash off again." "You are absolutely the worst person I've ever met." "So anyway, long story short, I didn´t catch a lot of sleep." "Why do I even talk to you..."

Prompt 8 (18) - Out of the closet (homosexuality)
Fred was sitting at the table, not paying attention to his dinner whatsoever. How was he going to tell his parents? His mother would probably be supportive, but his father was raised a Christian... "How was school today?" His mother asked, probably noticing Fred'd been rather silent. Fred quickly gathered his thoughts. "Great! Yeah! I even went to the mall afterwards!" He could feel his face going red, and it didn't help when a smile spread across his mother's face. "Well, well well! What's her name?" Fred quickly glanced at his father, who was listening too. "Erm... Sam..." His mother immediately jumped up. "Fred and Samantha, doesn't that sound great! Oh, our son's first girlfriend! Did you hear that, honey!" Fred made up his mind, he was going to tell them. Who cared what his father would say? "It´s not Samantha, mom, just Sam." Fred´s father´s face turn dark with anger. "What did you just say, Fred? Just Sam? Are you saying you... That you are..." Fred became angry. After all, he didn't choose for this. If his father didn't understand, shame on him. "Is gay the word you're looking for?" He blurted out, standing up. "Yeah, I'm gay! Gay gay gay! Is it that hard for you to say it? What the heck does it even matter anyway?" "You are not my son... I didn't raise you this way..." "Well, I don't need a father like you!"

Prompt 9 - Threesome
Emi didn't really know what to think of it. Was this really how far she had to go to prove how much she loved him? She felt used as she kissed the other girl, who seemed to be hesitant too. He just stood there, slowly getting turned on. "Now, take off each other's clothes and touch each other." The other girl grabbed Emi´s shirt and pulled it over her head. When they were both naked, he unzipped his pants and walked towards the two.

Prompt 10 - Date
It all went much easier that I had thought it would go. We met up in the cinema, and though I thought I would be unable to say anything to her, quite the opposite happened. Just the fact that I was alone with her loosened my tongue, and we talked and laughed and it was great. We even got complaints by other viewers about the noise we were making. Dinner afterwards was even better. We walked into a little Greek restaurant, and apparently they had a special treatment for couples that day. I walked her home, and for some reason kissing her wasn´t hard at all. She even told me we should do it again some time.

Prompt 11 - Love to hate
It was a strange situation they found themselves in. They absolutely despised each other, yet every time they were mad at each other, made snide remarks, or even just looked at each other in contempt, they ended up having sex. Neither of them really knew why they were so attracted to the person they despised most, but it was clear their anger was somehow fueling their need for passion. Even now, both married, she still bites her lips whenever they argue, and he still sometimes pauses mid-sentence.

Prompt 12 - Rough loving
He was a sadist, she was a masochist. It was bound to happen. It started out small, with him pulling her hair during sex, or grabbing her arm forcefully. Now neither of them can get pleasure from it unless he straps her to the bed, puts a ball of paper in her mouth and forcefully moves. Neither of them can enjoy it unless blood is spilled. He was a sadist, she was a masochist. It was bound to happen.

Prompt 13 - Sex, sex, sex (warning, highly detailed)
She already knew what was going to happen when he slowly let his hand drop to her thighs when they were kissing. Suddenly, he grabbed her shirt and pulled it over her head. He kissed her again and grabbed her small breasts with his big hands. She sank on her knees and pulled down his pants. As she licked him she felt his hand grab her head and put her mouth over it. Every time, when he pushed her onto him she´d wondered why this was such an important part of sex, but she endured until he pulled out and threw her on the bed. He almost ripped her pants clean off and she felt a shock through her body as he started licking her. She started getting hot, and took off his shirt. He lay down on top of her and she felt him slide into her. Her vision turned blurry as she became extremely hot and calmped onto him for dear life. After what seemed to last for hours but was in fact maybe two minutes, he lay next to her, panting.

Prompt 14 - Steamy shower scene
It had been an odd experience, to be sure. He'd come to her house to pick her up for a date, but she said she'd needed to shower first, but he could wait inside. She'd called out to him after about 5 minutes. He walked to the bathroom. "Is something the matter?" "I want you to come in!" "Why is that? Also, the movie starts in about an hour, and it's a 40 minute drive, will you be okay?" "We can either go to the movie or you come in and we'll have hot shower sex!" He quickly opened the door and entered the bathroom. He could see her perfect body behind the shower curtain. She pulled it away. In a daze, he took off his clothes, took her in his arms and kissed her. She quickly closed the curtain again.

Prompt 15 - Fluffy and cute
He didn't know why he bought her a bunny. It was one of those moments you think you've found the perfect gift for your girlfriend and immediately buy it. She seemed happy enough though, so he guessed it was a success after all. He didn't quite get why, while she was the one who got to cuddle it all the time, he was the one who had to clean the cage every two days, but if it made her happy, it made him happy too. He looked at her while she picked up the animal and let it hop around on the grass, and smiled.

Prompt 16 - Realization of a crush
He didn't even know her all that well,
yet he was buying the cookies she was trying to sell.
He knew she was good at math, just like him,
and that she too was into acting.
Her hair was golden, her eyes were blue,
All seemed perfect and he didn´t know what to do.
He hadn´t given her much thought in the past,
But now something had started that would forever last.
He finally realized, just in time, possibly,
and thus forever together they´d be.

She didn't even know him all that well,
yet he was buying the cookies she was trying to sell.
She knew he was good at math, just like her,
and that he had a little brother and sister.
He had sandy hair and green-ish eyes,
But somehow he was different from the other guys.
She hadn´t given him much thought in the past,
But now something had started that would forever last.
She realized, right on cue,
That this man would perfectly do.

Prompt 17 - Blushes
It wasn't that I didn't like her looking at me wherever I went, but it just became a little much after a while, you know? It was cute how, whenever I looked back at her, she blushed and she quickly looked away, but it was getting kind of annoying. I decided to confront her with it, but I´m unsure now whether that was the right thing to do. When I asked her how she was doing, her face turned red and she just stood there, mumbling. It was kind of cute, but kind of sad too... I´m afraid I can´t answer her feelings, but I feel a little bad for her. I just hope she´ll get over this as quickly and painlessly as possible...

Prompt 18 - Homosexuality
"I'm home!" "Hey, handsome, how was work today?" "Oh well, you know. Same as usual. It pays, but the guys are a little hesitant to talk to me, you know." "Hey, you listen to me. There's nothing wrong with you. You are amazing." "Don't be scared I can't accept who I am, Luke. I love you, and nothing is going to change that. It's just... Why don't they accept who I am?" "This is not the man I married, Gary. The man I married kept his head high and yelled: "I'm gay!" at the top of his voice. The man I married didn't care what other people thought about him. What happened?" "You're right... Of course you're right... It's just... I really do love you." "I know, Gary... I know..."

Prompt 19 - Unrequited love
Jason quickly strode to his next class, careful not to make eye contact with anyone. It wasn't the first time it had happened either, goddammit. Just one glance and of course he bumped into a pillar. That's life for you. He just hated how stalky he became whenever he was in love.
He sighed. He'd already made peace with the fact she'd never be his, but it was very apparent a part of him didn't want to give up that easily.
There his mind went astray again. 'Does she know? I have been really obvious, haven't I? But why doesn't she confront me with it? Is it because she has a boyfriend? Or does she want me to tell her?'
He laughed in despair. He knew exactly what his next thought would be. 'I really am a pitiful fool, aren't I?'

Prompt 20 - Vows and forever
He looked at her and smiled. He hardly heard the words being said to them. "Do you, Evan Lee Smith, take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife..." The sentence dragged on for a while, but all words were lost to him. After the sound ended, Evan opened his mouth and replied: "I do." He was in a daze, he didn't hear or see what was happening around him. All he saw was her face, her perfect face, replying to the same question. "I do." That was when all was still well. Unfortunately, they weren't capable of keeping their promise to stay together till death did them part. Forever didn't last quite as long as they thought it would that day...
Well, I just updated the rules and what-not, so tackle any of them when you want~ And yeah, edit your first post in this thread for your main post. :D

Prompt 01 - Holding hands in the rain
Cold hands, clammy
His touch is all I feel
Even through the rain that falls.
We're wet, soaked

Standing together at an empty bus stop
Waiting for ride that will never come
Even on our last day
We're desperate to stay together

Prompt 02 - First Kiss

He once fell through her door, drunk
Laughing as she swore and cursed and glared
All the while she tried not to smile
It was 3am

In the future that never was he kept asking her for things
Kisses, hugs, love, dates, sex, to come riding or drinking
She played it like he did, a joke to laugh at
He asked; she denied, laughed and dismissed
He laughed about it with his friends later

In the future that might have been he tried to hug her
They all laughed it off
He asked for a kiss and she blushed red
But left the room without giving it
They all laughed at her embarrassment
It was a great joke

In the future that could never be, he found her alone
Sitting at the kitchen table, doodling
He stood behind her, considered, then asked for a kiss
She laughed, shook her head and continued drawing
She didn't see him frown

In the future that she wishes were reality he talked her into a drink
She was more than tipsy and laughed when he asked again
But she didn't laugh when he actually took action
It wasn't her first kiss, no
It wasn't even her most memorable
But it was a first with him and that made her think

In the future that would never ever happen he kissed her
And she was strangely alright with that

Prompt 03 - Indecent Exposure

Minami struggles against the bonds that are tied to her wrists. It was only supposed to be a joke, but he took it too far this time. Way too far. And the damn rope was tied too tight. She'd have bruises for days after, she just knew it.
Damn him! Damn him and his stupid ideas! Who did he think he was, tying her up and leaving her naked on the bed like this? For all he knew she might have someone coming over later - maybe her parents even! - and if they found her like this she didn't know what she'd do. Probably die of shame!
She'd never be able to look them in the eye again. Why did she even agree to this in the first place?
A soft knock on the door and a polite "Are you decent, milady?" preceded his entry. He smiled at her, mockingly, as she glared back from the bed. She couldn't even cuss him out, her mouth bound as it was, and spluttering was no fit sound for a lady to make. So she glared and hoped it would be enough to burn that stupid pale perfect fucking skin of his.
Not that it made much of a difference when he flopped down next to her on the bed, wearing naught but that sarcastic grin and waving some ostentatious feather around as though it were a sceptre of some sort.
Gently - always so gentle, the bastard - he began to stroke her body. First just teasing the areas he knew she was most ticklish - her forearms, ears and feet - then moving more daringly to places that had not right to be touched by feathers.
She shut her eyes tight and just tried to bide her time. He'd get sick of it if she didn't give him a reaction, and just change to something else.

Prompt 04 - Accidental Love
I never meant to fall for her.
She, copper hair, tossed and short
And I, barely so
Just watching her from my bed
If pain were love I would be Romeo and she, Juliet
She visits him
Her eyes shine only for him
Well, she never seems to notice
But then, my eyes hardly work
And when they do, she is all I see
Even in the dark
Even then
I try not to dwell on the future
I can't imagine it
Mainly because I have none
And she has.
They have
All I can do is watch
Watch and dream
Watch and remember my dreams
When I go I want to take her with me
But I know that would be wrong
Besides, there's no way for me to do so
Bound to this bed as I am
Bound forever
Strange how forever is only as long as a life
You'd think it were longer
I think I'll dream

Prompt 5 - Compromising positions
When I first saw him, he fell out of a hallway cupboard, pants at his ankles and shirt missing. He turned red with embarrassment, tried to scramble up and fell over twice before managing to jump back in the cupboard to a rowdy round of applause, giggles and wolf-whistles. I thought it was an interesting start to my first day at college, but soon forgot about it when overwhelmed by a host of activities, parties and studying.
The second time he tumbled into my lap at a pantsless party one of my current boyfriend's friends was hosting. He was missing his shirt and pants again, and seemed more than a little drunk. He took my hand, kissed it, then got kicked out of the party when he asked me if I'd like to see his room.
The third time was not long after. I was sitting on a park bench, lamenting the loss of the first boy I loved, when he sat next to me, gave me a hug then strode off. He was again pantless.
The next time we met I approached him as he lay under a tree on campus. Once more without pants, though this time he had a shirt. I leaned over him, watching, and his foot sneakily struck mine, tripping me onto him. I decided to stay that way.

Prompt 6 - Lovers' Tiff
"You kissed her!"
"No, I -"
"I saw it! I saw you kiss her!"
"Oh, come on! It wasn't like that."
"Oh? Then what was it like, hm?"
"It was just a peck."
"On her mouth!"
"Oh come on!"
"No! You're not kissing me after kissing that... bitch!"
"Don't call her that!"
"Why not? It's what she is!"
"You know why not! She doesn't deserve-"
"She's a bitch. Pure and simple!"
"Ugh! No way-"

"So. Did I taste like doggy drool?"
"You're an ass."

Prompt 7 - Dark Romance
I choke her when she squirms. It's more exciting that way. She squirms a lot.
She loves it when I squeeze.
We make a perfect match, really. She likes asphyxia, I get off on the control.
Life, death. It turns me on, that thin line. Does it for the both of us, really.
She likes to get to the edge and look into the abyss. I like watching her there, watching her teeter and fall back into life. I wonder if one day I'll squeeze too hard or for too long and how beautiful it will be to watch her fall on the other side of the line. I yearn for it, for the day when it happens. Sadly, happily, I love her too much to do so now, but some day, when the love fades, I'll take her there.
She carries a note with her all the time. 'I love you. I'm sorry. It was too hard. I couldn't take it any more.' My aegis. My 'Get -out-of-Jail-Free' card.
She wants the fall just as badly as I do, but is willing to hold off for my sake. Because I love her.
It's dark.
Some say tragic, wrong, psychotic, evil.
We make it work.

Prompt 8 - Out of the Closet
There once was a silly old bat
Who, at night, heard the drip from her tap
So afeared of the faucet
She hid in the closet
'Til her man stopped the sound with a gat'

Prompt 9 - Threesome
I watch her touch him, jealousy welling up on the inside.
I'm not sure if it's because she's touching him or she's touching him, but either way I feel it.
And then I am beside them, naked.
We all are.
Naked that is.
Naked and willing and wanting.
I offer her my hand and she takes it, delicately.
She's always been so gentle.
I take his, claiming it in my own.
His hands are always rough.
Rough but kind.
My hands, well, they're jealous.
They grasp greedily at the hands that hold them.
Wanting and needing and never sharing.
They're mine.
And each others', yes.
But mine mostly.

Prompt 10 - Date
We date
On and off and on again
It's something that's become normal
And I think it should stop
Or change
Or something
I don't like normal
I don't want normal
I want different
Exciting and far from the norm
I want him to hold me under a rain of stars
Or take me on a surprise treasure hunt
I want to grab him and kiss him at random intervals
Or go hunting for the hidden places when we walk
I want things to be fresh and new and never old
I sip my tea
He talks
I daydream

Prompt 11 - Love to Hate
I bite his shoulder hard, making blood rush to the surface. He growls and glares at me, eyes narrowed with anger and hate. Maybe if we could control these emotions we wouldn't have do to this all the time, but no. Neither of us has that kind of control.
So we meet in secluded alleys and fight-love. We growl and hiss and rip at each other in passionate outbursts - hatred and desire twisting ever so nicely together.
I hate it. I love it. I need it. I can't quite help myself.

Prompt 12 - Rough Loving
- Kinky?
-does it have to include sex?
-could be emotional instead - breaking up and getting together over and over again
-maybe fetishes?
-or abuse -or pseudo abuse
-bondage play?
-darker love? blood? pain?
- hate and love dynamic?
- fighting then making up and fighting again?
- pain on one side - deliberate

Prompt 13 - Sex, sex, sex
You touch her body, carefully carving the curves into your hands.
And stroking, finger stumbling over skin, soft
You can taste the tension, breathing in her hesitation as you feel her
Feel her everything with hands numb from too much teasing
You can't help but respond to her ragged breathing
It excites you
Heightens the thrill
You know just what she wants most as nails scrape gently against her hips
She tries her best to hold back a moan, but you hear
You always hear when she makes those noises
It helps you concentrate, gets you in the mood
And lets you know that she's close
To you, to the edge, to the end
And you can't help but feel pride at the thought that you make her make them
Those indecent, seductive, addictive noises
You know this body best
It's been yours and hers for a long time now
Longer than any of her other lovers
A sharp breath
And you dip them inside, carefully
You don't want to tip her just yet
There's hours of fun left, hours of night
And she has the day off tomorrow, so there's so many hours
You move, slightly, your hands gentle in their exploration
It wouldn't do to fall off the edge yourself
At least, not until she's there, anyway
Her breathing is more erratic now, more unsure
You wonder what she thinks of at these moments
The time before capitulation, after the seduction
When she is bare and breathing in soft pants
You think, perhaps, she might be focussing on your hands
You hope she is
It's not like you're doing this for her to think of someone else
But then, it's always your name she moans at the very end
Even when she is with others
You know
You've got cameras set up
It wouldn't do for others to out-do you
It's how you learn what she enjoys most and it's worked out well so far.
It's okay, though
She does the same to you.
She's at her limit now, whimpering
Your fingers are slick
Fluid covered, musty in odour
You'll get your chance soon, you know
So you hold yourself back
It wouldn't do to spill before you can claim your prize
She reaches for you
Breaths heaving her breasts
Up and down
She's almost frantic with need
This is how you love her best
Eyes closed, chest alive with breath
She's never so beautiful as she is now
Not in her fancy dresses or make up
Not naked in a shower
This is her ultimate beauty
You revel in it
You revel in it before the last touch
And step back, watching
She cries for you
Tears, standing out in her eyes
Tears of want and need and desire
Cloudy eyes of green
And she wants you
So you go to her

Prompt 14 - Steamy Shower Scene
Kiss. Stroke. Kiss. Hissing water washes over us as I press her against the wall, trapping both of her hands in on of mine, restraining them above her head. I'm too tall, she's too short, but somehow we bend and strain enough to make it work. I run my free hand down her thigh, careful to avoid teasing her too much.
The children are asleep in the room next door, so we can't make as much noise as we used to. She's so sensitive, shuddering against the chill of the wall and the heat of my body. The water is still hot, but we have to hurry - we're on a tank.
I can't find it in me to do so, though. I want to tease her forever, bind her to this shower wall for as long as I'm able. I want her all to myself for just a while longer.
Her hair is in her eyes and she keeps flicking her head to the side, trying to dislodge it. I think it's cute, that something so small can get her so worked up. She's always been like that, though. Small but rough, easy to anger or frustrate. I wouldn't change it for the world. She's always been a fighter. She's been straining against my grasp the whole time.
I decide it's time to put an end to this and capture her mouth with mine. It's soft, if a little chapped. I know she's not a fan of lip care of any sort - lipstick or gloss has never interested her.
Her response is desperate and fiery and I can feel body responding to her nearness. The taste of her always drives me wild. I'm about to give in, let go of her hands and do what I want when there's a knock on the door - the sound of a small hand wanting to come in. I pull back, catch her eyes and groan. Seems like our play is over and I let her go. She grabs a towel, pinching my arse on the way out.

Prompt 15 - Fluffy and Cute
I tickle her elbow and she squirms, brushes against my side. Lets out a childish giggle. I should hold her down and tickle her until she runs out of breath, until she screams at me to stop and crosses her legs tightly. I should hug her tightly, pressing her flush against me and kiss her forehead through her hair. Instead I let her tackle me and tickle me instead. It makes her smile more.

Prompt 16 - Realisation of a Crush

When she touches his hand for the first time he thinks that he's just imagining things. She's never shown any indication that she likes him as anything other than a friend and really, he's never thought of her in a romantic way, either.

When it happens again he thinks she must have accidentally brushed it as she reached for something on the table, but some part of him starts to become aware that she's awfully pretty when her eyes light up and her hair is cute tied like that.

The third time it happens he follows her hand with his eyes while his other hand strokes the tingling trail she left when she touched. He thinks perhaps she might be trying to give him a hint and it sends a sort-of thrill through him.

The fourth time he catches it in his own - and it's almost as though his hand moved by itself. He blushes and stammers and thinks that pink looks really cute on her face like that as she stares wide-eyed back at him; even more-so when she starts smiling and moves her hand so that it's more snug in his.

The first time he holds her hand it comes as a surprise. She never really though of him in that way, but she realises with a sudden shock that her hand fits so neatly in his, it's almost as though one were made for holding the other.

The last time they hold hands he's in a sterilised room, lying in a bed, his eyes closed. She sits next to him in a chair and watches the sunset fade. Her own eyes are bright with tears and memories for a while, before they fade into the night.

Prompt 17 - Blushes
Soft hues, colouring her skin
I love it when she blushes
I wish she'd do them all the time
Soft hues, darkening pale cheeks
Spreading south, across heaving breasts
I love it when she blushes
It gives me a thrill, watching
Soft hues, heating her body
Touches and soft moaning
She loves it when she blushes
She knows I can't help myself
She loves it when I blush
Because she knows it's just for her
And that she's the only one to cause it
It makes us feel more alive

18 - Homosexuality
Why do you hate me for loving him?
Who do you think you are, saying who I should and should not love?
Do I tell you that your love is wrong?
Do I hate you because you love someone so different from yourself?
A total opposite?
Why do you hate me for loving someone who is alike me?
Perhaps it's jealousy, because you cannot have this kind of love?
Because you can't be as close to your lover as I am?
It's sad for you, I think,
That you can't be as close to the one you love as I.
What a sad, pathetic person you must be.

Prompt 19 - Unrequited Love
I love him, almost as much as I love myself. Narsi, it's what they call me. Narsi, Narcissist. My parents were an odd couple. They both had boring, normal names - Bob and Ann - and wished only to break free of those simple bindings so they decided to live through me; called me Narcissi. It was their wish for me - to love myself. I guess I couldn't help but do so. All those hours I'd spend, staring into the mirrors hung around my room, loving the odd reflection it showed there. I am no beautiful, but I am unique. Perhaps it will be enough to catch his eye.

20 - Vows and Forever
Forever didn't feel that long when I still loved her. No. It felt as though it could be gone in a blink, but I guess what they say is true: time changes everything.
It started out small. An annoying laugh. Leaving towels on the floor. That she slurped her soup. Even the way she'd ruffle my hair after I'd just brushed it. Things I used to find cute before the Big Day, which now felt contrived, boring or just plain irritating. God, sometimes I just wanted to smother her with a pillow after being woken by her sleep talking.
It was when I found myself making elaborate plans on how to kill her and get away with it that I realised. Forever? Forever had to end. Right. Now.

She didn't take it well. That is how I got the black eye, okay? Now can I please have that drink you offered?

I kinda want to join in ...
...well do~
All are welcome, even if you only add short stuff (drabbles, lists, ideas) or want to write novels (character mockups/bios, long ass stories, outlines)
<This Post reserved for those who wish to remain anonymous>

16 - Realisation of a crush
sixteen spiders in my jars now. i get a spider for each year of my life.

there's not much of a tradition behind it. it's a rule made up only months ago when i last caught one in a field. i felt that sixteen of them was sufficient for my purposes (and it was: i have a small body) and they had accumulated with such speed that a measure of self-control seemed appropriate. get a new one every birthday, and replacements for any that die: so reads the protocol, to tersely put it.

(none have died since i started. with a weekend's research, i selected them for longetivity and nontoxinity.)

my sweet seventeenth is near (though, what a sickening phrase!) and i am getting my new spider, as per 'protocol'. but i won't be catching this one, nor will i be buying it (though i have done that before and it is a thrilling experience in its own odd way). instead, i am going about this in what i think is the most exciting way possible: i've decided to ask for one as a gift.

just the idea gets my heart racing. it's been an immensely distracted week.

not long ago, i finally unveiled my collection to another human being: to someone of 'importance' to me (we get each other and i feel like myself when we're together so, i suppose, that we are 'best friends'). but i didn't have the courage to give away the story behind it as well, so thus far, my spiders are nothing more than an eccentric collection. i doubt that it seemed like a hobby that requested secrecy, but i insisted on it and we trust each other. besides, if i had to pick one person to spill it all to, i guess i'd feel most comfortable with--well, yeah.

(still, there was something dangerously exhibitionist about it. i don't think i've ever felt so exposed in my life.)

so the next time we're together, i'll bring up the subject of my birthday and steer the conversation from there. i don't know how i'll manage to make this exchange seem natural ('would you give me a spider for my birthday?' doesn't stop sounding bizzare in my head), and merely imagining it play out makes me so nervous that i don't know how i'll manage it face to face.

maybe i'm overthinking it. i just don't want to imply something strange when we have this conversation, like the fact that, every friday, i wait for my parents to leave for the weekend so that i can undress and stand over my opened jars of spiders in the master shower unit with my wrists bound to the showerhead. and when i let myself be overtaken by them, i fantasize about a special seventeenth spider, as it skates the contour of my leg, around my bare hips, and up the arch of my back, out of sight, so unbearably delicate. before i know it, the spider scales the side of my neck: each tiny grip of its eight legs and insect hairs distinctly vile, reckless, and so sensually intimate--perhaps reminding me, a little perversely, a little wishfully, of you.
Ooh, this sounds enjoyable! Sign me up! :D

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Prompt 01 - Holding hands in the rain

She was suffering, I could see.

Her hair was dripping wet and had changed from its usual, bright sparkle to a dull and miserable black in the darkness of the alleyway. Despite the rainwater which coated the floor, she had propped herself up against the wall and slid down to rest on the grating ground.

I began to slip my trenchcoat from my arms to lay it down for her but she firmly put her hand out and shook her head at me, gently sprinkling her clothes with the build up of rain in her hair.
"That's okay," she struggled to utter, "I'm already soaked."

The sky's torrents continued as she sat solemnly, consumed by her own thought. I stood looming over her, protecting her from being rained upon further.
"Doesn't it hurt?" I whined at her ceaselessly - in her eyes I could see she was getting annoyed at me asking so often.
"I'll be okay," she patted the puddled ground next to her with a hand, "sit with me for a bit."

I was still concerned: that wasn't a "no". When I turned and slumped down to the floor next to her, I could see the faint flickering of the streetlights which illuminated the beginnings of red bricks and the tall iron gate at the entrance of the alley.

Her head fell from its resting point on the wall and she brushed up against me, resting on my shoulder. From under her leg, a frail and drenched hand reached up onto my knee where my hands hung down. She brought her smooth hand onto the top of mine which was torn and rough with crimson, and I could feel her starting to relax.

I tried hard to feel it as a happy moment, but I could only feel restless and panicked.

I knew she wouldn't open up to me if everything was alright.

Prompt 02 - The first kiss

There was a slew of other children which had suddenly surrounded us. He was stood just before me, an armslength away.

"Do it," they started to chant, "do it already!"

He had laid his hand timidly on my shoulder and I could see him visibly wince as he edged closer. He started to lean in. What a weird face he was making: his brow was furrowing, his lips seemed to screw up into a tight knot. He rested his other hand on my upper arm and I could see his teeth clenching. His jaws were stiff and his shoulders pointed.

He didn't want this.

I was beginning to think I didn't, either.

It wasn't even a kiss. He touched his lips on mine before immediately springing backwards, recoiling in disgust and spitting the putrid contents of his mouth onto the ground. He looked at me with a hideously scornful expression.

I could only stand there and take it as I watched him laugh it off.

"Ew, gross!" he guffawed, and the other children around him joined in with his mocking laughter.

In their tirade of hurt, I scuttled away to the other corner of the playground like the sick sloth they made me out to be.

Prompt 03 - Indecent Exposure

Her lady sat in bath perfumed,

Bubbles sank and skin exhumed,

A knock at the door was delicately rang,

In hope of response her lady sang,

"Who is it?" she called, "who is it out there?"

"Just the blind man," the deep voice spoke to declare,

After some thought, her lady decided,

"It won't be too bad," her worries subsided,

"He's blind after all!" she thought with a laugh,

"Come in," she called, "I'm just in the bath!"

And so the door creaked and then came ajar,

The man stood there staring, her lady not far,

He looked with a grin, he thought it a funny find,

"Like I said," he smirked, "where you want the blinds?"

Prompt 04 - Accidental Love

Rambling notes on psychopath character who falls in love with self.. somehow..:

I had a multitude of personas: my favourite of which was definitely the girl who just didn't give a shit about anything or anyone, and always had that face which just looked so laidback and cool about everything. In my head she seemed so perfect; she was the perfect example of rich personality and exuded extreme importance.

I toyed with her in my mind frequently, seeing how she'd react to new situations - how she'd feel. I was so obsessed with her feelings, but struggled to use them myself. I had to paint them onto my own face.

I envied her in a weird way, and I was almost obsessed with this person I had made. I loved how she felt, and every step it took to create her: a car crash reaction here, a crying elderly person there I'd stitched them all into this perfect web of collected emotion, before carefully selecting the threads and fabrics which would make up this new personality: this cold-hearted ice queen.

At times she seemed too perfect. I found myself creating new personalities who only ended up aspiring to be her, or even falling in love with her. At times, I could fall in love with her myself.. but I knew I would have to destroy her eventually. It was the only way to stop her from trumping all of my other personalities, or else one day I might be stuck as her: ignorant and bigheaded. But I couldn't get rid of her. She was far too stubborn to just leave, and I didn't have the willpower to tell her to go. I had created someone who was perfect for me, after all. Naturally, all I could do was fall in love.

Prompt 05 - Compromising Positions

- Positions > sexual positions > really awkward ways of having sex?
> relationship > boyfriend/girlfriend > marriage
> state of life > bad position > crime > lack of money
> good position > job > wealth > happiness
> positions of power > potentially sexual > bondage

- Compromising > lack of power > unable to act
> feelings of powerlessness > could be good or bad > rape? trust issues?
> settling/coming to an agreement > all parties are happy > potentially more than two parties?
> abilities taken away > being bound/unable to talk

"It's more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly...timey wimey...stuff."
Prompt 1 - Holding hands in the rain

As the rain falls around them he holds her hand, tears of joy running down his face as he remembers their life together. They first met by chance, one of them bumping into the other--they've long since forgotten which way round it was. He took her out for dinner as an apology for spilling his coffee on her new jacket.

40 years on and they've been happily married for a number of years neither cares to remember the specifics of. Their kids have kids and those kids will probably have kids soon too. They've had a good, long adventure together.

As the rain falls around them he holds her hand, tears of sorrow running down his face as he says goodbye and the car speeds off.

Prompt 2 - The first kiss

The first time I did it I was unprepared. Sure, they tell you what to do, how it's supposed to be, but nothing really sinks in until it's time and you're there.

She was right in front of me; eyes closed, soft lips slightly parted. My heart was racing, and I knew that if I didn't take the plunge she'd be lost to me.

I took a deep breath, my lips approaching hers. As they met, I exhaled, as the paramedic began to compress her chest.

Prompt 3 - Indecent exposure

I've been a naughty boy, oh yes I have. I shiver in anticipation as the editor of the newspaper looks through the photos I brought her. She can't use them, of course; I just wanted her to see. Once she's looked, there's no going back. Am I brave enough to stay, to see the look of revulsion on her face as she realises what she's looking at?

"What the hell is this?" she asks, her brow furrowing in confusion. "This is positively...indecent!"

She throws the photos back at me, and as I run from the room I take a look at the top one and giggle.

"Next time you bring me photos for the school paper, make sure you get the exposure right!" comes her distant cry, as I emerge into the quadrangle and give my mate a high five for completing my dare.

Prompt 4 - Accidental love

I never meant for it to happen.

Don't get me wrong, I'd always had a crush on her, I just didn't expect her to reciprocate. She'd always hung around in that crowd that was just cool enough to make her clearly inaccessible, and any attempt on my part would have been...disastrous, to say the least.

It all changed after that party we went to. Suddenly she was all over me; at school, in the street, she even walked home with me once and was trying to make out with me before I got to the door. At first it was wonderful--everything I'd ever dreamed of.

After a while, it started to feel stifling. She was constantly texting me, phoning me, demanding to know where I was and who I was with. If I so much as looked at another girl she would glare murderous daggers into the offender's back until they went away. Some days I wondered if she could be capable of worse.

I hope I never find out. Right now I have to go, she's expecting me soon and I can't be seen talking to you or I don't know what she'll do. One thing I can say for sure: that damn love potion worked TOO well.

Prompt 5 - Compromising positions

After a long, hard day at work, I wanted nothing more than to snuggle on the sofa with my wife. My mood lifted as I drove home, and I even started to whistle a jaunty tune.

As I got in the door, my eyes beheld my wife, naked, suspended by her ankles from a pulley attached to the ceiling. My mate Dave was naked from the waist down with a goldfish hanging from his ass. My boss was dressed in full bondage gear, including a gimp mask, and was holding a goldfish bowl up for Dave. The neighbours from next door were naked except for a pair of sheer stockings (both of them) and they were covered in whipped cream, with strategically-placed strawberries.

"It's not what it looks like!" my wife cried.

More later! (In case anyone can't tell I'm trying to subvert the expectations of the prompts by interpreting them in alternative ways)
A year long event! How exciting!

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Prompt 1 - Holding Hands in the Rain
They stood still as the world around them cried. He looked into her eyes and she into his, a few inches separating the couple. Their clothes were soaked through, water streaming down their faces.
The girl's sleeves clung to her arms and her petticoats and dress were soaked with mud three inches up. Her hair, normally so neat and pinned just right, was loose, dripping wet and hanging about her shoulders and face. Her eyes were red where she had been crying. Yet, the boy could only think how beautiful, how elegant she was.
She opened her mouth to say something, closing it again before any sound was uttered. He began similarly, only to have his words fail before him.
A horse whinnied and it broke the couple from their trance. Reaching out, she took his hand in hers, holding it tightly. When she finally released it, he held a small lace glove. His hand tingled where she had touched it and the delicate lace was ghostly white against his tanned hand, as she walked away from him and his horse.

Prompt 2 - The First Kiss
A First Kiss

A cold winter night,
With a star filled sky,
Standing on the porch,
Close enough to touch,
Seeing our own breath,
And the tension builds.
When all of a sudden,
I make the first move.
It is sweet and quick.
Leaves me giggling,
And leaves him smiling.

Prompt 4 - Accidental Love
Place: Antone, Capitol City of Barsalo
Date: 14/9/XXXX

Negotiations have failed and the diplomats from Tempol are hurriedly leaving the city and should cross the Barsalo/Tempol border at approximately 2200 hours today. I fear there is no hope for peace as I have already received orders to begin recalling my forces. I am lost in my office under a sea of paperwork, orders for supplies, potential plans for troop movements and maps of Tempol and the border.

However, despite all of the work that I have ahead of me this evening and every evening after, I find I cannot focus on it. My only thoughts are of her.

I never intended for this to happen. It seems like one day I was her commanding officer, and the next day I was her lover. It is an accident, as much as falling in love can be. She has me utterly ensnared. She is clever, beautiful, dedicated to her work and passionate and loyal to her country. I can only be thankful that she is as in love with me as I with her for I would otherwise be nothing but a slave to her. I cannot say what will happen from this point but God help us both for soon, we will be in the middle of a war.

Captain Lewis Danes

Prompt 6 - Lovers' Tiff
Alan goes to the home of his brother, Hue for advice after a fight with his fiancee, Deidra.

Alan: (paces back and forth restlessly) I can't stand her! She drives me crazy. One minute she's sweet and loving and the wonderful person I asked to marry me and the next she's a fire-breathing godzilla! (makes godzilla like motions)

Hue: Dump her. (looks non-concerned)

Alan: (looks surprised and confused) What?

Hue: (looks up at Alan) Dump her. Leave her. Quit her. Be done with the wench. Get thee gone? Any of those make sense? (returns to his writing)

Alan: I don't want to. I love her.

Hue: Then stop bitching.

Alan: But-

Hue: But what? You either love her and want to stay with her or you can't stand her and you want to leave her. Which is it?

Alan: (makes some spluttering noises)

Hue: Yeah. That's what I thought. What is she even complaining about anyways?

Alan: I'm not sure. It's little things but I can't help but argue back. Like last night. I made some tea and she got all sorts of p.o.'ed because I didn't put the sugar thingy up. Oh, and I left the milk out.

Hue: Okay...

Alan: She said it spoiled. (rolls eyes)

Hue: Did it? (looking up)

Alan: Well yeah but that's not the point.

Hue: (starts laughing) Here's my diagnosis in my perfectly respectable doctor's opinion. You and Deidra had a lovers' tiff. You should go buy some milk, go home and stop ruining milk. That shits getting expensive.

Alan: (paces a bit and then flops down on the sofa finally) She didn't have to yell at me.

Hue: Welcome to the married life.

Prompt 8 - Out of the Closet
Our last day out together before we both moved was strained and neither of us could talk much. It was mostly my fault. I kept starting a thought and dropping it halfway through. I couldn't focus on our conversation and by the time we had sat down at our favorite cafe for hot chocolate, I was visibly distressed.

Lanie kept asking me if there was something wrong but I wouldn't talk all afternoon. I just kept saying "Of course not. I'm just going to miss you when you're gone". She knew I was lying.

I sat staring at my hot chocolate for a good five minutes and neither of us spoke. Finally, Lanie slid a piece of paper across the table. Unfolding the note I read, "Tell me what's wrong."

Smiling, I began writing back, just like we had when we were both sick with laryngitis.

"I've always been scared to say anything." She read it upside down as I wrote it and made a hand gesture to signal that she wanted me to keep writing. My hand was shaking and I felt like I was going to shake apart from the inside out.

"I've always loved you, more than as a friend. Always." The words were scrawled and skewed but she could still read them, even upside down. Taking the paper from me she wrote a note back.

"No duh. I already knew that. Is that why you've been all freaked out?"

I couldn't understand the words at first. I thought maybe I'd developed a late case of dyslexia and that the words and letters had scrambled themselves. Looking up at Lanie, I started crying.

Taking the paper back, Lanie wrote another note, "Don't start crying. You look horrible when you cry."

I started laughing then. I knew that Lanie never would love me the way I loved her but she loved me just as much as I loved her, just in a different way. Nothing would change that. No matter the distance, no matter who we met or what we did or said; we'd have each other, best friends forever.

Prompt 9 - Threesome
Amy has always been a somewhat shy and quiet woman. She is an active member of her church, a mother of two with a degree in business. She runs a flourishing business selling clothing with her husband, Roger.

Although shy, she is well-liked by most anyone who meets her and has many friends. If you asked anyone in town about Amy, they would say she was the sweetest, kindest woman alive, innocent and full of smiles. They would also say she was predictable to a fault. You could always know what to expect her to say or do.

However, she surprises her own husband when he asks what she would like for their 10th anniversary. She replies, blushingly, that she has always wanted to have a threesome.

Prompt 10 - Date
"It's the end for me," Sue moans from her bed.

"Indeed," Maria replies, going through Sue's closet.

"I'm done for," Sue continues. She takes a pillow and puts it on her face.

"What are you doing?" Maria asks, looking over at Sue as she continues to mumble into the pillow.

"Mufflees mah shooor," is all she hears until she takes the pillow from her.

"Excuse you," Sue says, taking the pillow back. "I was busy muffling my sorrow."

"Well stop doing that for a bit and help me pick out what you're going to wear tonight," Maria replies, sitting next to Sue on the bed.

"What's the point?" she asks, flopping around in misery on the bed. "I'm going to make a fool of myself and that'll be it for me. I'll melt into a puddle of shame and be no more."

"You've like this guy for four years and you finally ask him out and now you're going to bemoan your courage?"

"Yes. I should have been content just being his friend. When I do something stupid it's going to ruin everything," Sue says. "Besides, I don't have anything to wear."

"Hmmm...yes...nothing to wear at all," Maria say sarcastically, looking over the walk-in-closet full of clothes. "However will you manage your date tonight?"

"I'm doooooomed," Sue says, not for the final time, replacing her pillow over her head.

Prompt 14 - Steamy Shower Scene
The room is steamy, hot and moist. The mirror is fogged up and I run my finger down it. My footsteps are muted by the thick air as I make my way to the curtain. Slowly, I reach for the white curtain, dripping with moisture. I quickly pull it back, startling the woman in the shower. Turning, she smiles at me.

"Took you enough time. I was waiting," she says, making room for me in the shower.

"I intend to make it up to you," I answer, pulling the curtain closed behind me.

Prompt 19 - Unrequited Love
My father had been dead for five years and today, I was grateful of that. My mother passed away today and if her final words of regret hadn't killed him, her death surely would have.

His love for her was like something out of a fairy tale. She was his princess and he the knight in armor, saving her from a dragon. At least, that's the way he always made it sound when he spoke of how he won her hand.

In reality, the dragon was her father, a crotchety old bastard by anyone's standards. My father's trial was less about proving himself a worthy knight and more about making his fortune in the farming business to assure my grandfather that my mother would always be provided for.

My mother had always shown love and affection towards my father but never quite the same level of devotion that he showed to her. I remember asking her once who she loved most in the world and instead of saying "Your father of course!" or "You, my silly little pumpkin!", she set the pot she was scrubbing down and stared out the kitchen window.

I never received the answer to that question until she was on her deathbed today. She said her goodbyes to my two brothers and her grandchildren and called me in at the last. She told me about her will, what was in it, where to find it, that she loved me and she'd miss me. Then, she told me of her one great regret.

Before she met my father, when she was only a girl of fifeteen, a circus arrived in town. It was a wonderful circus with amazing shows and she somehow found herself befriended by the circus folk. She spent her time with them backstage, conversing and laughing and dining with them. It was there that she met him, a boy only a few years older than herself.

He was a magician in the circus and made her laugh and marvel at his sleights of hand. Whenever she asked how he did his tricks he would reply, "Tis no trick my lady, but magic." For the duration of the circus' stay, he and her were inseperable. She spent her days in his company, showing him around town. He took her on picnics and went riding horses with her. They talked about everything and there were no secrets between them.

And one night, under the starry sky, he told her he loved her and she replied that she loved him too. It was under that starry sky that he asked her to marry him and come with him.

She asked him again how he did his tricks and he whispered to her, "Magic" before kissing her softly.

She agreed to run away with him but when she asked for her father's permission he forbade it. My mother told me he would disown her and she lingered too long, thinking about her decision. That night, before she could reach the fairgrounds, the circus left, and with it, the one love of her life.

I didn't have to ask my mother to know that she had never really loved my father. She was fond of him, but her heart had left her forever and traveled with the circus till the day she died.

Prompt 20 - Vows and Forever
I am yours, and yours alone,
As you are mine, and mine alone.
When you are sick,
I will care for you.
When you are sad,
I will comfort you.
When you are happy,
I will share your joy.
When you are lost,
I will be your guide.
While you are here,
I will cherrish you.
When you are gone,
I will be likewise.
For I am yours, and yours alone,
As you are mine, and mine alone.

Guardian of the Description Thread
I'm more inclined to say this story would fall under "Realization of an Obsession", but I believe it can fall under "Realization of a Crush".

Prompt 16: Realization of a Crush

I was an observer. One who exists outside of the mortal realm. From this vantage point, I have seen many things. Of all the things I have observed, however, are events that I will not, I can not, forget.

When the crime was brought to my attention, thoughts swirled in my mind. For one thing, how have I not heard of this person before? Am I to believe that there has been someone observing the observer? As if that was not enough, how could anyone have any amount of affection towards me? How dare this person say that I was "cute"!

Preposterous! Inconceivable! Impossible! I surveyed the area sternly, seeking the perpetrator of this heinous crime. All I saw was foolishness, in it's rawest form. Look at them. They have no cares. No idea what manner of world they are getting into. And yet...

I considered the crime once again. I considered the possibility that this person could have hidden a horrible, terrible truth. Dare I say the words? No! Preposterous! Inconceivable! Impossible! And yet...

What if? What if the emotion of "love" has risen in this person in respect to me? The possibilities made my mind whirl. The task of an observer is a lonely existence. It suddenly occurred to me, here was a person who I might share my observances with. Who might be willing to walk this path with me. And yet...

I have been fooled in the past in respect to this. What made this case stand out more than the others? The answer did not come to me. In the end, I allowed this person to exit my life. To this day, I torture myself with the possibilities. With what could have been.

Some time later, I meet this person face-to-face. I had many assumptions about the what manner of person this was. They were proved wrong, but that didn't seem to matter. The subject of old feelings came up. Of course, I was curious as to what the opposite site of the story was. In any event, I sensed I had an opportunity to finally tell my story. I carried the burden of my feelings this far, had the opportunity to relay them to this person. It is more than slightly ironic, then, that I was too much of a coward to admit anything.

I once thought that all the world was but a gathering of fools. I must be the greatest of them all.

More to come? Uncertain!
I have a question. May we submit a piece of writing that has more than one prompts? For instance: Realization of a Crush and Unrequited Love. Or do we need to make two separate stories for them?
I think that would be fine, as long as you eventually end up with 20 pieces. Like, if under one you use three prompts, you'd still have to add something for the other two prompts.

Unless it was a pretty long piece. I guess we could make an exception then.
I enjoy romance although I suck at this genre, but I am willing to participate next month :).
Chearlie, that's why this topic first came into being - to help each other get better at writing things that we're not good at. It's to take you out of your comfort zone and have a bit of fun trying something new/different/that you suck at.

No-one's judging, it's not a competition - more a chance to improve your writing skills in your weaker aspects, gain valuable experience and feedback and earn MS while you're at it. It will help you in your game making too, being able to enhance your current abilities.

Also, seeing that some people are kinda iffy about their works, I'm offering an Anonymous post where I'll post works up for others if they're too shy to put up their own. This way they get the benefit of joining and feedback, without having to be afraid of whatever they're afraid of. Just PM me your work and I'll post it up for you in the anonymous post.
My imprompt post for all my future kinky ventures.

Prompt 1
I squeeze tight my newfound lover's hand and the rain caresses my face gently, I never thought a woman such as her would see anything in me - I whispered softly, "I'll love you always,". The rain is pleased.
She squeezes tight, her face beaming with radiance, joy, and a tinge of awkward bewilderment, she never expected the man of her dreams would find love in her this very rainy day, "I'll love you always," she whispers. The rain is pleased.
The rain squeezes tight the city, its ornate features had always pleased it, but this couple was the only occurence that ever made the rain truly happy, it whispers "I will love you always," but the rain was not pleased. Its very nature would not allow such tender and pure love. The rain roars loudly, and it squeezes tight.
We all drown from the rain's squeeze., and writhe in agony as we suffer a slow, painful death of freezing, yet find the beauty of nature we had ignored before beautiful, whispering only one thing as we died.
"I will love you always."

The rain is pleased.

Prompt 2
I yawned loudly, making sure that Bella, the nice, round bitch ahead of me heard. Yeah, she wants some of this, I knew it thought to myself. Though, I could never bring myself to talk to her or even show my affection for her. Meh, it was all physical affection anyway. Once I'd have my way with her she just be another for the pile of bitches. Hell, even the intructor knew bitches were nothing but tools as she pat her on her back for at least attempting to outrun himself. Though, today she seemed a little different as she approached me her hips swaying back and forth. She may be nothing but a pussy, but she certainly as a nice looking one. She walked right up to me as my turn to attemot to outrun the intructor came up, gave me an encouraging glare and licked me right on my face. I got caught up in the moment and licked her right back. Mmmmm. Dumb humans might've waited until later to take that bitch, but I took her right there.

Prompt 3
Taking her shirt off was easy, but now I have to figure out how to remove the bra... Sheesh how do you work these things? She giggles and I realize I had said that out loud. "Whoops. Hehe..."
"Like, this;" she unclasps her bra, pinching at the thingy in the back.
"Right. I knew that." she giggles again then bites her lip, slowly removing my trousers - practically torture. Once they're off, I offer to take off my boxers solo, but she insists that she takes them off, rubbing just the right spot so I don't object when she gives me a command.
"Now...relax." She teases me a little, pretending that she can't figure out how to pull it down. Then...
"Wow! John...!"
I wonder why Alicia is saying my name in such amazement - then I realize she's referring to my dick. I can feel myself blush.

Prompt 4
I stretch my arms and and sigh loudly. Hm? I wonder why John's waiting by that pizza joint... I wonder if he's waiting for someone. As if she could read my thoughts, a girl, Alicia, rounded the corner across the street and walked (in a rather sexy way) to John and gave him a little kiss, they hug and enter the pizza joint. Now honestly, I've always wanted to get to know John. It's like, everyone in the world has some level of a guy/girl-love for a particular person of their - don't even try to deny it-gender. There are, of course, levels to this; Level 1 being someone you hang out with a lot (or want to), level 2 would most likely be a desire to BE them, and level 3 being you definitely having sex with them if you got the chance despite being straight. My is probably a mix between Level 1 and 2 but I've never even so much as said "hi" to John let alone hang out with him. But, I did meet Alicia at this party once... That's my ticket into a friendship with him! I resolute to talk to Alicia about this soon. Heck, I'll even call her up after their date is over. I walk home in the dark, and take out my phone immediately after getting home.
"Hello? This is Ali."
"Alicia! Hey, ya mind comin' over to my house soon? I've got something I'd like to talk to you about."
"Sure! I-I'd love to come over."
I hang up the phone and do a little air fist pump and put on some music to sustain my happiness as I don't know how I'm going to about asking her. Hm. Just as I begin to think I'm coming up with something great she knocks at the door.
I open the door and Ali comes in looking happy to be here. I invite her to come in and seat her on the couch, she sits down with a content sigh. I sit down next to her and open my mouth. I can't msuter the words though, I'm too jumbled up inside. Dammit! No, I can't think of anything. Alicia looks at me and smiles, invoking an awkward frown from me. I ponder a little bit but then she speaks as I open my mouth again.
"You don't have to say anything, hun' - I've liked you for a while now too."
"Yes! Yes!"
Wait, what? No! No!! Nonononononoonon
She leans over and kisses my ajar mouth. Dammit, he'll never hang out with me now! I should pull away! But...I can't. For some reason I really like it. Nooo.
She pulls in even closer on the same kiss. Sorry, John. She's just so...amazing.

Prompt 5
The earth loves the sky.
The sky loves the ocean.
The ocean loves its creatures.
The creatures lover their gods.
The god loves balance.
Balance loves both the devil and god.

The devil causes only so much destrucion for balance.
Balance keeps peace for god.
God protects the creatures despite the ones who do not appreciate him.
The creatures share the ocean, allowing it to prosper.
The ocean color coordinates with the sky, despite not liking the color blue.
The sky shares all available space with earth.
The earth compromises with no one.

Prompt 6
I fluff my hair and leave Bennett's house with a seductive wink. Closing the door behind me, I walk down down the cement stairs carefully so as not to break my heels. I unlock my car and get in, sighing. I think hard during the drive home. I've always dreamt of getting with Bennett. But, I happened to be with John at the time. I really don't want to hurt him, but... I'm in love with Bennett - NOT him. How did we even end up together? Ah, I remember that night I had one too many drinks. John was so awkward it was cute. Ah! Stop, you like Bennett NOT John... Who am I kidding? Getting with Bennett is nothing but a dream of mine. I need to make it up to John. Though, I think John's friend across the street was tailing me when I went over. There's no hiding it.
Before I know it I'm home, walking in the door with my heels clicking loudly. When I open the door I am greeted by a sullen looking John with red, puffy eyes. Oh no, he was crying! He always does this...but this time he has a reason.
"W-hy'd ya do it, Ali? Am I not good enough for you?"
"I'm sorry, John. I didn't-"
"Didn't WHAT? Didn't mean to? didn't mean to cheat on me?"
He's yelling which is unusual for him.
"Don't yell at me! Maybe if you'd get out fo your social paranoia for once you'd be able to please me!" Whoops! I didn't mean that!
"This about pleasing YOU? I've been begging for your attention for months - every little giggle I could get out of you was heaven, now you're stabbing me in the back!" And his jokes were always so funny...
He begins to cry really hard, the sobbing looks like it's hurting him.
"Well, I need-"
John grasps his heart and falls to the floor.
"John? John!"
I rip my phone from my pocket and dial 911.

Prompt 7
I take a deep breath and open the door labeled "7" in perfect print. The smell of cleanness or whatever doctors want to call it is getting to me, constantly reminding me I'm in a hospital. Seeing John in his coma in the bed doesn't help my nerves either. His face looks just as sullen as when he was yelling at me for cheating on him. I walk over, my heels clicking loudly with each step, and get on my knees by his head. I try to sing but I've never been very good at things like that. I sigh and hear the heart monitor slow.
Then it speeds up. Sorry... I need to calm down and stop fretting. I hate seeing him like this, but it's forced me to make a decision. I may have been conflicted in the car but I'm not anymore. I walk out and say very confidently "I love you, John."

I need to stay with John, NOT Bennett. John may be a vegetable for the rest of his life, but I'll stay with him no matter what.

Prompt 8
I take a deep breath and open the door labeled "7" in perfect print. I'm really not sure about what I want to say, but telling a man who's in a coma can't hurt, right? I'm just glad Ali left. I look at John in his coma and hate that he'll never be able to be my friend because this is MY fault. I walk over, sighing, and kneel by his head. I whisper in his ear.
"I love you."

Prompt 9
Ali just can't seem to handle both I and John. Hahaha, John can't even handle just me, why would she be able to handle us both? Ali's yelling is making it very apparent she like this, so I pick up the pace, John hurrying to catch up. Of course, I give my boyfriend a nice strooooke before we're over he always loves that - I can tell because he always yells
"Ohhhhhh, Bennnnettttt~!"
Don't worry Ali, Bennett's got some lovin' for you too.

But just as I go to make more sweet love to Ali, I wake up alone in my bed and realize what I must tell John. I resolute to admit my love to John in the morning. As if I didn't feel bad enough about kissing Ali already...

Prompt 10
It's the first day John will be allowed out of the hospital again and I've set up a wonderful day for us. I'm going to make it look as spontaneous as possible though. Here I go... I open the door and see a smiling John. The nurse informed me that he may have a little memory loss, so I shouldn't hav etoo much trouble winning him back over. I put on my biggest smile, as if it weren't already on my face, and walk over to him. I give him the teddy I brought with me and he looks puzzled.
"Who are you?"
I'm shocked he doesn't remember me, I didn't know he had forgotten THIS much.
"My name is Ali. I'm your girlfriend, remember?"
"Ugh, I'm sick of that word. They've been asking me if I "remember" for weeks.
Well, anyway, it's nice to meet you."
"I wanted to see if you'd like to come outside with me. We could get you reacquainted with New York City."
"Hell yes! Let's go!"
He springs to his feet quickly and and puts his coat on. I lead him throught the hallways to the outside and direct him to the hot dog stand by the street.
"Want a hot dog?"
"What's it taste like?"
"You forgot what a hot dog tastes like too? You must have one right away! Get us two hot dogs please, sir."
The, honestly, dirty looking man moves his mustache which makes you believe he said something then, voila, you have two hot dogs in your hand and you fork over your cash. John takes a bite of his hot dog and his eyes widen instantly.
"Woah, this is amazing!"
"See? I told you"
I keep walking as he follows and hum a little as we round the corner and see the Empire State Building.
"Woah, that's really big!"
"Do you want to go up there?"
"Are there more hot dogs up there?"
"Hahaha, no! I could make you some at home though."
"Can we go home then."
I smile uncontrollably.
"Of course."

Prompt 11

I love to hate you.
I hate loving you though.
You're nothing but a bigot
you big cuddly bear
your smarts are that of a rock
my sweet other half
your singing falls flat
I can think of another thing that doesn't
your hair's always a mess
with your handsome unshaven face in the morning
your complaining is intolerable
my wonderful peacekeeper
you always waste your time
I love the time we spend together
I'll stay with you always
and love to hate you the entire time

Prompt 12
It feels great to be awake again, but the world seems different. Ali tried really hard to inform me but didn't do the best job in the world I think. Hey, didn't she say she was my girlfriend? I wonder if she'd mind....
Ali jumps up from the couch.
"Why'd you tug my ear?!"
"I-I thought you'd like it."
I hope she doesn't think I'm a perv now...
"No, it's okay. I...actually did kind of like it."
I pull on her ear again. this in turn leads to her pulling mine, and turning into a wrestling match. She then kisses me hard, pressing her teeth up against my lips it's so hard. It hurts, but isn't half bad. It doesn't take long for things to escalate from there.

Prompt 13

"I don't know! He's been really needy since I brought him back home doctor!"
"Needy how, Alicia?"
I swear since the night we got a little rough on the couch almost everytime he's seen me and dominated so to speak. It starts with a flirtatious grin, and then he gives me a hug followed by a kiss. Then he just... sweeps me away! I can't help it, he just knows exactly how to make me give in anywhere. In the kitchen, bedroom, couch anywhere! There was even this one time in the shower, while John used to be too shy to come in before.

Prompt 14
Agh, bathroom! I run down the stairs, practically falling, and burst into the bathroom. I let myself go in the toilet and realize that Ali's in the shower. I can't help but be happy seeing her and grin, provoking a little laugh from her. Though the shower curtain is practically see through, I can't barely see her waving me permission to come in because of the warm, hanging steam from the shower's falls. I can't resist - just look at the way she acts shy covering herself up despite asking for me to join her inside. I take off my clothes, fumbling a bit with my pants. When I go to take off my shark tooth necklace she says I should keep it on because it "looks sexy". Once I'm geared up, or, down rather. I happily jump in, splashing the tiny bit of water in the bottom. She runs her hand down my chest, which I love, and bites her lip, smiling. I wrap my arms around her lower side, caressing her lovely lower assets and give her a deep, long kiss, bringing up just one hand from where it was to her neck as I do so. She makes a content "Mmmm" sound, which is encouraging as I move even closer. Of course, the only way to get any closer...is to be inside.

Needless to say, it was the longest shower I've ever had in my limited memory. Ali invites me in the shower more often now - no complaints here.

Prompt 15
I bounce.
I flounce.
I come in pairs.
I am usually fuzzy, but may be hairless.
I can hardly contain my excitement.
What am I?

Prompt 16
"Austin, get your head in the game! You've got to focus!"
"Huh, yeah? Yeah, okay."
"Augh, just go sit out. Your head clearly isn't in the game."
I make an annoyed face, but it really is the best call the referee could've made. I skate on over to the little glass cubicle of sorts hockey players sit in. I haven't been able to concentrate ever since I saw that guy... No, since I met that guy. He thought of me as a celebrity obviously. I asked him for his name and gave him my phone number. He looked a little freaked... God, the press is gonna have a field day! Bennett, please call me!

Now that the game is over, (we lost by the way) I hear my phone ringing in the cafe booth I'm currently sitting at. Bennett? With this thought, I realize I have a crush. Augh, this is going to ruin the season for me just like the last time tsomething like this happened. I tell myself not to pick-up, but I can't help it.
"Yes? Who's this?"

Prompt 17
"Hmm... could you tell me the first time?"
"I already told you that it was on the couch!"
"I meant the FIRST time, Miss Ali."
"Oh, yes, doctor! I'm sorry..."
Ah, I can remember the first time...
I step into the smoky room, ready for a lot of things. One thing I'm not ready for is a drunk guy stumbling toward me, laughing maniacally.
I had already been there for hours socializing with my friends in my biochemistry class, and now this dude who looked like he was 50 or something was trying to drape himself over me. Considering I got enough attempted groping from my male classmates, I was not very happy with him.
I immediately started to regret it, blushing and bending down to help him up. I grabbed him, pulling him up noticing that he had a shark tooth necklace hanging on his shirtless chest. He wasn't exactly bodacious but the necklace definitely added charm.
"What's your name?"
I realize i was staring at him. I blush some more.
"Oh, oh, it's Alicia! Sorry for hurting you, dude, I didn't mean to."
"It's okay, I'm John. I'll only forgive you on one condition though."
"What is it?"
He indicates to his lips and puckers them.
"A kiss."
Geez, does this guy always come on this strong? I must say it had a certain allure to it though. Hmm, well, we may as well both get some fun out of this right?
"I have a better idea. Let's go intot hat room right there and i'l kiss you all over."
He blushes, looking embarassed about asking for a kiss in the first place. He backs away a little.
"Oh no you don't!"
I grab him by the arm and pull him into the room, throwing him on the bed. He's really tense and blushing hard now, but so am I. Okay, do I always come off this strong?

"He''ll be fine, Alicia. I think he just is trying to show his love for you since he can't show his love through memories or being witty about what you like or don't, he's doing it through sex."
"Gee, thanks doc."
I leave the hospital, angry at the doctor for wasting my time. Well, he was sort of wasting my time. Reminiscing was fun.

Prompt 18
I shouldn't... But, I know John will never be mine. It feels weird openly being 'curved' so to say. I take out my phone and dial his number. I believe it was Austin - his name that is.
"Hello, who is this?"
"It's me. Er, Bennett. I was actually wondering if you wanted to go somewhere. Like, a coffee shop or something."
"How about a cafe?"
"Sure, why not? Which one?"
"The cafe on the corner of Annita Street."
"I'll be there!"
I put my phone away. Ugh, I feel really tingly. I think I'll be fine. I go out to my car and drive to the cafe specified. For a second I can't find Austin because he looks so plain, but find him eventually, greeting him with a big smile.
"I'm glad you made it!"
"I am too. Honestly, I couldn't find you."
"It's fine, I'm not famous or anything."
"Haha, yeah."
We talk like this for a while over some grilled cheese sandwiches. It was honestly the most fun I've ever had on a date. We hit it off so well he asks me out on a date next Thursday. We eventually move in together where we get a little bit intimate. It was the best sex I've ever experienced.

Prompt 19

Ah, the dog's unrequited love. Or is it?
The cat is so loving. Or does it own you?
And don't you love the how stoice the horses are? Or do they simple tolerate?
Is love an illusion?

Prompt 20
The couple happily greets the attenders of their wedding blowing kisses to everyone in sight. Ali is happy. John is ecstatic. But, when they disappear to get final preparations complete, two men come out instead, beaming happily. Bennett and Austin happy as can be. The pastor, blind as a bat happily weds them despite it being illegal in that state for gays to marry. What had happened? Why, it's obvious. Ali and John felt bad for Bennett and Austrin to not be able to marry and opted to get married before hand and have a mock wedding, marrying the two gay lovers. Though, John remembered all in the hotel Ali had reanted for them. But, he wasn't angry. He was happy their relationship was fixed - he was as charsimatic as possible when it came to wooing her again.
Bennett didn't go without love either. Austin thoroughly enjoyedmaking Bennett happy, and knew by now all the positions he liked. Though their new marriage wouldn't officially last long, they enjoyed it while the had it.
Well, here we go, beware of my bad english as always.

--01 - Holding hands in the rain--
We were lying on the green grass looking at the celing wrapped full of beautiful clouds trying to find at least a pure blue spot. We both knew that rain was soon to be seen but the rules of physics didn't applied to us, the gravity of the earth pull us toward it with more strenght than others. With all the enery I had, I tried to get up but my hand was suddenly chained like shackels by other hand.

A drop suddenly turn into millions, beautiful tears from above falling in our fragile bodies, while covering our eyes with one arm, and with the others, we were holding our hands.

We never though of the cold we would get.

--02 - The first kiss--
The days were different on that time, much more simple than today, I didn't have to worry about my life to much, since my life was made by everyone and everyone revolved around me. I was a normal kid who didn't understood many things and never though things would get so complicated, even so, I cried for almost everything. But I barely have vivids memories from it, My childhood has been fading by the waves of time. I remember chewing a movie box but it's a weird sensation since I maybe have that memory because I saw myself doing so in a photo, makes me doubt if I really can recall it without that picture. The same with me being in a styrofoam cooler as a ship. And the thing I know I remember seems like they happen to another me in a parallel universe, Like when a mosquito bite my ear and it got giant and red and all my family laugh about me, it seems so distant, even my first kiss was in that time.

We were playing on the classroom, we were a big family, I turn out to be the father and another girl that I don't even remember her face neither his name was the mother, I think a friend of mine was a dog, but not sure about it. I was supposed to go to work so she kiss my lips by a second, I know I was shocked by an instant but far from that there is no more information on my mind, I don't even know how it felt, I just know it happen. It makes me wonder, was it really important, everyone says the first kiss is an incredible experience, for me it was just a vanished moment of childhood the actual very first kiss.

--03 - Indecent exposure--
This is the story of a man who was allergic to clothes, when he weared pants, he stumbled for no reason, when wearing Shirt, his arms entangled so he couldn't move them, When wearing socks, he started to puck because they give him nausea:

Gloves=Blurred vision
Shorts=All his body become shorter
Scarf=Depression and thoughs of fluffy animals and suicide.
Sweater=Hipster trend
Skirt=Strong winds will always follow him.

Because of this, law allow him to be the only man who could perfom indecent and complete exposure in public at any time.

He likes restaurants, but people lose their appetite when eating with him. So he was alone.
He likes to party but people don't want to dance with him. So he was alone
He likes to play strip poker, but people feel cheated so they didn't play. So he was alone
He likes to jump on the inflatables, but all the kids will always run away. So he was alone.
He likes that people steal him, but he didn't had any pocket were to put money or cellphone. So he was alone
He likes to call people on the phone but they always hang up, this was becase he had no friends, because he was alone, So he was alone.

So he start wondering if he would ever find someone who he could spent time with and one day he saw a woman who was pucking on the floor while a strong wind was moving her skirt. He though that would be another person allergic but he wasn't sure, he needed a sign, just a little sign and he would be sure, in that moment she said some words that open his mind.

"Aaaugh, pucking and stumbling is soooooo mainstream, I want to kill myself with a teddy bear." She was the one, so he talk to her
"Do you have an allergy to clothes" The eyes of the girl shinned.
"How did yo... *puuafhchjfgkghejkghkheg* know"
"Well, I also have that allergy, don't you see, I am completely and indecently exposing my body."
"WOW! Sorry, I didn't notice that, you know, blurry vision."

The law also allow her to perfom indecent and complete exposure in public places at all time, and they live happily ever naked.

--04 - Accidental love--
I like to work in this place, I can watch at some interesting people and their habits. There was this old man who buys cheese croissant and read the newspaper, the funny thing is that he always fell asleep, my friend and I made bets of when he was going to do so, I won most of the times, I really have this thing to calculate. And how can I forget these gang of kids who think they are the best buying coffe and feeling like adults, pretty anoying, the interesting part is that we draw on their cups and they love it, we give them the opportunity to choose what we are gonna draw, and months later the store was known because our artistic leisure since many ask us to put our talent in their beverage.

But there was a special someone, Maribel was her name. She came to the store everyday and bought a caramel frappe, but she was most of times alone reading books, kinda of cute. I though she wasn't very popular at first but with time I notice that many people said hello to her and sometimes they even invite her to another place and she accepted most of the times. She always ask me to draw her some penguins, I started by drawing standing penguins but then I start adding more stuff, like surfing penguins, a band of penguins, you know, more creativity. She always said thanks with a shy smile. My friend always bothered me, -Man she is definetly into you, you should ask her out.- I refuse, -I barely know her, you know that I don't like dating people like that.- the days passed and passed, and suddenly she stop coming. I start feeling pretty strange, a little stressed as my days started being more monotonous. I didn't really think it was Maribel fault.

The next month she came back, I smiled, until I saw she was with a strong and handsome man. I feel some kind of anger but didn't pay attention to it, "I have been piss off of so many things without sense lately" I though and continue working. She didn't ask for the penguins, and I feel a little strange, I still decided make the drawing of always. The days passed and both keep entering, I couldn't stare way from there but I didn't notice my behaviour until my workmate began bothering again. -You are falling in love with a person that you barely know.- Saying this with a unpitched melody. -Hahaha, you are nuts man.- I wish he had been nuts, but it was me the one who was crazy. Days after day I became more mad about see them, why is this, why? Until one day she said some words.

-Why are you still drawing penguins on my cup.- I freeze. She didn't wanted them?
-I'm sorry, people normally ask for a drawing, youd didn't do so, so I though you wanted me to draw the penguins just as always used to do, I promise you that the next time I won't do anything.- I talk fast and nervous.
-Oh, no there is no problem really, I just got curious, that's all, well, thanks, see you tomorrow.- She leave with his boyfriend. I wanted to shout and ask her out... My friend was right, I was in love. But it was already to late. They had a very serious relationship, there looked like and old mature couple, just talking about the world. I am not match for him. All days I wanted to talk with her but nothing happened, until I accept the fact that there would never be an opportunity with her, then, it happened, I ask her a question just for curiosity.

-How much have you dating him.- She brush and then laugh.
-Well, this is sure strange, he isn't my boyfriend, he is just my brother, he is just here for some months and then he is going to europe..- I didn't hear to much the last part cause I was smiling as an idiot. -Have you... though we were a couple all this time.- She asked a little afraid but with an smile.
-emmm... well... yes.
-I am actually single right now.- She laughed and little shy.
-Oh, that is great... well, it isn't great but... you have some freedom I guess.- My nerves were killing me, but I was incredible happy, I knew I could aks her out
-Well I guess that's thruth.- she said a litle dissapointed.
-emmm.... have a great coffe... I mean, frappe.
-Thanks.- "An idiot, I am a complete idiot, coward, why I didn't go for it, shit!" I was then preparing the coffee for a client cause I didn't want to show my face to anyone, I was in rage until I hear her voice again.
-Would you like to go out someday.- She said with a shy tone.

--05 - Compromising positions--
-So you are telling me nothing wrong happened.
-Well, sure something wrong happened, but not what you got in mind.
-right... so what happened?-
-Well, I was playing in the lake with some friend, we were a little drunks, since we only buy beer and ice popsicles.
-What does that has to do with the incident?
-They ask me to swim naked and then they run away with my clothes.
-And what happened next.
-I run to the first open building I could find and enter in the window.
-I was waiting for the night so people couldn't see me naked.
-That is one of the more stupid things you could ever have done you know.
-I was drunk so it sound logical in that moment, and I don't think that was the stupid thing I did.
-Right, tell me about she.
-What can I say, she was laying there unconscious.
-In an open coffin.
-Riiight... the point is that why do a death person would need clothes, so that's when I did something even more stupid.
-You take off her skirt and when you were taking off her panties with your head in front of her crotch people open the door.
-EXACTLY!, I mean, yes.
-Well, she had more than eighty years, so for what you have tell me I think I already know the answer, but, why did you had your tonge red.
-THE POPSICLE! that's why I mention it early.
-I was right it seems, well, you were wet and with dirt in your feet and your friends also told me about what happened in the lake so feel glad, you are only going to spend some days in jail.

--06 - Lover's tiff--
Driving, with my baggage in the trunk, is not the best feeling. I wonder why things happened just now. I have to travel for work and BANG! it happens, in the worst moment. Why I was so thoughless, I could hide it better... shit, I am terrible person.

-...And never come back here again, you bastard.- These words resonate on mind... I am an asshole, and I accept that, I know that I have done so many mistakes, but I want to change that, I can be more faithful, more polite, mature, I would do anything for her. Why? Why I didn't treasure her company as I should? It has been 3 hours of travel and I miss her so much already. I want to die, she was everything I had, but please, it is just a woman, I can find another one, I mean I find three when I was with her... stop it me, stop this madness, If I hadn't think like this I wouldn't be in so many troubles, Now I have to find my live alone in a unknown place.

I can't, I need to fix it. I stop the car and start thinking more deep. How I make her trust me again? How I show her that I have change?... who I am kidding, is a fact that not me, I don't event trust that I have changed. She always wanted to solve our problems, but I never did anything to help her with this task, any troubles in which we had to deal with it I avoid it, escaping was always my best ability, I'm even doing that right now, maybe that is what I am doing wrong. I just yell at her the last time, I didn't try to face it, I just wanted her to forgive me without receiving a thing, but I cross the line. I turn around and start going back to her house. If she is not going to accept me back in her life at least I have to apolize in the correct form.

The road back brings me nostalgia, it reminds me of how I met her, the first time we kiss, the moment we start dating, the fisrt date, the movies we watch together, all the restaurants were we had been, beautiful parks, engage, marriage, everything sprout from my mind. I really like her, why I became so blind.

I finally arrived, seems that she saw me since she open the door throwing me dishes, so I yell.
-I'm sorry.- time suddenly stopped and we were the only ones who moved on the world. I start apolizing, she was still angry, I told her that I would leave, but that I just needed to apoligize and leave things good between us, she told me that things would never beeing good and that she would never forgive. I couldn't do much so I get on my car again and travel the closest motel in town and decided to sleep before going to work. The longest night of my life.

--07 - Dark Romance--
I receive the name of Grim Midas, although my real name is German Opaque. Why I receive this title? well, It seems that everything I touch becomes death, rotten, filleed with sadness. People also considered me as the substitute of the death since everything I touch eventually died.

My story is sad, but I am willing to tell it to you if you want. Since I born I had traveled everywhere trying to find a place were to live. And when I say since I born, I mean that my mother have abandoned me, people have pick me and then leave me alone, this cicle repeated many times until I start learning how to talk and walk, since then I become a constant nomad trying to find a place were people accept me, this never happened. Food and water was never a problem, I could it anything and it wouldn't affect me, my stomach work as an infinite well, I didn't have the sense of taste, neither smell and I didn't have hunger to often.

Many times I stayed in some towns for weeks but things turn terrible, for some reason I draw pople closer like a magner, even If I tried not to do it people always chased me with their eyes like if I was a ghost. Sometimes I could feel their sight through walls. Everyone started became mad: Suicides, homicides, rapes, orgies, and the worst things you could ever imagine. At the end they always get me and people punish me as if I was the very same devil, the cut me, burn me, and the worst one, drown me. Everytime the send me to live in the deep of lakes they started to dry and years later someone pick me up.

I knew that I should have been thousands of times dead due all the damage I have taken, I even loss most of sensibility, I tried to help everyone by trying to get myself kill, but I got the same result as them, if I cut my hand, it suddenly my embodied hand walked as spider and return no my body, the same with my head, feet, and other organs that I am not willing to give information.

With no results I tried to find a home, but this time alone. Many years went through, I think I had like biccentenial years by that then. One lucky day I find this incredible and beautiful tower, seems that the apotropaic god had finally care of me and give a little of his good fortune. Although with my "gift" the tower became ugly, I already knew that but I was happy that it never falled, and it's till on feet.

I enjoy the time writing and painting, I do some stunning pictures and stories, but when I finish them the slowly start transforming into horrible nightmares, not that I care much, they were creepy as hell but they still preserve they shape and form. If I draw a couple kissing, they became some scary ghost eating each other, if I write a sonnet of love it will be a triplet of hate. I have to include that al this was done with my black blood and the feathers of crows, the only animal that enjoys being with me, well, not the only one, there are also coackroachs and spiders.

The roads that connect the tower get emptier and emptier and with time it was known as the road of death, I am angry for that, I wish they had chosen at least a better name, but that doesn't matter. People came here always wanting to talk with me and return to their town as heroes that survive the "road of death", just a few had success, the few ones who just meet me, talk about and hour were I show them all the corpse of the ones who dare to stay in my home for more than a day, they were intelligent and escape with they heart a little more putrefied.

If only one king hadn't have the insolence of trying to move me away, he tried to send an army but no one could kill someone who is immortal. After this he tried to be polite with me, so after years of begs I accepted his offer of having a diner with him and his family in his castle. A lovely building I have to said, but I have been in better, than of course later ended in flames. I kind of feel bad but I wanted to see the castle on flames just that the problems ended and I could go back to my humble home. His daughter suddenly start becoming crazy in love for me, of all the girls I have never seen a girl completely, so incredibly, so shocking awfull. But she start to follow me and I couldn't do anything, So the king became mad and throw me in his jail. Just what he wanted, trap me so he could take the road near the tower, a road that was already contaminated and wouldn't return to normality until some years. If it was all, his wife help me to escape, she also fall in love with me. How did this happened? I don't have idea but is very frequent, there are persons that are so death inside that find me attractive, they are always the worst women.

To make all brief: the result was the same, everything was gone and everyone was death, but it was in that moment that I saw her, for an incredible small amout of time. Tall and thin, her skin was soft and perfect, that I even saw the full moon reflecting on it. Silver hair and and godness dress, with big fearsome black eyes that contrast with his overall appearance. I knew that I had to find her, I knew she was the one who will give me happiness and forgiveness.
That's how I ended here, searching in all the places were death wanders and I am seeing her everytime a little more. Walking over thousands of corpse, bringing crisis wherever I went, blood was just a normal part of my life, and maybe an important one.

I wonder if she will kiss me, or hold my hands, I wonder how is her voice or if she is shy and won't speak as everyone says. I wonder if she would accept me.

--08 - Out of the closet--
Queer admits love for sexy wet buttocks, jizz, and tight pants.

--09 - Threesome--
What happen last night? my head is burning... well, seems that I was with a hot chick, or we just decided to share the bed naked but taking a look to the room and sheets is hard to believe so, I hope she don't have any weird contagious disease. I need to go to the bathro...there is another woman in the floor, mmmm better to take her to the bed, she is more heavy than she looks... ups I wake her up.
-Where am I?
-I was hoping you could help me with that, memory isn't my thing.- seems that the other girl also wake up, I hope she can answer our questions... wait... she looks...
-SISTER!- ...the same, damn don't shout at the same time, my brain still dizzy.
-Oh god why?
-From all the people I had to sleep with you.
-That's disgusting.- Well, this sure is an akward situation, it seems that I was the only one who win, I mean, two sexy twins, I think that just happen once in a life.
-Sorry to interrupt your chit-chatting but do any of you remember what happened yesterday.- why they look me as if I was some kind of freak.
-OKAY OKAY!, just let me to put on the clothes and go, no need to throw me the ashtray.- Why are they looking so terrified of me now, they almost break my head by throwing that thing. Stupid door, close for god sake... there you go, well, I thing I still don't know what happen, I wonder how much money do I got left... where the hell is my wallet... oh fuck don't tell me I left it with those two.

--10 - Date--
-Here is alright- Said her with gentle voice to the taxi driver, she paid and get off to open my door, holding my hand she drived me to the entrance of the restaurant and we sat down on the table that the host show to us, the chairs weren't so confortable, but I have to said that I am very picky on this things so I guess for other people this is actually a nice chair, there was this jazz band that played incredible. - I told you that you will love the music.
-Am I so obvious?
-Well you are marking the tempo with your hands so it is that obvious.- I laught after hearing her.
-I always enjoy doing that, even in crappy songs and you know that.
-Your smile was the one that told me.
-Woman, you know I feel vulnerable when you do that.- Said this with a teasing tone.
-I feel vulnerable when you read me by only hearing at my voice or feeling the strenght I use on my hand, sometimes I wonder if you can smell my problems.
-Well, sometimes when you decide to skip shower on sundays I worry about you.
-Oh shut up, mister clean.- We both laught, it bothers me having hair because I have to settle it so it can look fine so I just shave my head.
-That's more of a compliment since I hear that he is a muscular guy.

We keep talking a bit until the food arrive: some weird soup that Rima picked and I wass supposed to guess. -So?
-Carrots, potatoes... chickpeas... tomato on a tomato broth? isn't that redundant.-
-Don't you like the taste?
-...I don't like to admit it but yes it definitely tastes good. How many things does this have? Do they use all they leftovers
-What more does it have?- She didn't listen to my last words
-celery, garlic... thyme... oregano, and of course, lemon, salt and pepper.
-You are forgetting something.- She said with a childish tone.
-Some weird pork meat.
-Pork foot.- She answer with surprise. -I can never understand how you do this, that's why you are my favorite reviewer.

I borned blind as you can guess, I always had trouble accepting the fact that many people saw me as a creep, but I always though they were most of the people. I mean, just a few treat me disrespectfullly, most of them were kind but they didn't knew how to treat me, even if their intentions weren't bad it still feel somehow rough sometimes. Now I played piano on some concerts, jazz normally, I am a big jazz lover, and it has been always my passion, and this has taught me a lot, not just the musical experience but, when people treat me for how's the weather and things like this, they act weird cause they don't know my perspective, but when I show them my perspective of my ears and my hands they can talk me like if I was a perfectly normal human being, they have empathy. That's what I love about Rima. I went a cooking class so I could start getting better my tongue perception, she was amazed cause I already have incredible experience tasting things. Some things lead to another and we start dating, and she always try to prove my senses and I always appreciate it.

-So you enjoy the place?
-I love it.

--11 - Love to hate--
Master Beast and her Friend Beast are best. Master Beast fight and throw ball were immovable giants join, for strange reason I piss on them just to feel confident, but Friend Beast don't allow me to do it, neither to lick balls or smell other myselfs ass. But Friend Beast takes me to run and I can sleep in his stomach with 2 weird but confortable pillows.

Friend Beast is now sleeping in house with Master Beast, they are always having fun, I got little angry with Friend Beast at first but then we become friends again. We always have fun. Sometimes I worried, they were in room barking, me was just crying outside the door hoping they were fine, luckily it never happened anything bad, so it was maybe a cat the reason they were barking so me get used to it.

When everything was going great, things change, bad bad bad, they fight everyday, but they angry, they weren't happy. Me tried to fix troubles but Master and Friend Beast always push me away. The worst thing happened when Friend Beast throw table bowl to Master Beast, Me cried on corner. No one turn hurt but I end on Friend Beast House.

Me missed Master Beast but didn't want to leave Friend Master. Me couldn't handle being without Master so me escape. But got lost, Me was lonely for lot time until I found many myselfs, including a beautiful myself. I fall in love with beautiful myself, sometimes we fight because were angry, but we never get distant as Master and Friend Beast. Those are some weirds creatures. Me is happy but me admit that me
miss them.

--12 - Rough loving--
Never again I will ever talk to him, or see him, not even think of him, He doesn't deserves anything more from me, he got all that he wanted that bastard now deserves hell and I am sure he will enjoy it as he enjoy how I hurt him while he hurted me, that psychomasocihst. I though he could changed, I though he had at least some bit of kindness in his heart.

I always fought with his mom, we never were to friendly, even he wasn't friendly with her, but one day she told me that her son was a good man and that I should try to find the best part of him since I take him away from her. I feel bad since I return the package back to her, so she would have to she will have to bear the burden by her own. She has loved her son since the beggining and she hasn't stop despite of losing her temper everytime she is with him.

But that is the ways it is, some people don't have fix. I spent to many time trying to making him a better man, but it wasn't like that and now I have to fix myself and the future life of my son. Whether she is a girl or a boy she doesn't have to know his father or it's fate will turn bad, I have to find a good man and repair my errors.

--13 - Sex, Sex, Sex--
Cause light blinds
and words deafen
that is why dark
and why silence
would make us find
our thruth essence

Under the pale moon
were our silhouette
is the definite prove
that our bodies melted,
melted as one boon
and withouth regrets
we are just two fools

fools lost in lust,
love and affection
clandestine gold
heat of perfection.
sins are not longer bounds
cause we found redemption.

--14 - Steamy shower scene--
-Robert, we are so glad to see you here, I haven't see you since you were little.
-How was your travel?
-It was exhausting but thanks for letting me stay here for some days until I find a department.
-You can stay hear as long as you want, at the end you are studying at a school of prestige with scholarship for your hard efforts.
-hehe thanks... you make it sound a lot better than it actually is.
-Don't be so modest, feel proud about it.
-hahaha, I will, anyway, were is Pia, I haven't see her in years.
-She is in the shower, she woke up late and didn't want to see you while wearing pijamas.
-I guess I just will tell her hello from outside.
-Go ahead.- I went upstairs and knock the door were I hear the sound of the water falling.
-Robert!, how have you b... oh shit!
-That's how you said hello after years haven't seen?
-No no no no, I forgot... to bring a towel... can you bring one?- I said yes and she then told me were they were.
-I got them here.
-what?... don't be a pervert, I am in the bathroom, you will enter to the dresser.
-Alright.- I enter and leave the towels on an empty shelf since I supposed it was the correct shelf for putting them since it was empty. There was a lot of steam, it must be when she opened the door looking for something for wiping herself.
-I'm left the towels on the shelf, I am leaving the room right now.- I was about to leave when I saw a necklace.
-heeey, this is the one I give to her when we were kids, unbelievable.- I whisper while remembering good old times until I hear the door, when I turn my head to the sound I saw I girl giving some steps very quickly and then she noticed me...
-AAAAHHHH!!- We both scream, she then covered herself with with her arms, I was paralized watching at her, there was a lot of steam but I clearly could see everything.
-WHAT ARE YOU DOING!- I wish I could answer something smart as, "I'm sorry, it was not my intention" and get the hell out of there, but my words were others.
-You...have grown...
-GET OUT!- I have never moved so quickly than that time, she almost killed me by slamming the door.
-I'm sorry!, I got distracted by the necklace I gave you!
-Please don't kick me out of the house!- After that it was pretty unconfortable but with time we ended laugthing, although her parents pressed me to get a department as soon as possible, I think it's most probably because of that incident.

--15 - Fluffy and cute--
In this world everything is better, the grass is made of fur, the sky is pink, mountains are made of chocolate, ballons with moving expressions inhabit all this place, Sadness became tiny; in the form of colourful mushrooms, anger is now untouchable; since anger is now the big and remote sun and moon that always wander along you, and don't foget about happyness; the emotion that spread most life have take possesion of huge rabbits of all colours; red, blue, yellow, black, white, albinos etc...

There are tons of things, were everything in real life turns beautiful, and I would never end if I told you every detail. But there is only one problem, the world is mine, and I can't share it with anyone. Don't get me wrong, I would love to share it, but, I just simply can't. Imagination lives in every mind in different forms and shapes, no matter how much I try I would always forget a detail, and your mind will fill that empty space with your imagination and it will no longer be my world.

So I tried to fill this world with my friends, my family, even with the people I hate, I wanted to shared it with everyone, but at the end they ended being puppets controled by me, I didn't saw a single drop of reality in them. That taught me a big lesson, no matter how cute you want to see things, as more far from reality more lonely you will, since reality has made you what you are now, sadness, anger, happiness, and more important; people, would always remind you who you are, and if you want to get far way you will escaping from yourself.

But that doesn't mean imagination sucks, I would get mad with whoever say this, imagination is what makes dreams come thruth, let me explain, when dream became real, they became your reality and stop being just a dream giving you the labor of finding new dreams, but what would happen if we didn't had imagination. Life without imagination would end worthless, we will be rocks, since we wouldn't ask for anything. What if you want a dog, why do you want a dog? well I want company, stop it there, in that moment you already imagine your life with a pet, with this animal as your company. So no matter what you want you will always end having a conscious or subconscious picture of it, whether it being: A shower, food, a new bike, a girlfriend, a house, being a rockstar, having your own cute world.

So dream big without untying your prescense from reality, and if you do so, even your abscence will make you learn.

--16 - Realisation of a Crush--
Ow, the Catafurbus, a festival that happens every year at spring, here in the land of Vearus. Sometimes it last one hour, sometimes even 5, it is a very short event. We would like to make it longer but it not depends so much in us. The wizards tried to give tribute to Eywhel the godness of rain and fertility, since the festival can only be done under the ifluence of her powers.

Indeed, the factor is a storm. The celebration takes place under this circumstances because is the best ocassion to regenerate or create love and that way fertilize not only our fields, but our village, since love is the biggest giver of life.

Couples get in circle, Men with the a melodic instrument, since men are the ones who guide the family, while woman is in charge of harmonic instruments due of her task of mantain balanced with their love ones. Inside the ring people who are single between 12 and 35 years, everyone performing the traditional dance of Vearus.

The couples are already engaged so there are no need of dancing just of regenerating their love by synchronizing their music. But with singles is another story, they have to find the one who they are going to choose, they have to realize which person is the one before try since they only can give one ribbon, since they can't have more.

White for the ladies and red for the gentlemen, this is to avoid cheating. This festival is taken seriously and that's why our villagers should take serious who are they going to pick, by saying the world realisation it doesn't mean you have to choose the one you think is the best, but to force your eyes to find that special one, that one who makes you feel strong.

That is what Catafurbus mean here in Vearus, Cata = Love, Furbus = Realisation.

--17 - Blushes--
-We need break up.- He said timidly, I stay in silence but I knew he was looking through my eyes.

I hate my face, I mean, I am not ugly but he can read through my face like if it was a book and sometimes manipulate as if it was a menu "Hey Stacy, I will try a smile today." He's always quite ingenious when handling my emotions, but then I remember, if it wasn't because of my face things would have never turn out to be like they are, But do I like things like they are now? I think I have started to hate him, I mean, almost everyone like him because he knows how to treat people but his life is a mess, he is always in the present and never think in the future, he is also a very insecure but he is a master hiding it, and not only that, he is always distracted... but... I love that part of him, I love him when he is distracted, those eyes that are always wondering like a kid, and when they focus on something they can see it like if it was a fairy tale, lost in other world, just him and the gold he just found, brings me back to the past.

We were best friends, we both liked each other, but we didn't knew, only our friends were the ones who notice this, and as good friends they wanted us to figure out by ourselves (and mess with us, Just to be clear, I was being sarcastic, they all are sons of a bitch, even so, they are the best.) But, there was this whore who liked him. I never tried to stop her when she flirted with him, I was afraid that he will notice and reject me, I have been through this so many times, I like him as friend and when I want to have something more than just friendship there is no way back, if things turn wrong we would never go back to the times we were friends. I wanted more but I didn't want nothing. It was my fault that he though I wasn't interesting on him, It was funny somehow, I never though he would knew how to read me so well, back then he couldn't even notice that I liked him. He got tired to wait for me so he decided to go after that dumb slut. It was then when all my friends told me to chase him. I refuse and refuse, just a matter of minutes when I felt some tears in my eyes, I didn't want to cry for him, but If I stayed there with all my friends pushing me I would eventually flood the place so I stand up and shout that I will chase him. Surprise! My friends are always screaming and messing around but they were in complete silence this time, I wanted to get out of that pressure as fast as I could, but I decide to walk slowly to the exit.

After getting out of the fast food restaurant were my friends and I were making a scene my steps started to become faster and faster, and in matter of minutes I was running with all my heart with tears running through my cheeks. All my thoughs were negatives one, what if he is know kissing that hooker, I will kick her ass, of worst, what if after I tried to punch her face he defends her, If she is already with her all will be lost. I decided to push myself more but I almost stumble, the frustration was higher and higher, I wanted to go faster but my legs wouldn't let me. What if I reach him but he rejects me just because he doesn't likes me, I collide with a man and fall in the floor, the "gentleman" just yelled at me -Watch your step.- and keep with his business. I gave up, I didn't want to chase him anymore, so with all my pride that I still had I wipe my tears, I stand up, take a large breath and went home... I would had arrived home but I couldn't even give 3 steps when I hear a voice.
-Stacy?-I smile, but quickly hide it and turn around.
-Hi, Brent, what are you doing here?
-Well, I ask you the same.- I shocked, I told him the first thing that came to my mind, although it was the worst thing I have ever came up.
-I wanted to buy something on this store.- He turn his eye to the shop I indicate him with my finger.
-You wanted to buy something on a sex shop.- I notice that the random building I point out, I wanted to explode and punch myself, but I stood calm.
-Alexa wants to buy some lingerie for his boyfriend.- We both laugh
-You are buying linerie for a friend, you are weird.- He saying I was weird, It was rough, I watch him, with my heart broken, I wanted to hold my tears.
-You... you are... blushing.- I started crying out loud.- Are you okay?
-Of course I am not.-
-Tell me what is happening, can I help you, i don't, with anything?
-No you cant!
-What... what is going on?- He said with a soft voice trying to calm me down, but I couldn't handle it anymore, I wanted to shut up, but nothing really matters, everything was lost, and have nothing.
-I like you!- I yell as fast as I could, when I watch his face we was stunned, My heart squeezed, but then, he start smiling, he wanted to hide it but he couldn't stop smiling. - Why are you smiling you idiot.- He start laughing and with an akward tone he spoke.
-Well... how to say this... I also liked you... although I didn't though you would thing the same about me.- I watch him, I had the same reaction as him. first a cranky smile because I wanted to hide it but I couldn't, so I start smiling too.
-Are you serious? you didn't sound to sure.
-Well, the problem is that we are declaring our love in front of a sex shop.- If I was blushing before I was now a tomato, I take his hand and rund away.
-Idiot why didn't you told me before!- I shout angrily
-Weren't you buying lingerie.
-Shut up, and keep walking.

That's how we started being together, because I blush and cry, otherwise he would habe been so distracted thinking if I liked him. In that moment he interrupt my thoughs. -Im sorry, I didn't wanted things to go this way.- He then draw near to the door just about to leave.
-Wait!- He stop and remain in the same position watching the floor for a minute then he look to my face...
-You... you are... blushing.- He did a sad smile.

--18 - Homosexuality--
I love my parents, and yes, they are some disadvantage that many others don't have, but every couple has this kind of unique troubles and just as unique troubles, all got unique virtues. As well as I have troubles asking for things, like when is about a girl, they have give me good advice, but is still feel akward. Somehow how I have always wondered, how it feels to have a mother, I know the person that gave me birth but she barely take care of me. I don't really want to change my parents, but sometimes I wish I had been raised by a woman, but that's the same as someone asking for rich parents, or comprehensive one, there are orphans that hope to have a guardian, or some people that miss the days were the man of the house was still alive, if I compare my life with those I feel ashame for asking. My dads are economically stable, they have gave me all that I need and even satisfy my whims, they have give me the correct attention and education, even better than most of the people on my classroom, and they both are here and healthy. It sure is different but I really have to appreciate all that they have gave me, cause they have do great despite of what society thinks about it.

--19 - Unrequited love--
I watch her for first time on a bus, she was kind of cute, around 16 years more or less, but that wasn't the thing that caught my attention. Before she got on the bus another woman, some years older, enter first, the teenager was just behind her waiting. The bus driver ask for the money to the lady, she tried to look on her purse for the money... she failed, so she apologized and tried to leave but she stop her. The pretty girl paid for both, the woman attempt to refuse but all she got was a polite answer from this girl with school uniform. She had and angelical smile until she sat at my side. Her smile become sad. My life was kind of boring, and I didn't had anything to do so I decided to follow her. My curiosity was just to big.

-I'm home mom.- She said with a bittersweet tone.
-Good to hear your voice honey.- She answer with a cheerful tone, but his appearance was like a woman whose life has treat her with the worst of luck. I hear their conversation, but it was just boring, they both talked like if it was a compromise. I almost give up but I tried to give her another chance to at least make my life a little bit more interesting. Again, she was able to surprise me, outside of her house she was totally different, she was always helping whoever she find, she had 3 jobs, but she didn't was an employee, she only greet the owner and start helping without even asking for money. Of course the owners offer her a little of money but she didn't see to care, she even give many of this money to charity, friends, random people, except for most beggars. She get angry with them for some reason, she always yell them to do something productive, she only give them when they were really in need. She did all this but she was always sad inside. Sometimes she didn't even went home, she paid cheap hotels and sleep there, it was when I tried to follow his mother, was she so terrible?

Went I arrive their house he was praying on his bed out loud. She was talking to his dead husband. I got some chills, I feel a little of empathy for some reason. He was incredible worried about her child, she noticed the same thing as me, she noticed that her daughter wasn't happy and that she didn't knew what to do so she ask him to promise her that he would make their daugher happy, all this time I was just wandering around trying to see how to entertain myself. So just for inertia I promise her that I would make her daughter happy. It didn't look as a terrible until her sadness make her to get drunk and smoke like a chimney. It was certaintly a broken family with huge potential.

I start falling in love more and more with Moreen, that was her name by the way. I was always there, trying to cheer her, but it didn't do nothing at all, but being with her was all I was able to do. So I stay with her all the time expecting that she find happiness someday. She always cried alone wondering things, wondering if someone understand her, she became independent, but she was taking it too far, she wanted to do all by her own without trusting no one, but I didn't abandoned her at any moment. One day I hug her and she was shocked. -Dad?- she feel me and though I was her dad? some tears come out of my eyes, I am not your dad but you want to see me as your dad then do, I am here to help, Of course she didn't listen, but I have to tried everything. She start talking to me like if I was her fater, of course the conversation was always going on one direction, but it did help her a lot, she start taking conscience about what she did wrong.

But things didn't go well for me after that, I didn't want to leave her, she was all that I have, I watch her growing, marriage, kids and the same stuff of an ordinary life made by an extraordinary woman. All her life I spent suffering of jelousy, All the time I spent with her, she didn't even knows that, But I always was there to help, I was afraid that she get sad again because of her life and I didn't want to break the promise I made to her mother. I was doom because I wanted to be doom, I didn't want to do another thing that being with her, even if she was with her husband or her kids, it was my job to protect her and receive nothing... until the day she died.

--20 - Vows and Forever--
We don't know why but we wake this way all of the sudden, naked, in the middle of a lake with a rope that tied our torsos, we couldn't go 6 meters away from the other without pulling ourselves. We swam to land and talk, we were surprise that we could understand each other but we knew that we weren't speaking in our language. The first thing we tried was finding some clothes or anything to cover ourselves, I remember seeing pictures of man and woman wearing nature clothes but all we tried was failure, if we cover our parts it was really unconfortable to move or otherwise it would tear appart, so by that time we get used to see each other so we continue. The problem now was to find a way to cut the strange ribbon that attached our bodies. We tried with everything we find but there wasn't any success, the bonding line didn't have a single scratch, it was a strange material, it was shining blue and look like if a whole river was inside of it, but it was thin, still it was harder than anything I have ever seen, so given the success we had we tried to go to the next step; finding other people that could help us. We were amazed that we hadn't seen anyone in a long time, we wonder if we were in a lonely island but we walk a lot and didn't feel like it was just a bit of earth even so we watch the sea... we gave up.

Our stomach grumbled, we hadn't eaten anything for 5 hours, we were starving, so now our quest was to find some aliment. We tried to fish but nothing, we tried to hunt but it was even worse so we had to conform with looking some fruit, we tried to get some coconuts, but we couldn't do anything since we couldn't open it with anything, we tried by smashing with our shiny cord, results, we were more weak than the cord and the coconut so it was worthless, we were at one point of fainting but we found a special tree; an apple tree. In my life I have never seen an apple so red and tempting, we take one at the same time and bite it at the same time and the taste was even better than its appearance... Although I keep saying that things have been the most anything I have ever experiment on my life, this is sort of a lie now that I think of it, I don't remember anything of my previous life, I have memory of many concepts, I recognize things like markets, markets are the place were people sells fruit, but I can't remember the name or the place of any of this things, seeing beautiful apples I think I can start one to win money, but for now with two peoples is something ridiculous. I asked her if she had any memory but the answer was the same as the one I give her when she asked me the same question; None. We keep eating apples like if we were black holes, the taste was so great that we didn't know if enjoy the bit we had on our moth or keep biting the fruit, I think I recall it was named the forbidden fruit, now I know why, It's sounds logical that something like this would be protected from being abused just as we are doing now. I end eating 10 apples, and she ate a total of 8, never in my life I have eaten so much and feel so satisfied... and I don't think I have done that in my previous life.

The days passed and the incredible tree of apples, apples full of life, was empty, we satiate ourselves until the last morsel, and we still didn't find existence of any other human, just animals and stunning nature. We felt a little corrupted for finishing with those fruits, at the end taste so much of it that it went insipid, so we tried to find a way to adapt to our surroundings. We tried turning on a bonfire a whole day, we last 3 weeks mastering the art of fishing, and by mastering I mean at least catch one fish a day.

It was rough but we manage to survive, for some reason we never felt sick or anything, hunger was the closest thing we had to being death. It was hunger until we were climbing. She put her leg in a rock and it fall down along with her, I wasn't prepared so I wen't down as well, we though we were going to die, the sensation of our bones crushing hasn't been the best feeling. We stay there for almost a week, we couldn't move a single part of our body but our eyes and mouth. I think I remember this word... paraplejic, we were paraplejic, for one whole week, seven days of eating only air, we though we were going to die and we hope so because the suffering was just too much. I don't think there is another word but miracle is what happened, we started feeling our necks, I think one hour later our arms had sensibility, so we crawl looking for something to eat and in matter of time we recover all of our functions, running and eating everything, grass, soil stones. A miracle that wasn't completely great since our stomach got sick inmediatly after eating so many things not edible that we puck and shit and felt worse.

We tried to remain calm after that and find aliment, we ended in the same tree as always, and there was one apple, so we tried to share it, but we were so hungry that we didn't even knew if we share equally, we end with our mouths very close. I was looking at her eyes and she to mine, I didn't know that was happening, it was like a second but it felt like a minute, we put our lips together, I think this is called a kiss, we start touching our bodies and then I penetrate her, sex is the word I recall. When we ended we look to the sky, and we start walking, we didn't say anything for a while, we know that we were looking for something to eat since the act that happened a while ago didn't fill us.

We discover something incredible, we were immortals, we just felt from a cliff and lost all sensitivity of our bodies and the recovered it again, I think there has never been this kind of powers in my other existance, I remember that all this things were imaginary and weren't feasible. Also, it is probably that there isn't anyone in this world but us, I start thinking that this rope has some divine power, it has give us some troubles but maybe it worth it. Maybe we are here to repopulate the earth, we are maybe the new Adam and Eve, the first humans.

We managed to get some food and go back to our attempt to adapt. It makes me wonder, we aren't a smart creature compared with other, we are really weak, if we hadn't been immortal we would have died already. We maybe could consider ourselves intelligent, but without tools, we are almost worthless. Almost all of the animals have body characteristics that can help them to survive, but human lacks of this ones, we have to push ourselves a lot if we want to have the same results than animals by using our bare hands. We can't satisfied our hunger by eating grass or hay like the cows, so we have to get used to easy-to-get fruit like apples, I wonder if evolution was thruth, how could we get to be the only living thing that is able to reason when were are very inneficient. This leads me to think that the human is not just conformed by his body, but by the tools he use, without this, we are sort of disabled, and our body parts are all over the world and we need to build them.

Days start going fast again, and each day I start feeling more attracted to my partner. We last a lot before picking ourselves a name, I choose that my name would be Adam, she decided to follow the game and choose to be Eve. I tried to flirt with her, but she refused. I asked her the reason, and she remind me of another word; pregnant. We were immortal, which problem could possibly exist, we maybe have the task to repopulate the earth so it wouldn't be so bad, but even so she refused, she didn't feel like. She said that she didn't feel confortable with the realtion she had with me, I was just a total stranger for her. I tried to understand, but, it was no sense, I was the only human that was with her and we already had spent like a year together there really wasn't any trouble with it. Then she said something that really made me to think.

-We have one daughter, in the future she could only have sex with you, and Is something I would forbid you to do. I don't really want you to hit someone who we had raised together. So we could have a boy, but then our sons would fuck each other. No matter how many kids we have they all will start having sex with each other and that sounds just dangerous. I don't think this should be a decision we can make so easy.

I stopped bothering with the topic, but I still felt desire for her, I wanted to revive that moment again, I missed the heat of her body, that kind of heat was different, and I need it, but she refuse and she has a good point, but I can't resist. I have masturbate many times in order to ease the burden, but when I am with her it is back again. Now I remember why clothes are so important, now she really looks vulnerable, comparing her strenght with mine I don't think she has to much, I know I can easily beat her and force her to do so, but I know this is bad, I know I shouldn't, but she is too close to me right now, I mean she has never been 6 meters away, but now I have her closer than one meter so it shouldn't be a trouble, wait... she is sleeping? What should I do?

Part 2

She looked so beautiful, the shadow of the tree were we were make all the contour of her body look more detailed somehow, I couldn't wasted an opportunity like that, I get close to her and kiss her as carefuly I could but she wake up, and she didn't look too happy, but there wasn't anything that could stop me, so I force her to kiss me. She tried to hit me but I didn't feel any pain so I went inside of her. I think she was crying but I didn't really cared, I was having what I wanted for a long time. It was glorious, I though we have gave up but she recover her strong and took a stone and tried to hit me, I could have pass out but my reflex were faster than her, I took her wrist and make her to drop it but we went mad, we were screaming, and she was crying more louder, like if she was hoping that there was someone beside us. That's when I did something I will always regret, I took the stone and hit her so many times as I could so she could be unconcious and I didn't had to deal with her problems. I had success and finish the job. I laid down in the grass watching the sunlight infiltrating through some leafs of the tree. I felt empty, I was in to places at the time, in one I wanted more, but in other I was done with all this and I was a disgusting human being, a strange sensation of guilt start running through my veins, suddenly I put my eyes on her again... she wasn't breathing... how could that possibly be? we are immortals, maybe my sins had turn us mortals again... I knew it was my fault.

I couldn't live anymore so I tried hard in order to suicide myself, this wasn't life, this was the worst nightmare I have ever experiment. And in all that time that I tried to take my life away I had to carry in my arms her dead corpse, I killed her so that was the best thing I could do. So I went to the biggest mountain that we had been, and I throw myself, all I remember is black, I jump and when I was just to touch the ground; Black.

I open my eyes, and though I was in heave or something like that but, I was in a cave, and I could feel a lot of scratch all over my body, I tried to move but I couldn't feel my arms. I talk out loud asking were I was and that's when I hear Eve.
-So you also wake up from death.
We had revived, but that's when I notice that she cut my arms and my penis. I start cursing her, I stand up on my feet and tried to kick her but I lost balanced and fall on my ass.
-I did it so you couldn't do that again, also the arms really help me to pull you.- That explained all the scratches on my skin. - But I didn't touch your legs, I knew you would wake up and didn't want you to be a useless nuisance.
-Were are my arms Eve.
-I hide them just in case, lucky me you won't get to abuse me again, but not so lucky me you won't be so helpful.- I totally forgot about what I had done, I am such an asshole.
-I'm...- I had a knot in my throat that didn't let me to talk.
-You're...- I stuttered “I'm” some times more and she got angry. -LET IT OUT!
-I'm sorry.- I shout
-Some apologizes won't make me forget what I had done, you are still a sick person to me.
-I know, I know, and I don't expect you to forgive me.
-Then why do you do this.
-We know that we are alone in this world, and that we are attached by an indestructible bind, we are destiny to be together even if you wanted to get away from me, or I wanted too, we can't do nothing no matter what. Now that I fully understand this I want to do the correct things.- She looked me at my eyes deeply.
-You are right, but still you won't get your organs back.
-I think is better for both of us.
-And we still haven't tried to cut off our heads so we still have a way out.
-I rather being like this than being a talking skull.- I joke and I know she wanted to laugh but she was still hurt, and I can completely understand her, but fate says that we will be tied for the rest of our lives, so I have an eternity to amend my errors, maybe that way we could finaly become mortals.

The End
Every day I wake up and it's so difficult deciding whether I'm gonna work on my Halloween entry or write for this, and then I do neither. D:

I love everyone's entries so far though! I think that romance is probably the most difficult to write, but it's going well!
Well, there are 20 prompts, with the 3 ones you already did, they are 17, so you can do one prompt for day, I was planning to do that but I did one faster than I think I would so I did 3. So I think you can do 1 prompt and work on your game :), otherwise you may not finish the halloween game that is more important since it can't participate if it doesn't has this requirement.
I think if I try one a day, it should be okay.. but there are some days where I get awful writer's block and can't do a thing. I'll see if I can balance my mind out a bit better..
Reserved for my stuff -

1 - Holding hands in the rain

I will hold hands with you in the rain,
not caring as the storm soaks our skin.
I will promise to stay with you,
to never leave your side again.
I will stare up with you,
as the stars begin to drown.
Will you hold hands with me in the rain,
as the sky is coming down?
Will you squeeze my hand tight
when the first flashes ignite the clouds?
I will you hold hands with you in the rain,
as the bombs are coming down.
Perhaps someone will find us a thousand years from now,
Long after this world has thawed from its ashen frost,
Maybe they will sift through the ruins of our lives,
Looking for reasons why this war was fought and lost,
I promise you, my love,
there is one thing they will know:
I held your hand in the rain,
and I never let it go.

@ Caz: Oh wow! I love your poem on indecent exposure. A nice take on an old joke.
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