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I hate RPG Maker because of what it has done to me
Any chance there are links to mp3s / oggs? They would be more applicable to games.
There are ways of converting those into MP3 format.
Try this:

I know it says video coverter but it can convert it to audio.
You can install a Firefox plugin - VideoDownloadHelper to downlaod this videos off YouTube and then convert to mp3 audio.

If you wanna get more options to convert the downloaded videos/audio from YouTube to any type of file format or for portable device, then you can try AppGeeker video converter.

If you know a bit about computers its really easy.
Good News.
I have decide to use file download site.
No more having to convert Youtube videos into MP3/OGG format.
I also stopped using youtube converters... I use myfreemp3 now. Search of google.. If I can't find it there then I use

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I suggest its works great

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