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I think it could work and especially with the RMN-bros engine itself if one tinkers around with it and transform it into a Zelda-II type engine with the creator's permission or just make the engine from scratch.

Zelda-II type adventures....I don't think anyone has ever tried to attempt to make those except for someone trying to make a 3D-demo of it a long while back. It would be really cool to see what RMN community could make out of it. Zelda II doesn't get alot of love being the blacksheep of the Zelda games, but it was pretty fun in it's own unique way.

(I probably not the only one whose brought this up in RMN am'I)?

i have a SMBX game in the works that uses all zelda 2 graphics and plays like zelda 2(the world map). the engine doesn't really have to be transformed. you have to design the levels and enemies a little differently. what works for mario hardly ever works as good for link.
I am planning on making a collaborative Zelda game in SMBX in the near future. I think hali wanted to do Super RMN World 2: Broshi's Island, in the future too.

So I am cleaning out my TODO list (hey it grows unwieldly at times!) and I compiled the 16 (!) game project ideas I have into a single list. Most of them haven't been started.

Since I kind of want to share them, I thought I'd post it here.

Generica: The Next Generation
Nu Supra Mairo Bors.
Tragical / T&T
Super RMN Kart
Zelda III: The Adventure of RMN
Settlers of Kentan
Aether Pulse
The Unicorn of Death / Alicorn
How To Evolve Your Dragon
The Children of the After
Veridian Dance
Android Dryad
The King and Guy
Forgotten Lands clone

Zelda III: The Adventure of RMN
STATUS: not started
-using SMBX, start a community game (like Super RMN Bros) but with Link (and Zelda?) as the main protangonist, using Zelda II like resources and designs.


By the way, I did get a PM with a resource pack from Link_2112 for doing this. Has it been updated Link?
there were a few updates and a world map concept(there can't be many unlockable paths, as i found out), but it's on my PC that stopped working. i've been meaning to take the HDD out and grab all the files on it. i have a list of things to do that don't get done similar to what you just posted and that's on it.

i was actually thinking about it today and had an idea for unique monster behavior.

if we do a zelda smbx event, i would like to help run it :)
the great thing about making a zelda II fangame is that if it turns out buggy and awful you can just make loads of "I AM ERROR" jokes instead of fixing them
So it was already planned, nice! Hopefully something will come out of it.

(I definitely see some people making I'AM ERROR jokes).

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