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Well, this is a farshot, mostly because I don't have a way to contact Modern Algerbra, and more so, however:

In my newest project, I am creating a text rpg in RMVX, using Modern Algerbra's ATS 3.0c,25348.0.html

However, I have run into a strange and slight problem...
The last choice of the first choice box crashes the game. Well, it does something strange anyways:

The third choice that is highlighted is the last of the choices, before it runs onto the next two choices in a seperate choice action. Upon selecting it:

I am given this monster. Please note that this is a empty choice, with only a comment in it(To make larger choices). This happens no matter what the case is, empty choice or not. It shows the last two choices behind what I am guessing to be the help box? If you select it, it goes back to the autorun event, but if you hit an arrow key:

It crashes, leading to this line in the script.

Ah, for thouse whom are familiar with this script, here are the overall settings I used in the code section before it:
ats_all (:message_width, 540)
ats_all (:message_height, 415)
ats_all (:max_lines, 16)
ats_all (:append_choice, true)

This is at the very begining of the game, setting up the large text window to flow perfectly. I only added the "append_choice" because I thought it would fix this, like it did in Modern's demo.

Any help would be greatly appreciates, and I am willing to post the actual demo to show what I mean.
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