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I've been considering an idea for the main character. He has the ability to equip either a small shield or a parrying dagger. Both items will increase his evasion, but the shield will increase his defense and the dagger will increase his counter attack rate. Do you think this is a good idea or not?
Not bad, but remember to design your game around all stats and skills.

Design two enemies. One that hits pretty hard, thus requiring more defense. And one that hits quite a lot, and/or needs to be killed quickly.

Make sure the increased defense and counter rate means something.
If this can't be done easily with equipment, try buffs that cannot stack with each other.
It's impossible to say without further information. The idea is by itself neither a good or a bad idea, it depends on implementation.

A warning though, defense and counter rate usually doesn't scale the same way. Having say +5 defense means much less late in the game than early while +5 counter rate is equally effective early and late in game. Unless you do the math carefully, you will make the parrying dagger either useless at the beginning or overpowered at the end or both.
Maybe the off-hand dagger has a 50% counter rating, plus a little bit of added attack power. Increase the attack power for every new tier.

You could do something similar with shields. Say some of the monsters have a chance to crit. Put a 50% critical evasion onto said shield along with a small defense increase.

If the battle system allows for change of equipment while fighting, this could add some interesting battle strategies.
Sounds like a good idea. If the benefits of both are well balanced, it'll be a plus. As the dagger is pretty useless against range attack while the shield provides decent cover against it, I would propose something like (made up numbers):

In melee
  • 35% chance of blocking enemy attack

  • 15% chance of blocking enemy attack

  • 10 % chance of counter-strike using the dagger (use of dagger attack stat) but the enemy attack succeeds.

  • 5 % chance of blocking enemy attack and perform counter-strike using the dagger.

Against range attack
  • 25% chance of blocking enemy missile thrown at you

  • 5% chance of blocking enemy missile thrown at an ally in back line when you're in front line

  • 2% chance of blocking enemy missile thrown at you (not much but still better than nothing)

Switching equipment during battle is a good idea. But is has to cost an action turn.
Thanks for the advice, I'll definitely consider allowing equipment changes and the statistical suggestions.
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