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I have this music I want to use, but it's very short. Too short to use right now.
So I want it longer, thing is I have little experience in audio editing. I've tried some things in Audacity, but whatever I do it just sounds choppy.

So anyway, here is the song in question:



Now for what needs changed. If you listen to it you can pretty much divide it in four parts:

- Introduction and building up
- Middle melody with drums (or something) behind it
- Melody with vocals (two times)
- Ending

Basically, ideally, I'd like to have the second and third part of above list looped. So "Middle melody, vocals, middle melody, vocals" etc.

If possible, I'd also like a version that doesn't loop, but is just longer. I think five times longer or so: "Intro, middle melody & vocals (x5), ending".

And that's basically it. I don't really expect anyone to give up their free time for this, but maybe there's a chance that someone with skill in audio editing wants to take it up when bored.
The beginning of your desired loop section and the end of it are completely different. I had no idea how to go about looping that track, but here you go.

Try this.

Wow this is actually really good. I can only hear a split second little distortion before it loops.

But actually, now that I hear it, I think it's building up a bit too quickly. Could you make it so that you hear the melody without the vocals two or three times, then the vocals? And then the melody two or three times again, vocals, etc. As it is now, you hear the melody once then the double vocals, I'd like to have more of a build up since the vocals are the main part.

And let me just say thank you very much for taking the time to do this, I really appreciate it.
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