Got any Dexreth amulets?
JJJ7 is actually an intelligent plant who lives in Liberty's house and occupies her computer when she is not at home.

Edit: Come on, Ilan, that's not a lie! Well, except for the mute part. I'm still a person who never stops talking.
NeverSilent became mute because in real life he's like his name, a person who NEVER. STOPS. TALKING!
Ilan enjoys collecting butt memorabilia. "All your butts are belong to us!" is his motto. It's a good motto~
In the pale light of the full moon, TungerManU feels a primal instinct flow threw him. His body becomes muscular, his sense of smell heightened, his nails become sharp and deadly, his teeth sharpen into fangs, fur covers his body from his head to his newly found tail. TungerManU carries the curse of a werewolf. He's embraced his curse, and with every full moon he... posts selfies of himself on a furry porn website.
Antilurker77 knows the truth about TungerManU because he
likes to visit his porn website constantly.
JJJ7 is a terrorist made infamous for sending anthrax to ice cream truck drivers. Does he not like ice cream? Is it the annoying tune? Neither, there's no method to this man's madness!
Hey how come everyone hates me on here.
Ok I have one M a j o r a can king has no games
on his profile. now Tangledlion its time for you to start a
lie about me and tell everyone that the lady s like me on here.
Hey how come everyone hates me on here.

Never seen you before, but I'd advise not posting off topic, If you want I'd suggest making a thread called "Why do you Hate me? How can I improve?"

Anyhoo, MajoracanKing is JJJ7's wing-man in his terrorist plans...
TangledLion is actually bald, his hair is a wig made out of lion's mane fur
MetA Really stands for Meta elf. The one from megaman Zero! That makes you a solid 78% on the Rad-O meter.
Got any Dexreth amulets?
MajoracanKing once had a lying contest with George Washington.
MajoracanKing lost.
NeverSilent created the most generic dubstep song he could in satire then sold it to Skrillex. That was Skrillex's first real hit.

Needless to say NeverSilent regrets it to this day. (I actually happen to like Skrillex but it's for the joke~)
Remember when I actually used to make games? Me neither.
Gourd_Clae is actually Watermelon_Clae
Slashphoenix was killed by CyberDagger's cuber daggers for insulting him.
Everyone above me and directly below me is telling the truth.
Except Aliquis2. Aliquis2 is lying.
If I was lying, I would say soulkeeper keeps Karin held in his basement. Just to abuse her time and time again .. he actually signed up because he found dungeoneer so very interesting.
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
Kylaila has a tracking device implanted in her abdomen that has saved her life on two occasions during her stints as a hip-hop artist in Kolmanskop.


karins_soulkeeper once had an entire seaside town moved because it was spoiling the view from his third floor balcony
Nhubi is actually a Japanese Game developer spy, working undercover in an effort to find the weakness of the Gaijin Indie Developers.

In the past few years, he has succeeded in injecting occasional distress between the members of this community. And now, he vows to bring down the site within three weeks; just in time for his Boss-Man's birthday blowout.