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Hello fellow RPG Makers. I've taken a huge interest in this site as one of the (if not the only) great bastions of the English speaking RM community.

I am pretty new to the program, but I've tried others before and like to believe that my gameplay balancing is a huge strength of mine. I love creating battles and boss battles, so I hope someday others can enjoy my creations too.

I have a project in the works called Akeldema that will be a game in a modern setting which I will probably try to make a gamepage for once I have the prologue done. The prologue is going to have the first dungeon and introduce the story, so it should be more than an hour long.

This is probably where I take my very awkward bow and slink away from the topic for a few. I'm sorry if my wording ever gets a bit odd as my first language isn't English. (I was born in the US though, so I've had constant streams of English over the years)

Here's to finding like minds and great new RM buddies.
Your english is fine. Hopefully you find the site useful, friendly and accomodating! Welcome to RMN!
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