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Hello! We are working on an game much like Ib and the likes.

We already have the story, puzzles and art worked out.

The only thing that's missing is a programmer. Since we don't know how to work with RPG Maker and can't seem to find someone we were wondering if anyone would want to help us?

We need somenoe who can work with RPG maker XP or RPG Maker VX.

We will be posting updates and other info in our blog. If you're interested feel free to contact us through our tumblr, private message or through our e-mail.

Thank you!

tumblr: http://pocketmirror-project.tumblr.com/
e-mail: pocketmirrorproject@hotmail.com
Cool, I am still working on another project right now so I can't really help, but this seems pretty interesting. Good luck, I expect great things from this. Great things indeed.
Thank you! We will try our best!
You would do best to post progress stuff in regards to art / screenshots (even if they're just mockups) and stuff in that tumblr instead of leaving a sole recruitment page in there.
It would generate more hype, and more hype would generate recruitment.
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