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So, in the next SBB (code name: Super Smash Bros. Brouhaha) what new characters would you like to see? Try to keep it to characters seen on Nintendo platforms (honestly, nobody cares about Master

..:: Top 10 List of Characters You'd Like To See In The Next Super Smash Bros. ::..

10. Eggplant Wizard
This guy was freakin' annoying in Kid Icarus. Pit needs a nemesis, anyway.

9. Birdo
I wonder what her ranged attack would be.

8. Dragon Warrior
The scion of Erdrick - the hero from the first Draqon Quest game. I mean, they have these nobodies that no one has heard of like Ike and Roy and ...Marty or something, why not someone from the RPG that defined console RPGs? Besides, I want to know what the spell animation for Hurt would look like.

7. Sam (from Super Dodgeball)
Sam would kick ass and then spike you with a frisbee-shaped dodgeball. Then you'd die.

6. Simon Belmont
Was Simon the first vampire hunter? Either way, he'd be a kickass, whip-wielding, axe-throwing addition to SSB Brouhaha.

5. Captain N
Okay, so he wasn't in a game, but he was in his own cartoon. He's too cool NOT to have.

4. Master Higgins
From the Adventure Island games, which are awesome. SSB Brouhaha needs more shirtless tubby guys anyway.

3. Bomberman
Bomberman! How didn't he make it into SSB Brawl, anyway?

2. Toad
This guy kicked ass in Super Mario Bros. 2, and he's in every Mario game except SSB for some unknown reason. Add him!

1. Megaman
The Blue Bomber NEEDS to be in the next SSB or I will kill someone.


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Most of these don't stand a snowball's chance in hell at happening, but... Oh well.

10. Bomberman/max, maybe like Ice Climbers?
9. Weaville, from pokemanz. So much cooler than Lucario. Cooler, ice type? Get it? Get it? Ehhh...
8. Leon, from Resident Evil 4. Since there's a no guns policy, give him a big ass chainsaw. =) Lucia, from Luminous Arc
7. Some link that can actually be a wolf. ._.
6. Megaman, from duh. I don't actually like or miss him that much, but it seems incomplete.
5. Soma Cruz, from Aria/Dawn of Sorrow (Castlevania). Never played one with a Belmont (excluding Julius, who wasn't the main characters) so I can't really say how he'd compare to one.
4. Nina, from the Breath of Fire series.
3. Kalas, from Baiten Kaitos.
2. Kratos, from Tales of Symphonia. It would probably be Lloyd if that happened, but nyaaah. A Zelos is fine too.
1. Jenna, from Golden Sun. Okay, well, I'd be happy with anyone from GS, since obviously Jenna wouldn't happen but Jenna's my favorite, so~
Just the ten characters I would like to see, in no particular order, just the order I thought of them.

10: Professor E. Gadd
He would be so awesome, plus he could have Poltergust 3000.

9: Billy Hatcher
Oh c'mon, stupid chicken suit and a giant rolling egg, he'll fit right in!

8: Slippy Toad
Clearly the best pilot from Starfox

7: Paper Mario
Like Mario, but he's paper...

6: Juno
From Jet Force Gemini, I just love that game.

5: Bomberman
Yeah he's been said already I know.

4: Skull Kid
I dunno I just liked him a lot, he could use his Majora Mask powers and junk.

3: Mr Resetti
For the sheer fun of beating him up. "Try and teach me to save will you, well deal with fireballs KEEEYAAAH!"...uh...yep.

2: Andy
From advance wars, he was the coolest officer, plus he could heal his troops and throw spanners at people

1: Megaman
Yeah good ol' Megaman. He could be a stand alone character or a copy of Samus, as long as he gets in one way or another.

If anyone says Sora or Naruto i'll have a stoke.
1-10. Magus.

Would probably be the Best Unlockable Character ever. Would also have a unique moveset, because as far as I know no other character in Super Smash Bros uses a scythe as a weapon.

He'd really need his theme music, though. That would be awesome.
It's like toothpicks against a tank
1) Ayla (Chrono Trigger) She is 100% built for this game.

2) Lynn (Fire Emblem 7)

3) Cecil (Final Fantasy 4)

4) Terra (Final Fantasy 6)

5) Magus (Chrono Trigger)

6) Erdrick... or his descendants or whatever (Dragon Warrior)

7) The Black Knight (Fire Emblem 9,10)

8) Titania (Fire Emblem 9, 10)

9) Garm Tyranos (Legacies of Dondoran) lolololol

10) Shadow (Final Fantasy 6)
10. Mia
9. Birdo
8. Ivan
7. Weavel
6. Eirika
5. Lyn
4. Paper Mario
3. Bomberman
1. Naruto (of course) ;)
@harmonic: that's pretty RPG-heavy.
It's like toothpicks against a tank
What can I say, I'm a fan of RPGs ???
always a dudesoft, never a soft dude.
This reminds me of David Letterman.

10. The Pitfall guy
9. Burger Time Chef
8. Spyro the Dragon
7. Paperboy
6. Crash Bandicoot
5. Simon Belmont
4. Earthworm Jim
3. Tony Hawk
2. Altaïr bin La-Ahad
1. Balthier
10. Master Chief
9. Simon Belmont
8. Hector
7. Guybrush Threepwood
6. Quote
5. Leon
4. Bomberman
3. Felix
2. Megaman
1. Rayman
I'm bringing this world back for you and for me.
1.Miles "Tails" Prower
Every hero needs a side kick, even Sonic the Hedgehog

Wario is already in it

Could you even imagine?

Everyone likes Tales of Symphonia

If Megaman gets in Zero must also get in


Something more useless than peach

Hey Snake is in it

Pikimin 2 rocks

Is Zero still en vogue, or has he been Sephiroth'd?
always a dudesoft, never a soft dude.
I always looked at him as the lameass version of what Raiden is to Metal Gear Solid 2. Even if Raiden redeems himself in MGS4.
author=Dudesoft link=topic=1302.msg20777#msg20777 date=1213916309
I always looked at him as the lameass version of what Raiden is to Metal Gear Solid 2. Even if Raiden redeems himself in MGS4.
I assure you I have no idea who you are talking about.
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Top 10 people who should've been in SSBB (in no particular order):

1. Ridley - I don't care what they say about awkwardness or size, Ridley should've been a playable fighter. They could've scaled him down to the same size as Bowser (after all, Olimar is usually the size of a quarter, and look at him!), and even making him a clone of Charizard would work (although I never encourage clone characters).

2. Krystal - a Star Fox player that could easily not be a clone of Fox. I don't know a lot about her, but she can fight with a staff (and that's already different). For that matter, they shouldn't have made the Fox characters all have the same Final Smash. They could've given Falco an Arwing instead ("Personally, I prefer the air!") and Wolf could call in an air strike from his cronies. But, what do I know...

3. Tom Nook - I know next to nothing about Animal Crossing, but they could've at least included a fighter for the series, seeing how it has a stage and all.

4. Paper Mario - DON'T THINK 'MARIO CLONE', BUT FLAT. The Paper Mario series has plenty of possibilities for a moveset, and he'd be a fine answer to Toon Link (just forget Dr. Mario, okay?).

5. King K. Rool - DK's villain would make a fine edition to the heavy-weight class of characters, especially with all the occupations he's had in the past.

6. Mewtwo - he was the only unique character from SSBM that didn't come back, and the differences between him and Lucario are enough that they wouldn't have to be clones of one another.

7. Somebody from F-Zero - I don't care who (would probably care more if I actually knew any of them). His series is one of the most overlooked ones on the roster now, and sometimes I even forget he's tucked down there under all the Fox people.

8. Mii - this would've been brilliant. Allowing players to fight as themselves? Or whoever they wanted to look like?! Just give them a universal moveset and varying stats based on height and weight, and you've got a very interesting and flexible character. Also, a 'Mii Parade' Final Smash would be beautiful.


9. Goomba - Yes, Goomba. The most incapable of foes, a player in a fighting game...picture this:
B - Parachute. Ejects a parachute that bumps away foes. If used in midair, allows Goomba to float gently to the ground, swinging back and forth and hurting those he collides with on the way.
Up+B - Paragoomba. Sprouts wings and flutters about, damaging enemies collided with.
Side+B - Headbonk. Launch sideways to clobber an opponent. If you have good timing with a button press on collision, you cause them to flinch greatly and land a second blow yourself.
Down+B - Spiked Helmet. Whips out a helmet with a spike that damages anyone who hits it. Works like a counter attack.
Final Smash - Tiny Goombas. Itty-bitty Goombas swarm around the stage attaching themselves to the other players. They make moving and jumping very difficult, but don't affect knockback. This leaves them easy prey for Goomba to defeat with normal moves.

10. Madotsuki - She's the main character from the RM2K3 game, Yume Nikki. I doubt you guys have any clue about her, but her moveset has so much potential that I couldn't help but mention her. I won't bother with the specifics, unless one of you knows her deal and is interested in what I've come up with. ;)

And...that's it. There aren't really any others I would add at the moment, even though I still have some good ideas. Sorry for the length of all this, though. End rant.
I'm bringing this world back for you and for me.
If anyone says Sora or Naruto i'll have a stoke.

I can imagine a move set for them:

B-Strike Raid
Up B-Ragnarock
Forward B-Ars Arcanum
Down B-Sonic Blade
Final Smash:Trinity Limit
Taunt 1:"I have a light that never goes out!"
Taunt 2:"I am the Keyblade wielder!"

B-Sexy Jutsu
Up B-Shadow Clone Chain
Forward B-Shuriken Clone (Shuriken that transform into Shadow Clone)
Down B-Hidden Clone Uppercut
Final Smash: Rasengan
Taunt 1: "Believe it!"
Taunt 2: "I'm Uzumaki Naruto the next Hokage!"
Ones I'd like to see, each would be easy as hell to make moves for as well.

1. Isacc From Golden Sun PLAYABLE, all the possibilities they could throw into a character like this? They could even throw Djinn assist trophies in to add to the feel.

2. Michelangelo- From the many TMNT Games(or any turtle for that matter, come on they got tons of games on Nintendo get them in there!) I wanna see some mean green ninja ass kicking :-D.

3. Terry Bogard- From the Fatal Fury Series the Legendary Terry joins the brawl, bringing his burning nuckle, and power wave!

4. Battle Toad- Any of em, they all awesome. Just think about their smash attacks, HUGE foot, HUGE hand, hehehe yeah.

5. Mew- Except don't mess mew up like Mewtwo was, make his flying more controlable and give him decent moves like the energy field slam from the movie.

6. MegaMan- I'd love to see him and Samus go out at it :-D

7. Banjo Kazooie- The bird bear would easily fit into the already twisted line up of characters.

8. An Actual Dark Link- Not just a skin, a whole new dark evil teleporting link, give a real remake of the battle in Zelda-OOT.

9. Final Fantasy Fighter- This would just be for Nostalgia any of the old FF1 characters would be great.

10. Nightz- Just a cool looking character that seems like it'd be fun in a brawl :-D.
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Man so many choices not really but here are my decisions.. Not in any particular order.

Issac(Golden Sun) - I cant believe they haven't done this yet. Golden Sun was a fucken awesome game. Plus the whole Psynergy thing would give so many choices for moves.

Jak(Jak & Daxter Series) - I love the Jak games and Jak is just a great character and has again a lot of possibilities for moves with the whole Light & Dark sides to him.

Crono(Chrono Trigger) - Do I really need to explain this one?

Sabin/Locke/Shadow(Final Fantasy VI) - Either one of these guys in Smash would make me happy. Sabin already has moves which could be incorporated into Smash and Locke and Shadow are just great characters anyway.

Ratchet(Rachet & Clank Series) - Funny as character and although not much a fan of the games would still be pretty cool.

Kratos(God of War series) - Kratos kicks so much ass already it would just be awesome to have him in Smash and would be hella fun to use.

Jin Kazama(Tekken) - He'd fit perfectly in, I mean he's already the main character of a fighting series. Plus he has the whole devil side to him which could be cool

Turok main character(Turok 1 & 2) - Tribute character I guess to the original games on the Nintendo 64.

Conker(Conker series) - Again just like another tribute to the Nintendo 64 days.

Spyro or Crash Bandicoot(Their Respective PSOne series) - I grew up with Sonic but grew to love their old games by Insomniac and Naughty Dog.

I think I'm done.. Oh and MAST3R CHI3F!!! Disobeying.
Anyone who is more smash-savvy than I am. How many of these are in Smash nowadays?
Anyone who is more smash-savvy than I am. How many of these are in Smash nowadays?

King K. Rool, Banjo-Kazooie, several of the Heroes from Dragon Quest, Ridley, Miis, Simon Belmont and Mega-Man are all in now
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