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Howdy! :D

I'm happy to announce the finalbossblues.com RPG Maker Podcast!

Our regular hosts are myself, Despain, ReynardFrost and Kilim.

Listen to Episode 5 here.

This is going to be a weekly thing, so if you like it—or if you hate it—let us know. We want feedback.

Episode 1 World Immersion
Episode 2 What Drives Story (Play or Flay Vermillion)
Episode 3 Dialogue (Play or Flay Wake)
Episode 4 Gettin' Serious about Teams (Play or Flay Deceit)
Episode 5 X-ploration (Demo Review X-Noir)
Happy Wednesday!

Episode 4 is up!
thanks for the heads-up.

new episode is here! in episode 5 we talk about EXPLORATION and review a demo. :)

Hey! I can't subscribe on iTunes. Can you make it available in the United States store?
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