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Well, this whole thing is in the gray area at the moment. Meh, I can still access the Adobe CS2 website for that matter.
"We thought Adobe was being awesome, but they just didn't really know what they were doing."
As they posted and said they do not mean for this to be a freebie I did not not install. I do not want to be a thief, nor do I want someone to pirate something for me someday. (Or the next time my roommate forgets the house key in the door someone to walk in and rob us).
All that's left to do is to laugh.
You still talkin' about this?

I don't buy it. The people at Adobe are too smart to do something like this by accident. Everything went according to plan.

Think about it. Adobe's products are priced at ludicrous values, yet are pathetically easy to crack. You'd think such valuable software would be better protected.

I think they only put copy protection on their software for legal reasons. They actually want it to be pirated. Photoshop is so well known that it is used as a verb for the act of digitally altering an image. Most graphics workers will want to use Photoshop, and they will pirate it, and use it a lot, learning everything about it.

The result? You have a huge ammount of people entering the workforce who know Photoshop inside and out, and have spent years using it and nothing else. And so, the companies that hire them get legit Adobe licences, at their ridiculous prices, for their employees to use the tools legally.

An individual can pirate whatever software he wants with impunity, but companies do not have that freedom. Adobe knows piracy is impossible to stop, and has actually integrated it in their business plan. By indirectly training the workforce in their products, they are forcing the employers' hands.

I thought this was common knowledge.
I think you give Adobe too much credit.
For how long it was left up (it might still be, idk), without any implications on the page itself not to download it if you didn't own it, I really can't say they were that concerned about losing income from it. While I'm against pirating software, if a company leaves downloads up with software keys for weeks, without ever mentioning the legality of downloading it without purchasing, I don't think that really falls into pirating the software. That would be like (using someone elses example), someone putting out a plate of cookies on a dinner table, then after they've all been eaten, doing nothing about it.
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For how long it was left up (it might still be, idk)

It's still up, albeit with a disclaimer that nobody's going to read that says you must be a legitimate owner of CS2 to use the provided keys and downloads.
The wording actually says you 'should' be an owner, not 'must' be an owner. Should implies that you don't necessarily have to be, but it is preferred. If they cared about stopping people, they should use stronger language.
*must use stronger language
Haha, I knew someone would catch that.
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The real point to be made here is that not even I actually bothered to properly read the disclaimer.

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I was going to download this, but I guess Ill make due with gimp. Anyway I need to learn the basics of art like form, shading, color, stuff like that.
Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
IF it's stil there I may grab it. I've bene dong fairlywel with GIMP for now, but why not.? And y
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