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Is it possible to have a coordinate that is less than zero or a number negative on RPG maker?
...Need a little more info on that; I've been able to do negatives in some spots, and not in others. I've tried with variables to do negative and it just errors; then again when I put a picture up, I can use negative coordinates to get it in the right spot... So kinda need to know what you're doing. =)
Ok I am sorry about that, I am kind of sleepy so I just wrote what I needed LOL.
What I mean was I have hero x and y coordinate. Is it possible to be less than zero or a negative number?
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The short answer is no. A negative coordinate would be off the map, so the editor would have no data for the tile and would probably produce an error. I haven't tested this (never needed to) but I can't see how it would work. What exactly is it you're trying to do?
In theory, there is no problem in having negative coordinates. It just means that it's counting towards to other side of whatever axis is being used.
For rm2k3, tile coordinates are given from 0 to whatever size of the map you're using (minus one), so the entire map is always defined with positive numbers.

Technically, its perfectly possible to have minus coordinates as well, though it would be of limited use as it's not on the defined map anymore (as stated above).
Under normal conditions, this would mean that you're hero is gone, and that you can't move anymore though.
For screen relative coordinates however, minus coordinates are perfectly common. It just means that those coordinates are left &/or up of what you can currently see on the screen.
I have some strange bugs fixing pictures to a map when the map have the scroll horizontal/vertical, when I see the coordinates of the image appear with -
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You're wondering if it's possible to move the hero to a spot that doesn't exist? ...obviously the answer is no

What are you trying to do in a more general sense? Why are you asking? Someone can probably come up with a more sensible plan for whatever you're trying to do.

Are you referring to "wrapping"? i.e. there are no edges on the map?
If so, then these errors, would probably stem from how screen relative coordinates work differently once these are into play. Basically then, there are no negative coordinates anymore, just like with tile coordinates.
This could quickly lead to bugs if you try to move pictures around by similar means as you would in a map without wrapping.

You're wondering if it's possible to move the hero to a spot that doesn't exist? ...obviously the answer is no

That's the thing though... it IS possible, though seemingly not very practical.
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