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I'm sure everyone has seen some pretty annoying ads before. The ones I find most annoying are the ones that actually have sound and are videos. Those ones slow down my computer.

Basically, I'd like to make a collection of these bad ads because they are entertaining. Images are preferred, but text is okay.

First off (from memory):

-An ad with a facebook user image and text reading "3 people unfriended you. Find out who!" Ummm... I don't have a facebook.

-An ad that is a maze. To draw the line you have to hold down your mouse. When you release at the goal, it counts as a click and sends you to the page. This one got me because I was board an had nothing to do. Then I found out I could just go to the goal and then go off of the ad with no problem.

-An ad for World of Warcraft. It is a video ad with sound. It has a speaker button, so I click it hoping to at least mute the video. Turns out the speaker was actually just part of the video, not an actual speaker button. When I clicked it, it sent me to the webpage.

-Ads before games and videos. These have to be the stupidest ads in the world. "This ad will close in 30 seconds" and then you see the underlined button that says "close" or the "skip ad" button. Do they really expect us to not close/skip the ad?
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I haven't seen an ad on the internet in years.
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