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i'm using Rpg Maker 2000 and i've spent all day looking for a tutorial on how to make a custom sprite. I've made some on websites, but after i've customized it, i have no idea what to do next.
i don't know the dimensions, and all the other tutorials i've seen are for Rpg maker XP or something.
it would be nice to get some help on what to do after i customize it, like do i take a screen shot of it, or make it in photoshop? do i convert it to PNG? D: please help.
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Easiest way to make a custom sprite from scratch is to make a copy of an existing sprite and edit it. Then you are guaranteed to have the right dimensions and layout. But it sounds like you're using the character generator on charas-project (or on some other site?), not making a custom one from scratch. So...

Sprites are in .png format in the charsets folder of your game. You can import them via the Import Resources button in RPG Maker.

If you're making one on, there should be a button to save it as a PNG file. Save it directly into your game's charsets folder, or save it to another folder and then use the Import Resources button in RPG Maker to import it into your game.
1. Open the 'Import and Export Resources' menu
2. Go to CharSet and select char1
3. Export it to whatever folder you like
4. Open the newly exported char1 with your favorite graphics program. Lots of people here just use MSPaint

You'll see that you have 8 sets of characters with all their basic movement sprites : Up, Down, Left Right, B, A, Start. Each frame is a 24x32 box, so any sprites you draw will have to remain within those borders. Moving on...

5. Copy/Paste your new sprites over top of the old ones. Keep in mind that the green background is the 'transparent' color. Don't use that particular shade for green clothing/hair.
6. Save the file under a new name as a 256-color bmp. This is important. When you opened it in MSPaint, it should have automatically opened it as a 256 color file in its own native palette and will save as such anyway, but make sure you avoid saving it as a 24-bit bmp.
7. Go back to RM2000 and open Export and Import Resources again. Go to CharSet again.
8. Click Import, find your file, and select it.
9. Drop an event somewhere with your new chars graphics (or make your hero it) and walk around. Voila.

There's a lot more to it. The first thing that'll irk you will probably be what the program does to your palette. There are ways around that, but they're probably too advanced for someone who is having trouble simply making a custom sprite :p
copy the charset in the charset folder of the project, if you wanna make some sprites you have to know that rpg maker 2000-2003 use the first colour as transparent of the 256.
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