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-content removed because apparently you can't advertise this game without asking permission.-
Reminds me of Seiken Densetsu 3 and I think that's probably intentional, considering the name is also similar. Looks really awesome. Added to my watch list so I'll support it in the future :)
did someone say angels
I was going to pledge until I saw the subtitle was "Crystal Kingdom." Well, maybe the story is interesting.

The Dark Lord's grasp for domination was destroyed when the Crystal was recovered in the Sea of Despair by a small group of heroes, led by a young warrior destined to once become King - his name "Athos Presbyter".
Urgh. Pass.
It's an MMORPG though. Story is not usually a strong point of an MMORPG game.
There are some things that is bothering me though.

1.) The animation is super sd3
2.) The "vampire" in sd3 is also present in this game. (they already changed it).
3.) Ocean knows his sd3 and compared npcs to sd3 originals.
4.) We both find Angela the Magician and their magician to be very familiar in this game Xd

that looks amazing...I just might contribute.

a story about a dark lord can still be interesting. it's silly to write it off just like that, but w/e. your choice.

edit: don't forget that the monk looks an awful lot like Ryu from BoF
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Its an MMO, so I'm mostly just interested in taking a look at all the tiles. So I can RIP them and study them! ohoho
the tiles are gorgeous ;3;
The art is impressive enough to justify backing the project, but... Dear Lord, why can't some developers just be honest? Who even falls for that "reinventing the classics" jive anyway? And an "epic story"? Pu-lease! - All of this seems specially heinous when you're so obviously trying to piggy-ride the stature of such a well known game as is SD3...

Now, that's enough to justify not backing this, if you ask me. =/
I contacted the pixel artist who did the sprites sometime ago, for various reasons and we exchanged a few messages. I learned about Seyken then and posted it around. Anyone who registered to the game would have been emailed about their Indiegogo campaign.

I think the character pixel art is nice but the animations are lacking especially in-game. The characters design are also way too similar to SD3 and the series in general, I noticed that instantly and some even looked like edits as Nessiah pointed out. That pixel artist is not even remotely cheap so that bothered me more, the lack of creativity.

Seyken has been in development for a while, it isn't anything new. I think the tiles look nice albeit hi-res and has that modernized feel. It's probably what I like about the game most.

The gameplay is pretty awful, I'm not sure a bunch of money would fix that. You click the mobs and then your character attacks them. You basically have to be in breathing distance to to draw enemy aggro otherwise they just look like field animals minding their business.

Again, the animations are sluggish. The weirdest thing I noticed is that when you hold shift to run, a run animation is evident but the character does not actually gain any speed. Movesets / maneuvering should have been up there on their priority list especially before going public. But the combination of ALL animations feeling sluggish, bad, and the run animation being broken... That kind of made the game look really dull.

"an arcade style online JRPG re-inventing the 16bit Console Fantasy Classics."

This statement doesn't really convince me that the team is reinventing anything. The character sprites are really uninspiring / lack creativity. I'm 100% sure the pixel artist could have done something new and unique, it's not a lack of talent. The gameplay is pretty bad, I really wished they would have just created a free reign action mmo instead of a point and click (and forget) MMO.

These guys worked on this game while having a full-time job so I WOULD have gave them the benefit of the doubt. I just don't see a real vision. They haven't convinced me that they are doing anything different or improving "classic" design. All I see are nice tiles as Ocean pointed out lol.

I still support them but idk, $55,000 on Indiegogo? It doesn't really look like they did their research!

There are some things that is bothering me though.
Yeah, this bothered me as soon as I saw the first screenshot. It looks like Duran. The tiles are gorgeous, though. Very reminiscent of a Henk Nieborg Amiga style (a style he maintained in the PSX/GBA titles he's worked on as well). Henk's style is a good one to emulate and the tile artist has done so pretty flawlessly.
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I dunno I can't help but be amused that the only character description for Reisz I mean Anabelle is "hates boys"., The backstories to the characters are nearly the same as their SD3 counterpart. Its totally reinventing the genre!
WHOA wow wow. two tails? that is a sexy idea...

I still support them but idk, $55,000 on Indiegogo? It doesn't really look like they did their research!

yes, because a guy who commits fraud on kickstarter has credible opinions. remember guys, if you want to game a bunch of humans commission 2 mockups and art in a month. long live fraudfall!

ghosts idea of research is scamming people with fake content. he's an inspiration to us all.
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I agree with Ghost's post. That's worth at least eighty credibilities.

E: Their graphical team is pretty serious. Deviant arts, pixeljoints, and general stories line up. "Inspired" art or not, they've clearly put out a lot of work on this project.

Their allotment for kick starter funds seems really poorly drawn out. If they said nothing but "more art" I'd be good, though I find it odd they chose to mention Gamepad support as a goal over talking about online infrastructure.

The game play, from what I've seen, is broken on a fundamental level. While not included as a goal on the page, improving their game play flow and design should be a higher priority. Haven't seen anyone give any praise for it, which is pretty bad considering the indie scene is the one that constantly talks about "fun game play is more important than graphics". We'll see if their artists can carry the weight of this one.

E: It's worth noting I haven't played it. Just a bit of preliminary investigation via blogs, dAs, and google.

im not a fan of vibrance
I'm not comfortable with any idea that can't be expressed in the form of men's jewelry
Art is meaningless. Thankfully there are idiots out there willing to throw money at things that have nothing behind them.

EDIT: Wow and looking at it, it pretty much is SD3. HIGHLY INSPIRED WORK OF ART

EDIT2: And the perspective is fucked.
EDIT2: And the perspective is fucked.

Perspective is fine. It's a vertical panoramic. You'll never actually see the top of the city walls at the same time as the environment leading up to it. The camera is basically tilting upwards as you approach the city. It's pretty common and you wouldn't consider it a perspective issue if you saw it in game.
Having never played SD3, it didn't hit me as hard until someone pointed it out, but yeah.

I mean this wouldn't be so striking if he wasn't asking for money. I MEAN. Art imitates art all the time, and if he was doing this for shits and gigs and expecting nothing for it except "Hey I did this thing come check this out; or don't idgf" that would be fine. If the gameplay is shitty though, that's a real issue with the prospect of trying to get investors on this.

The trend of asking for tens of thousands of dollars for these things is something I'm seeing more and more, but I don't really have enough of an educated opinion to say "hey stop this" so I figure the best thing to do is to stand back, observe, and just watch and learn more about the whole thing before I say something retarded.
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So.. pretty. Gameplay and concept don't interest me at all though sadly.
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I still support them but idk, $55,000 on Indiegogo? It doesn't really look like they did their research!

yes, because a guy who commits fraud on kickstarter has credible opinions. remember guys, if you want to game a bunch of humans commission 2 mockups and art in a month. long live fraudfall!

ghosts idea of research is scamming people with fake content. he's an inspiration to us all.

jesus christ you're such a whiny little bitch. man up to your own shortcomings instead of taking it out on everyone but yourself. i mean, holy shit dude. you seriously need to get a hold of yourself. obviously you're the fucking pinnacle of content production with 2 qte robot scenes produced in 6+ years. game must be 99% complete! you're too lazy to do anything that requires a slight amount of effort like actually improving your art and game presentation or learning what an rpg maker variable does, but it's cool, it's not your fault - everyone who worked hard on their craft is just cheating by using tablets that magically produce art, right? the only reason you're not successful is because you're so fucking noble. a real, true blue artist in a world of frauds. if you're 30 fucking years old and still can't realize what a joke your infant mentality is then you're probably never going to learn. you're so dumbfounded by your own failure that you feel the need to follow someone who succeeded around the entire site as if engaged in some kind of ritual ablution, washing away the pain of your own incompetence and the possibility of any self realization. i supported you before you decided to start acting like such a piece of shit to a friend who actually made it. take responsibility for yourself and grow the fuck up before it's too late. god speed.
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