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I'm not sure what happened, but whenever I try to save it says stream write error and doesn't allow me to. This is RM2K3. WHAT DO I DO?!
Reformat windows.

Okay, in all seriousness, is the game you're trying to run on one of your hard drives, or an external device (thumb drive) or something. It sounds like the save file is trying to write to the folder, but can't for whatever reason. If it's on your hard drive, you probably have some folder permission issues. Can you copy files to and from that folder without error?

Next question, does the game you're trying to run use DynRPG (aka is there a "DynPlugins" folder).
Just like when you're lost and you retrace your footsteps to find your way back, figuring out the last thing you did before it happened helps you identify the problem and find a solution. What was the last thing you did?
Do you have any PC cleaner or tune up software? Disable it.
Next, try running RM2k3 with admin rights (if you don't already do so).
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I don't really know what I did

1. I saved
2. I closed the project
3. I opened Hellion and looked at the town map
4. I Closed Hellion
5. I opened my project
6. I used the paint command
7. I painted it back to the way it was
8. I attempt to save
9. It fails
10. I revert it to the last save because I didn't really change anything

So, in the end, it hasn't really affected anything, but it would be nice to know if this ever comes up again. Maybe I closed the project as it was saving?
Please try running the RPG Maker as admin. (Rightclick its icon, Properties, Compatibility, tick "Run as administrator" at the bottom).
i think he's saying that he went back to an old backup and this isn't a problem anymore. this lacks clarity.
Oh I didn't get that.
Well, then your database might have been corrupted before.
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Yes, I hit the little button that says revert to last save.
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