I'd really like to get rid of LockeZ. His play style is way too unpredictable. He's always like this too. If he ran a country, he'd just kill and imprison people at random until crime stopped.
This is sort of a weird request, and I'm not sure how it would work, but would it be possible to be able to set images from rejected games as seeking feedback?

If not that's fine; the screenshot topic isn't going anywhere soon and is a good place for screenshots that aren't associated with game profiles
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hrmmmmm..... while I could expose the link, because the game is denied when you clicked it, it would come up with ANTI CLIMBING PAINT most likely.

(I do hope the Images Looking For Feedback thing catches on, though :\ )

Also, for the DEMOS, I just make an assumption that if you upload a demo, and your game is in PRODUCTION status, then you are looking for feedback. There is no specific checkbox for that.
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-I am brainstorming a way to implement hali's idea of a "workshop" for games in the queue that need just a little bit of help to get accepted. I would list these games in the Dev portal. (It would be similar to Lockez's request for images of games that are rejected, in a sense.)

-the RMN store has had no sales yet. I might put it on the main nav bar, but I am a little loathe to do that, as it says "RMN is all about the cashmoneys $$$". On that note, I will be implementing a permanent discount code for RMN Donors for the RMN store affiliate items. (at this time, that is ALL the items in the store. I say affiliate items, though, because if we ever have, say, t-shirts, I don't know if I can selectively apply discounts like I can for affiliate items)

how are you liking/hating the changes?
why aren't you using the Images for Feedback?
I like the changes. Store doesn't need to be on the main nav bar though.

I'm not using the feedback thing because I don't have any images on the site at all. I will use it in the future though.
I like the changes thus far and I'm thrilled that a lot of the resource packs are being sold here now. Gonna buy one for my birthday in a month. :D

I have used the images for Feedback once so far and really appreciated and loved the feedback I've gotten so far.

Is Dudesoft really interested in doing t-shirts?
Well, I'm poor (And i'm not interested in EB! products) so no money for you! But I'm gonna insist. Put the Store link in the navigation bar. We already know that you've sold us out, so why not embrace it as well? ;D

As for the images section. I guess people just don't like feedback? =( ...Or maybe it feels different. Whenever somebody ask for feedback in the forums, the whole thing tends to be more dynamic. There's a back and forth of ideas and you can actually follow the progress of that person in the thread, but so far that hasn't happened in this new section. People is very passive when it comes to their game profiles. That's the reason why I wasn't so sold out about this idea to begin with, but I haven't given up hope yet.
Nothing major serious, but it is a little annoying to have marked a profile as private and still find the screenshots (and therefore the rest of the page) on the front page.

Sorted it. Even though I ticked the box, it somehow didn't read. I reticked it and it's fine now.
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QUESTIONhow are you liking/hating the changes?
why aren't you using the Images for Feedback?

The dev portal is looking really nice. I think it is a suitable substitute for the screenshot thread now.

As a user, it would be really neat to be able to receive makerscore for providing good feedback for those screenshots tagged as "feedback requested".

This could be something as simple as giving authors of the screenshot a "vote" button for comments left on the screenshots that they found helpful and constructive.

It could also be used as a rule to purge screenshots that have received feedback and showcase more screenshots that do not have feedback. I'm envisioning something similar to "Yahoo Answers" with a less ignorant user-base.

Keep up the great work, kentona. :)
I think the other thing is you need a gamepage for Image Feedback.
So some others would still use the screenshot topic :o
The screenshot topic has it's uses, especially for those who are new and can't get their games up due to poor mapping, so I'm really glad it hasn't been scrapped. You do need a Game Profile to add screens to the feedback area, after all. Maybe - if you really want Screenshot Topic gone - enable from-locker posting of images for those who are still learning how to and how not to map?

A few times I've also wanted to give a post the thumbs up - especially for those who have been really helpful to others. Maybe even something that encourages people to behave well (not that we have much trouble with people being bad) by giving MS if they get a certain amount of likes or a badge or something. IDK

Some newer members have complained that it's hard to find certain types of information - things like how to upload a game/create a profile/general etiquette rules (macro/double posts)/joining contests/what defines things like episodic games/how locker space works/where to share certain topics/etc.
I was thinking maybe a small 'newbie pack' that is accessible from ... somewhere ... - maybe profiles? maybe even expand the What is MakerScore as a mini-FAQ area?

All up, though, I approve. (Not that my approval means much but hey, it's there. XD ) I'm enjoying all the small bits here and there that have been added on.
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We have an absolute plethora of places showing what to do/not to do. New Users are automatically redirected to that helpful New to RMN? guide. There is a link to that guide in the footer AND the community menu. When you submit a new game there is a short synopsis on what is and is not acceptable right at the top, with a link to the detailed submission rules, and when you submit you are automatically forwarded to your "Upload Images" page with another warning that your profile will not be accepted without 3 ingame images.

At some point, the onus has to be on the end user to actually pay attention. "But I didn't know!" "You should've have known. OWN UP!"

I honestly don't know what more you expect me to do.
If that's the case then it's on their head for not paying attention. I just noticed it was a thing occurring in the last month or so.

(It's been a while since I last signed up to the site so I don't really recall what information was given to newbies. ^.^; )
Circumstance penalty for being the bard.
If that's the case then it's on their head for not paying attention. I just noticed it was a thing occurring in the last month or so.

(It's been a while since I last signed up to the site so I don't really recall what information was given to newbies. ^.^; )

Is there more stuff you'd like to see on the FAQ? It probably hasn't been updated in a while...
I'll take a look and let you know~

Ah, in the New to RMN thread: Possibly put in a line about the look of a project too - it talks about gameplay, written and bugs but nothing about empty bland maps or graphics that rape your eyes.

Also, Kentona is still listed as submission staffer. XD

Perhaps a reminder about site posting rules, too. No Macros outside of Welp and try not to kill each other with insults or snide comments. Also, no stealing others' resources. And maybe a mention of the store? Hm...

All in all it's pretty complete though.
Circumstance penalty for being the bard.
Also, how do you have almost as much MS as me?!
can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
Also, how do you have almost as much MS as me?!
Let's Play media, presumably.
Who, me? Lots of games, lots of media, lots of love~

(Decent reviews help. And writing reviews. And donating. And being in competitions.)

Better run, Soli. I'm catching back up to where I used to be... first place, that is. ^.^
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Once I feel that my makerscore lead is being threatened I'll start churning out more games.
^ Yay! Deckiller is less than 500 points away.
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Heh; Even if I love when newbies are told that something is their fault for not reading the rules and then you never hear from them again (xD) perhaps is also true that this information is not so "catchy". I guess most people just skim through the forms an overlook the links... You know kids, they won't read anything unless it has pictures in it.

So how about we make an illustrated FAQ? Like a comic or something. (It could be a community event!) Or perhaps even a video crappily animated in flash like the ones those guys from Extra Credits do... I think people are more likely to watch a single 5 min video with all the "dos and don'ts" than dig this information from all over the site.