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No, I'm not going to mention gameplay, because everyone knows that most important, and that's not the point here. Which is most important, or in some people's eyes, better and most needed for any game. Here are some examples and explanation of what I mean by each:

The story: It gives a background for a game, in which everything is wrapped together with. What's the reason for a log sticking out of the ground? There's story behind it. What about why a woman is being raped by an alien. There is story behind that too. But I have heard that people can play a game with a bad story, and there are a lot of games without it.

Graphics:In this case, it deals with what makes sense, like story. If you pick up a bowl, and it is being used to cut stuff, for example(like anyone here would do that), that doesn't make sense. In game, if you see a knife, the first thing you should think is sharp. Without graphics, most likely you wouldn't know what is what. But there are such things as text-based games, no graphics. But bad graphics can't be excused though to some people, in this case it's wish-washy. Who's on what side, graphics whore or not.

Sound:This and story is for me, but I'm asking you. Sound is best explained like this: mood. Music sets the mood. You have creepy music, get ready for hell. If the graphics are hellish, but your music is happy, then nothing will happen there most likely. Then there are games with no music, no game I know of doesn't have sound. Whether it's the typing of a keyboard in real-life, or the 'boop' in the game, the game's gonna have sound.

I have to say sound and story are most important in this case, but what about you? All games have sound of some kind, but then sometimes that sound isn't from the game itself. Most games have graphics, but then you must think, there are some stupid shit's out there who don't know what does what apparently, which can confuse the player. The story gets the player into the game, immerses them, but then again, there are some times when the story is pretty bad.
Too long of an explanation, a lot of bias, sorry, let's go on with this.
I'd really like to get rid of LockeZ. His play style is way too unpredictable. He's always like this too. If he ran a country, he'd just kill and imprison people at random until crime stopped.
When I imagine FF13 graphics with FF1 music and sound effects, and then imagine FF1 graphics with FF13 music and sound effects, I have to say the graphics are more important. As humans, I think we consciously rely on sight more than any other sense. Sound gives your setting a mood, but graphics give your game a setting.

Meanwhile, I know a couple people who actually refuse to play any game with a story, and tons and tons of people who skip 100% of the story in any game they play, so story must not be that important. Similarly, lots of people mute games when they play them, and not always because the music and sound is bad - sometimes just because they don't care about it and would rather listen to their own music. People don't consider these things meaningful parts of games.

Back in the late 90s, when 3D was first getting popular, people didn't consider graphics to be a meaningful part of games, many of them claiming that better graphics were totally pointless and actually counterproductive to a good game. But it was just backlash against polygon-craze, not a permanent mindset. Those players got over it once companies started making good 3D games, and using graphics to actually immerse you in a world instead of just show you pretty FMVs. People who will put up with text-based games in modern day are extremely rare. However, it's still possible to ignore graphics in favor of story and come out ahead, I think, if you know what you're doing (and don't mind alienating 99.9% of your audience).

Everything else gives context to mechanics.

Beyond that, focus on what you're best at creating.
mmm I consider gameplay the most important as well, if you simply don't like how do you play the game it doesn't matter how it sounds, how it looks, or what is about, you won't like it. Many games don't have story, old-school games have bad graphics compared with modern ones, sound also has improved a lot.

So this is reduced to what is the one I enjoy the most.

Story: Well, I have a trouble with this one, not because I don't like stories, I actually like them a lot but most of the stories in which I am interested are RPGs, I grew all my childhood watching my brothers playing FF, Chrono Trigger and Cross, Xenogears, etc... but they never let me play, so some months ago I tried to experiments all this but the gameplay never grow in me, I always got tired and wanted to skip all the battles to see the story like if it was a movie or serie. So... can't say, since the games I enjoy the most are those who had gameplay that can be played for less than half hour and quit it withouth being in the half of something, and most of them don't have story or not a big one.

Graphics: Not really a big deal for me.

Sound: I voted for this because this is the one that affect me the most and is more memorable, I even love the songs I have listened of FF when XIII is the only one I had played and that isn't even from Nobou, Also a big fan of Yasunori Mitsuda, I think the only reason I would buy Xenosaga. And well, I have become a little bit of a Touhoutard and still love hearing new and new covers made by fans, If it wouldn't by that I would had never touched the games.
I can ignore bad graphics or sound (I can actually forgive no sound at all). I can also go along with no story. But if the story is bad, then it just kills the game for me. Unless it's really unobtrusive, because then I can just ignore it altogether.
Most of the people who make games here think they're writers, so it's not hard to predict where this poll will go.
I would have to say story is the most important. I could forgive a game with bad gameplay, graphics, and sound if it has a really good story to make up. ;)

Nevertheless, I think all of them are important. Good graphics attract people 's attentions, innovative gameplay makes people want to play the game more. Interesting story entertains the player and leave a lasting impression, and nice music is basically a bonus to all of the above. :P

As long as a game doesn't suck at everything like Action 52, then I would give it some credits. :D
(Socrates would certainly not contadict me!)
But if the story is bad, then it just kills the game for me.
I would go with that, and I'd also add : if the story is good, I mean really good as in A Blurred Line, the author has the best graphics and sound, i.e. the ones that tell the story.
Edit : but, I know, there are all kinds of games, those may be my favorite though.
For me, definitely story comes into play first, then followed closely by graphics. Sound is really the least important to me (though great sounds and music tracks are always a plus). For graphics, I don't really care much about the resolutions. So long as the graphics don't look too awful, I'm cool.

But what will compel me to finish a game is the story and character development. If the story bores me, I won't bother continuing it. The main reason I play RPG Maker RPGs is because of story and gameplay.
I have to go with story as well. Bad music can be turned off, graphics have never really been super important to me (I have played and enjoyed plenty of text based games with no graphics whatsoever. But a game with a bad story to me is unplayable, just like a movie with a bad story to me is unwatchable. I'd rather listen to a re-broadcast of the radio show 'The Shadow' then watch any of the stupid Fast and the Furious type movies out there.

Though I will agree with Flying Jester on one point. A game with no story at all, is better than a game with a bad story. If you're making a game and can't tell a good story, please scrap it and make a dungeon crawler with no dialogue in it. It would be more playable than your stupid story. I'd rather play Gauntlet for NES than FFVIII again.
I'd really like to get rid of LockeZ. His play style is way too unpredictable. He's always like this too. If he ran a country, he'd just kill and imprison people at random until crime stopped.
I have to go with story as well.
Though I will agree with Flying Jester on one point. A game with no story at all, is better than a game with a bad story.

OK now I feel like you're kinda just arguing about the meaning of "important"

...which I guess was inevitable. So let's break it down.

- Which one, if a game excels at it, will have the greatest impact on causing the game as a whole to excel?
- Which one, if you leave it out of the game entirely, will cause the game to suffer the most?
- Which one, if you do a mediocre job, will give the player the strongest feeling that the game does not live up to expectations?
- Which one, if you don't do a good job, will have the biggest effect on the game's mass appeal and popularity?
- Which one, if you master it, will most effectively help you create a game matching your artistic vision?
- Which one, if a game excels at it, will cause your game to stand out the most from the crowd, due to very few other games doing it well?
(Socrates would certainly not contadict me!)
Gameplay, yes, but this is not included in the poll, which probably also means this poll was concerned by only a certain type of games, rpgs maybe..?
I'd really like to get rid of LockeZ. His play style is way too unpredictable. He's always like this too. If he ran a country, he'd just kill and imprison people at random until crime stopped.
He said in the OP gameplay wasn't included because it was clearly most important, and he was interested in which of the other three came in second place.
I picked graphics. It is basically the only thing that game really needs. Even text-based games have graphics. The choice of font is a big issue, and it can make or break a game. Think of the difference between a text-based adventure that is played in a little window with times new roman or one using green-tinted terminal text on a black background. It's graphics and it makes a huge difference.

Sure I've heard there's experimental games that cater to the blind. Playing mostly on sound and making people navigate through that. This is all very interesting. But you could say it's the exception that proves the rule.

I would even go so far as to say that sound is probably more important than story. I can play a silent game (and often I do turn off music in, for example, certain puzzle games or strategy games. Often because I like to play those games with my own background sounds (ie podcasts, what better way to use a day than catching up on football podcasts and playing Europa Universalis 3?). However most games are greatly improved if they have sound. And even more so if the sound is really great. Especially in horror-esque games all those atmospheric sounds are incredible. Not to mention in wargame shooters or stealth games where different filters for the sounds make a huge impact on the immersion of the thing.

And occasionally there's some music in some menu that is really great to listen to and really gets you in the mood for things.

Then last we have story. There's so many games that don't even have a written story. Of course facilitating story can be important. Even if a game doesn't have writing it's great if you can storytell about it. But stories are often just a bonus to make things interesting. Sometimes story is even a hindrance. Even if the story is good, if it takes up too much time it can be annoying. For example in the recent trend of co-op games you sometimes just wish you could skip some of the story bits to get back into the co-op fun that is the game itself. A story is usually also only good for about one playthrough. It can hook you in the first time but when you know it you're not really coming back to it for it alone. Instead sound and graphics do make you return to a game you've already finished. (well unless it's a branching storyline of course.)

Story, ALWAYS. A game that lacks a good story can only be carried so far by good graphics or sound.

I'll play any game if it has a truly good story, even if it looks/sounds like ass. If a game is heavily story driven, then that's the only aspect of the game that I feel needs to be 100% polished. Stellar graphics and moving soundtracks are only there to enhance the experience.
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all of them


perfect balance and cohesion between the elements
all of them


perfect balance and cohesion between the elements
some things are more balanced than others!

anywho, I voted Graphics of those 3, because it is the easiest thing to use to draw people to your game, and I interpreted "important" as meaning "getting your game played"
Neither one is more important -or- in other words, it depends on the game. Some games require really nice graphics to get their point across, while other rely on sound or story more.

For example, games that are trying to recreate a realistic or possible situation, like Call of Duty or Spec Ops, rely on higher fidelity graphics to connect the player with his or her actions. Horror games rely on sound much more than graphics though, because audio can be used so well to create tension and anxiety. For a fantasy game, the story is key, but graphics are important as well, because you are trying to pull the player into your pretend world, and careful writing mixed with fantastical aesthetic will truly make your player believe that your world is real while playing.

It really ultimately relies on what your game is trying to accomplish. I've played plenty of fantastic games that were mediocre in one or two of these aspects.

anywho, I voted Graphics of those 3, because it is the easiest thing to use to draw people to your game, and I interpreted "important" as meaning "getting your game played"

I wonder... how would a game with minimal or no graphics, but with a voice-over directing you work? For example, you play as a blind person in the future, with a computer-guided headset telling you your current situation, and all you know is your controls. So to get up and walk down a hallway, you have a voice that guides you and then says, "There's a door to your left." or "A monster is swinging its claw at you!"

...this actually sounds like fun and I might try to make this one day.
Ah, this is a very interesting discussion.
Most of the people who make games here think they're writers, so it's not hard to predict where this poll will go.
The fact that many of us make games means that we are all, in fact, writers. Now in terms of being prolific writers, that is another story. But there is much more to writing than merely the story itself. You have dialogue, diction, dialect; so many other aspects that makes written material great, good, or sub-par.

For me it would have to go Story, Music, and Graphics. I'm a musician at heart, though I enjoy writing. I'm not exactly sure if I am good at it, but I know good writing when I see it. Hands down I will tell you that my initial reasoning for purchasing a game is the story. The story has to stand out and grab me. I see videogames as interactive storybooks, so my expectation is to be held captive by an engaging storyline. I've ditched various games that had very interesting mechanics and awful writing (Enchanted Arms), or fought my way through games with bad graphics because for some reason, the storyline repeatedly drew me in (The Summoner, though the music for that game was actually pretty good!).

Now as far as graphics, I have recently latched myself onto a project as composer because the artwork took my breath away. But... I'm a retro gamer. That being said, I will play a game for hours, no matter how badly it resembled Minecraft on acid, if the storyline is awesome, and the audio is good.

I find music to be a very important aspect, but it all depends on the game. When it comes to RPG's, I honestly and truly expect the music to be at the forefront of importance. Honestly, I don't even have to like the music, I simply need the music to adequately portray the setting that it is placed in. When it comes to games like Call of Duty, music honestly isn't that important. Games like that rely more so on Graphics and Gameplay, with far less emphasis on a storyline and audio.

If there is online multiplayer... they will come.

I do think that gameplay mechanics should be a determining factor in this discussion though. So far, there are only two games with what I find to be unique game mechanics: Legend of Dragoon and Zone of the Enders. It is sad that no one has bothered to implement the mechanics of these games in other titles.
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Here is the super-official opinions of the one they call Blobofgoo (or Boogaloo for one person):

Story: This is definitely the most important after gameplay. I was going ot same gameplay was important, but then saw that was already recognized. Anyway, story is the thing that overall makes something a game, although arcade games are also fun. For example, a good RPG has a much better playability and overall funness then Bejeweled (wow that game's been beaten to death). Without a story, games can still be fun and a lot of replayability, but RPGs and such give a game a purpose.

Graphics: This has no purpose to me. The only link I have to graphics is that I don't like gorey stuff. I also like pixelated graphics, but any game can be good as long as it's graphics are understandable and not crappy. People can use stick figures and still make good games.

Sound: Allthough sound is important by creating feeling and emotion by ear, it is not important enough that a game can't be made without it. Everyone should know this because I'm sure you have played games muted before. As long as the music doesn't annoy me to death and the sounds are logical, i'm fine.
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