triple posting for goodness!

The donation bar!

as of May 6th, 2013

you guys are awesome! (and rich!)
That is awesome :o
Just donated $5 from the division heaven war chest. Use it well. ;)
Since there are some monthly donors among us, can we have a similar bar for the monthly income vs rent?
Nice, good to see the progress. :o

I'm saving for a badass new PC and was gonna try to cut back on spending this month so I could jam all the remaining cash into my savings, but we'll see what's left at the end of the month and I might make another small contribution. I have far too many gams at the minute and no time to play at all, gotta stop spending money on new ones that I'm never gonna play and put it towards RMN instead.. especially as I should probably play some of the games around here too, oops.

Mebbe if you gathered enough of a crowd, you could do a raffle-like thing where each donation of, say, $5 gets you 1 ticket and you raffle off a Store item each month? Provided enough people bought into it then it'd be rewarding for people to donate and you might make a bit more cash.. but that's probably a dumb idea and wouldn't ever actually work. That or shirts. God I would wear the hell out of an RMN shirt. D:

Oh and by the way you owe me a date for every Paypal transaction I make.
God I would wear the hell out of an RMN shirt.

Yes. Not that I'd have the money to get one anyway.
if i had an allowance, i would give it to rmn
ohh my gosh

if you guys have RMN shirts, I will so beg my parents to get me like 5.

make em in different colors, because i would wear one every single day of the week :o
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You guys are amazing, as usual.
I think someone already proposed the idea, but wouldn't a collaborative MMORPG made by members of the community with RPG maker be a great idea? However i'm no scripter so i don't even know if that would be possible with ruby? It could be hosted on the site, we could just keep adding to it all the time so the world could be potentially massive! What do you think? It could draw a lot of people to the site!

PS, ill probably be donating later! ;) I don't want rmn to stop when i've only just found it!
I threw a one-off $30 in RMN's direction today. I would have thrown more but I suddenly remembered Mothers' Day... ^.^

I might throw some more at a later date, though.
if i had an allowance, i would give it to rmn
Wearing an RMN tee would be like wearing a medal of honor.

Black and White, maybe blue too.
Definitely blue - it's RMN's colour. With the RMN ensignia. Also, mugs~ And posters? We have a lot of neat artists on-site. How about a collaboration on a certain subject? Say, RM through the years or characters from classic RM games (I'd totally spring for, say, an Ara Fell poster - pretty landscape~ - or one of mask girl from The Way...)

And how about brushing off the old Pixel quilt pictures and using them for something?
I like brushing, brushing is good. Liberty is an endless fountain of ideas, I swear.
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Liberty, anything Ara Fell related would sell!
I have a sum total of 2.85 in my paypal, so that would be insulting, but I've got a payment due in from a survey site, I'll on-formard when I get it. This place is too good to lose.
Personally I'd love to see Romancing Walker, The Way, A Blurred Line, Three the Hard Way, Ara Fell, Legion Saga (bonus points for all three), Wilfred the Hero, Clouded Heart, Final Fantasy: Endless Nova, Love and War and other classic game posters.

It'd be something to put on my currently empty walls. Also, a normal RMN poster would be cool too. Or a hoody. Hoodies are pretty sweet.

...RMN needs a DevArt page where people can put their fanarts and whatnot. XD
seeing as how I am in Saskatchewan, we'd be selling bunnyhugs, not "hoodies"
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
I'm living in Australia, it's a pullover. Though bunnyhug is brilliant and I'm going to start calling them that now.
As an Aussie, it's a hoody. Pullover is not Aussie or, I believe, English.. unless you're like, 100 years old. Jumper, maybe. -.-

Anyway, hoody is specifically a zip-up fronted jumper with a hood. Thinking about it, it's probably an Americanism that snuck through. But yeah, a hooded jumper. ^.^
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I still like the Kickstarter game idea for the community Since it would be a win win.

Or what about a special sale where the money goes to the donation? Have members sell there music/artwork/games. I would gladly throw down some MORE money for that, lets think outside the box people.
Every dollar counts!
But does every bitcoin count?

Bits! XD