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I started using RPG maker VX but then discovered Ace. I already have a lot of content in VX, i was wondering if there was a way to open up games made in vx in Ace. or is ACE just too different.

You can't open them in Ace, but you should be able to convert the maps and resources over. (Just rename the maps to file type .rvdata2) I'm not sure about the actual data files, though you can try on a dummy project to also rename them with the different file type and see if they carry over.
Sadly you'll have to redo your scripts, databasing and (I think) common events. You'd also have to check any events that were copied over with the maps in case of using a command that isn't applicable in Ace.
But hey, maps and shit!
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There is a VX to VXAce converter which will transfer all still-applicable map and database data to a VXAce project (including passability). A Google search should find it for you pretty fast.
Damn... I'm already pretty far in VX. It be a big undertaking to re do a lot in Ace. Maybe I should just save ace for a new project, the diffs may not be worth it.
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