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I'm trying to create items of the Skill Scroll type, and I'm noticing that when the character uses the item, it damages the enemy (and disappears the enemy if it does enough damage to kill it) before playing the battle animation for the skill. If I use the skill itself, however, the damage happens after the battle animation.

Am I doing something wrong here? Is there any way to remedy this?

This is awkward. Hey, how frames long are your battle animations?
And all the frames are filled properly, right?
If by filled properly you mean there is a graphic in each one, then yes. Like I said, the animation itself matches up just fine when paired with a skill, it's just when the item activates the skill that the timing is off. Is that normal for the engine?

Edited to add: I tried using one of the pre-installed skills (flame) whose preset animation is 40 frames, and it seems like when the skill is activated as a skill, the damage occurs after the animation, but when the item invokes the skill, the damage is done immediately.
Then perhaps this is an innate property / bug of the item scroll system in rm2k3. Can't say for sure... I actually never used Item Scrolls, at all. (Don't quite like them)
This is a nice bug for the RM patchers to take not of, though!
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