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Hello, i was wondering if there is a plugin or something that can expand the coordinates of rpg maker 2003 and also if we can use 32 bit images.

no, the only patch for bigger charset size is for rpg maker 2000, about the 32 images doesn't exist any way for make it work, but if you need make some picture of lights you can use dynblending with additive pictures support
actually, i wanted to have bigger sprites i already know about dynblending.Also i thought on displaying the sprites with pictures but the only problem is that sometimes the hero or the event is being displayed on to the hero/event.
Look on this site. Cherry had a patch for bigger sprites (32x32)
I'll try and see what i can find thanks !!!
I wonder if there's any way to make big charsets on RPG-Maker 2003. Unfortunately I haven't seen patches to do so. I wonder if someone had done 'em already.
In thread there was mentioned that Cherry did patch that allow to use charsets with size 32x32 (instead of old 24x32). Is that true? If it is, where that patch is and how to use it?
Also: does Cherry plan to make Char Expand for 2k3?
I already wrote about this in another topic, but I think that we need to repeat here.
Big charsets on RPG Maker 2003 are available thanks to the efforts of Kaine! The page is not available, but is stored in the web archive:

If the download link does not work for you, try downloading here:

You can find the same patch in this topic:
For the Makerando link, strange i see the topic, the page is online.
Dude, you keep posting to threads that are years old and won't be seen anymore. So no, I don't think you need to keep repeating it.
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